Top 10 Things to Buy in Vancouver | Famous Souvenirs to Buy in Vancouver

If you’re looking for what to buy in Vancouver that also reflects the city, these locally-made and Vancouver-inspired goodies are sure to bring your loved ones to cheer. From stocking stuffers to delicacies you can eat, browse an eclectic selection of gifts at different price points, and for varied preferences. Vancouver, the city of British Columbia, is a popular Canadian destination with many fun attractions. If you’re visiting Vancouver, it might be worth something other than photos and memories of the experience. Take a look at souvenirs to buy in Vancouver to plan your shopping excursion and bring home some unique souvenirs from your Vancouver vacation.

List of Things to Buy in Vancouver  

1. Ceramics

Things to Buy in Vancouver, Souvenirs to Buy in Vancouver  


Because Vancouver has a remarkable film industry, ceramic and pottery manufacturers are sometimes asked to supply items for film sets. An expert ceramic manufacturer can replicate virtually any function or design to meet customer needs. Out of all the best things to buy in Vancouver the range of ceramics is huge Granville Island is a place in Vancouver that is well known to the artists involved in this craft. The Daniel Materna Ceramics Excursion is definitely the place to go if you want to see this process and see how the articles are made. Daniel is a master of his craft and meets many of the demands of the Vancouver film industry.

Where to Buy: Daniel Materna Ceramics: 1499 Old Bridge St. (Granville Island) Vancouver, BC.

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2. Contemporary Art and Glass

Things to Buy in Vancouver, Souvenirs to Buy in Vancouver  

Contemporary Art and Glass

Contemporary Art and Glass are famous things to buy in Vancouver. There are some very talented artists in Vancouver who specialize in glass blowing and glass art. They make items in all sizes, shapes, and descriptions. The “hot shops,” as they are called, can often be seen by the audience who watched, delighted as if a beautiful work of art was taking shape and taking shape. Various techniques are used to produce this popular art form, and these range from high-tech to state-of-the-art, with many employees, to one-person studios that use only basic equipment and techniques. The array of elements is infinite; The option of a single piece is exceptional and there are a number of price options for any pocketbook, ranging from $ 20.00 to $ 3000.00 depending on the design. New-Small and Stirling have their own, self-blown rows of glass made by designer David New-Small; they also represent more than 50 Canadian glass artists who regularly present their work in their exhibit gallery.

Where to Buy: New- Small and Sterling Glass Studio, 1440 Old Bridge Street, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

3. Jewelry

Things to Buy in Vancouver, Souvenirs to Buy in Vancouver  


Vancouver floods the culture of the First Nations, and that includes art and all kinds of artwork. The peoples of the First Nations are known for their distinctly fine jewels, which are both contemporary and modern in their design and interpretation. The interpretation is truly the backbone of these great pieces of jewelry as it embraces legends that lie in the natural world such as raven, eagle, frog, whale, hummingbird, and wolf. Therefore, some of these finely crafted objects include one of the original designs from talented goldsmiths trained according to this tradition. There are many facilities in and around Vancouver, such as the Vancouver Art Gallery, where these items are sold. The pieces are handmade and therefore valuable additions to any gift list. Prices of these popular souvenirs to buy from Vancouver start at about $ 60.00 and go up from there depending on the item.

Where to Buy: Artina’s Handcrafted Canadian Jewellery: 387 Water St. Vancouver BC

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4. Umbrellas

Things to Buy in Vancouver, Souvenirs to Buy in Vancouver  


One thing you always need to travel to Vancouver – a good umbrella! Umbrellas can be purchased at a variety of locations, but there is a family-owned and operated location on Granville Island that has been making its own umbrellas since 1935. It’s the only company in Canada that still makes its own umbrellas – which can also include custom umbrella orders. No more hassle about what souvenir to buy in Vancouver? when you have the umbrellas. These handmade products are slightly more expensive, with goods ranging from $ 60.00 to $ 100.00. However, once you have purchased this quality product, you can probably buy it for many years on a “rainy day”.

Where to Buy: The Umbrella Shop: 1106 W. Broadway, Vancouver BC; 526 W. Pender St., Vancouver BC

5. Gems and Rocks

Things to Buy in Vancouver, Souvenirs to Buy in Vancouver  

Gems and Rocks

There are many shops in Vancouver that make jewelry from gemstones. One very rare stone is called Ammolit and is mined in Alberta. A variety of jewelry is made from this stone as well as other gemstones such as agate, Kr. E. Jade, freshwater corals and crystals, to name a few. This store sells prefabricated products but also makes jewelry specifically at the customer’s request. This can include a variety of healing stones with positive energy. The store also offers beads of any color. BC jade is specifically a product of the West Coast if you choose the color green. Prices range from $ 20.00 to $ 180.00.

