Best Italian Restaurants In California

California is a state which is not only famous for its places. There are several best restaurants in terms of different food style. In this article, we will cover the Best Italian Restaurants in California which serves delicious Italian food. We can likely all agree that a healthy plate of spaghetti and meatballs, a snappy cut of pizza, or a plate of chicken Parmigiana at a neighborhood spot can be incredible. Fortunately, among its numerous awesome restaurants, California has amassed an abundance of regional and top of the line Italian spots that really make pasta and cured meats in-house, and convey a higher class of accommodation. Italian food is well known throughout the world for its Pizza and Pasta.

Here are the absolute Italian Restaurants in California

1. Eataly, California

Italian restaurants in California, best Italian restaurants in California


Eataly’s first West Coast station isn’t actually an eatery – yet this large, 67,000-square-foot space dedicated to Italian food still merits a spot on our rundown. Eataly is situated in Santa Monica, Los Angeles CA. Its base is in Westfield  Century City. There are several restaurants in this Three-story Building, cafes are serving Italian food espresso and savory yogurt parfaits, take away stands, what’s more, a commercial center seeling many Italian items from pasta to olive oil, wine, relieved meats, and cheeses.

Address:10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067, USA

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2. Luigi al Teatro, California

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Luigi Al Teatro

A settler toward the Westside, upscale Luigi al Teatro offers a marine-inclining menu flaunting Italian flavors and ingredients.the saucy bigoli is given with a huge split-open prawn, Dark ravioli is finished with a really succulent-looking lobster tail and linguine accompanies shallots and ocean urchin. Caviar, oyster and different delights have a place on the menu – as complete a choice of wines hailing from Puglia, chef Luigi Fineo’s main residence.

Address: 3116 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA

3. Cal Mare, California

top Italian restaurants in California, famous Italian restaurants in California

Cal Mare

Delicious, beachfront Italian cooking isn’t exactly what you’d expect at a shopping center – yet on the other hand, shopping center nourishment isn’t what it used to be. In Cal Mare’s case, that is something worth being thankful for, it is known as the best Italian restaurant in California. Originate by Michael Mina in alliance with chef Adam Sobel, this stunning space moves to the Beverly Center. The eateries sea-blue tiles, Positano outstanding decor, and outdoor fireplace is just outperformed by its menu. The menu at Cal Mare includes cool riffs on Italian fare, sea urchin, like a spicy shrimp, truffle, and many more items.

Address: 8500 Beverly Blvd suite 115 ground floor, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA

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4. Viale dei Romani, California

top Italian restaurants in California, famous Italian restaurants in California

Viale Dei Romani

From Venice’s favorite Tasting Kitchen chef, Casey Lane recently opened an Italian restaurant under the boutique Kimpton La Peer Hotel. The elegant space of this is designed to excite your dates, clients, and mothers in law to adore its Italian dishes with Northern African and Southern French influences. The wood-fired seafood, incorporating a soften in-your-mouth branzino, is out and out delicious, thus’ the dark cod pasta and customary chickpea crepe presented with crudo, falafel,  and marinated nearby veggies. Everything here is handmade like pastries and bread in an enormous open kitchen.

Address: 623 N La Peer Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA

5. Barzotto, California

best Italian restaurants in California, top Italian restaurants in California


This casual counter administration “American Pasta Bar” is the ideal decision when you require a reasonable pasta and Italian wine fix. There are six homemade pasta dishes moving, in any case, rest guaranteed there’s somewhere around one that will call to you, there are several non-pasta dishes also in the menu list. The selection of wine is very curated and accessible, you don’t have to think about the price also because every glass of wine here is of $10 and a bottle $40.

Address:1270 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

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6. Seven Hills, California

best Italian restaurants in California, top Italian restaurants in California

Seven Hills

Sevek Hills is a perfect spot for a date,client-meeting and for a family function, on account of an intimate space with romantic lighting, a fabulous wine rundown, and probably the best pasta in the whole city. Shockingly, the celebrated raviolo uovo made with brown margarine, ricotta, and a fluid farm egg yolk focus that detonates drastically when punctured isn’t right now on the menu, however perhaps that is something to be thankful for since it implies diners are compelled to attempt a portion of the other pasta dishes, which are all very much adjusted and delightful.

Address:1550 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA

7. Flour+Water, California

best Italian restaurants in California, top Italian restaurants in California


Flour+Water is the famous Italian restaurant in California, You’ll have to get your pasta vocabulary sheet out when you drop by Flour + Water, still home to a standout amongst the most reliable long queues in the city, apparently still home to the best pizza around the local area. Caprino caciotti traingoli, carrot and pici with smoked hen and Buddha’s hand–whatever it is eat it. Ohh, and you have to deal with the long queue cause its rolling and rocking as ever.

Address: 2401 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

8. Piccino, California

These are the top Italian restraurants in California which are the best in pastas and pizzas


The bright yellow house. Whether you are driving by at 90mph on 280 or you’re taking off from San Francisco, you can’t ignore it, it is one of the top Italian restaurants in California. On the misty days, it’s the most daylight filled spot in the most daylight filled neighborhood nearby. the pasta and pizzas are very fine here, delightful wine list from five countries, and they are serving the best meatballs in the city.

Address:1001 Minnesota St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA

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Here are the top Italian restaurants in California which are famous for its quality and customer service, you can go here for dates, client meeting and with friends to enjoy the taste  of real pasta and pizzas.hope you loved our post about best Italian restaurants in California, give us your reviews in comments section about these places and share this article so that  it will be useful for others .

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