Where to Buy: Gems and Rocks Vancouver: 313 Water St (Gastown), Vancouver, BC;

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6. Chocolates

Things to Buy in Vancouver, Souvenirs to Buy in Vancouver  


A visit to Vancouver should always include chocolate. There are two very famous and renowned chocolate manufacturers in Vancouver that have long operated quality chocolate and candy. One is Purdy’s, which can usually be seen in any mall in the Lower Mainland, while the other is Rogers. The first Rogers chocolate was made in 1885 by Charles (Candy) Rogers at his Victoria grocery store. This best souvenir to buy from Vancouver comes in many varieties. Their quality is astounding and uniquely Victorian. You can buy an entire box or just taste it. Prices fall in the range of specialty chocolates and can be as high as $ 2.00 each, or as high as a large box can be as high as $ 60.00. Available worldwide.

Where to Buy: Rogers’ Chocolates: 1571 Johnson Street (Granville Island) Vancouver, BC (various other locations)

7. Organic Children’s Wear

 Things to Buy in Vancouver, Souvenirs to Buy in Vancouver  

Organic Children’s Wear

Vancouver is a well-known city that pays attention to the environment and appreciates objects and articles with natural organic properties. If you want to buy a gift for a child, Parade Organics is definitely the place to be. This store is conveniently located in the heart of the city center and is primarily located in Gastown, a popular part of the city. Parade Organics offers a “clean collection” ranging from modern layers to blending rompers, ranging in size from newborn to toddler. All products are made from the finest organic materials and many are manufactured by local manufacturers. Here you can get a quality product for a child from your list. Prices range from $ 5.00 to about $ 60.00.

Where to Buy: Parade Organics: 2358 Cambie St. (Gastown) Vancouver, BC

8. Handmade Soap

 Things to Buy in Vancouver, Souvenirs to Buy in Vancouver  

Handmade Soap

The theme of this gift list seems to be organic, handmade, and recycled, and soap making in Vancouver is on the same line. There are many soap makers, some on Granville Island, others on Robson Street, and many in the malls around the greater Vancouver area. The Granville Island Soap Gallery is one of the most interesting places you will ever see, especially since entering the store is nothing like soap! Prices range from these top souvenirs to buy in Vancouver from $ 1.25 to $ 500.00. Articles are custom made for unique gifts and your own gift idea – for that special person.

Where to Buy: Granville Island Soap Gallery: #104-1535 Johnston St. (Granville Island) Vancouver BC

9. Murchie’s Tea and Coffee

 Things to Buy in Vancouver, Souvenirs to Buy in Vancouver  

Murchie’s Tea and Coffee

The “Tradition of Excellence” began more than a century ago when John Murchie began his business in Vancouver and focused on finding the finest in high-quality coffees and teas. The coffee is perfectly roasted, while the teas are blends of Murchie’s own spices and spice blends. There are also a number of specialty products, including gourmet spices, canned food, and baked goods. These souvenirs to buy in Vancouver are available in a different variety, which usually depends on the area where they are made. 

One of the reasons why Murchie’s favorite in Vancouver is that they believe they buy their products from producers who provide fair pay, as well as workers in schools and medical facilities. Murchie is a high-quality, washed Arabica coffee bean grown in a single shade. This blend naturally contains less caffeine. Murchie’s offer includes gift packages that you can take home to family and friends.

Where to Buy: 825 W. Pender Street, Vancouver BC;

10. Native Sculpture – Inukshuk

 Things to Buy in Vancouver, Souvenirs to Buy in Vancouver  

Native Sculpture – Inukshuk

An Inukshuk, stone figures can be seen in many places around Vancouver. The meaning of these sculptures is the “likeness of man” in the Intuitive language. Inuit culture is familiar to Vancouverites and will soon be noticed by visitors. Inuit sculptures are available in all sizes, shapes, and forms. They are called “inunnguaq” if they are in human form. For untold centuries, they have been placed and used for various reasons, such as navigational or directional aids, to mark a place of reverence or even to mark the migratory routes of fish.

Where to Buy: Inukshuk Gallery: 101-1551 Johnston St. (Granville Island) Vancouver BC

Hope you enjoyed the article and got the idea about what to buy in Vancouver? According to different tastes or varied budget boundaries, Vancouver is definitely the ‘The Pearl of Canada’ and you can find tonnes of creative options to impress your loved ones through the lovely souvenirs to buy from Vancouver, Canada. But if you still face any trouble while shopping in this awe-inspiring city just ping us in the comment sections below we will try our best! In fact, you can also book a bunch of interesting rides from our travel website or book from our latest Adequate travel application available exclusively on PlayStore. Enjoy your rides and ‘let your memory be your travel bag’.

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