Top 10 Things to Buy in Mexico City? | What Souvenirs to Buy in Mexico City

Mexico City is a free soul where you can roam from dusk till dawn, still you won’t feel satisfied that’s why you must get some fabulous items from this bewildering city for a loving memory. There are a lot of famous things to buy in Mexico City that are not only popular in the city but have a very high demand from across the globe. There are some quite expensive items that might make you hesitant to spend, hence follow our mentioned suggestion to get the best products under a suitable budget. Their adorable manufacturing provides lots of great ideas for the best souvenirs to buy in Mexico City?  So what are you waiting for? Let’s just follow up these 10 things you can buy from Mexico City under a perfect budget.

List of Things to Buy in Mexico City

1. Mexican Coffee Beans

What to Buy in Mexico City, Things to Buy in Mexico City

Mexican Coffee Beans

For having a perfect mug of coffee every morning might seem easy but real coffee lovers are always in search of the right type of beans. Mexico City is the best place to find your customised taste in coffee. As this city is among the world rankings for production of organic coffee and so don’t miss the opportunity to pick up some top-quality beans. So no more confusion regarding what to buy in Mexico City? You can either gift this to some coffee lover or just make your own personalised set from the beans that are principally cultivated and harvested in the states of Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chiapas in this city. You can easily find a ton of certified brands to get perfect beans for a perfect coffee.

2. Mole Paste

What to Buy in Mexico City, Things to Buy in Mexico City

Mole Paste

This is one of the instant food versions of Mexico City where Mole pastes to prepare smooth sauces made from dried chiles along with other ingredients constituting for Mole powder available in all the street markets. This paste comes in countless regional variations that you can try over the shops before buying sometimes as well. These are some of the popular things to buy in Mexico City. You can visit any of the city’s indoor markets, such as Mercado Medellín in Roma, and you’ll find vendors selling a bewildering variety of freshly ground mole powder. 

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3. Molinillo

 What to Buy in Mexico City, Things to Buy in Mexico City


If you know that Mexicans prefer to prepare their own set of homemade chocolates but yeah they are very skilled in the art with the help of a major tool that is termed as molinillo. This is one of the best things to buy in Mexico City for any food lover who adores cooking. This tool is typically a hand-carved wooden implement having various grooves to aerate the chocolate for making it silkier and smooth or in making the stove-top hot chocolate. So, no more synthetic chocolates at home you can take back this amazing affordable tool to get rid of the powdered variety and prepare yourself a real hot chocolate. You can find the best wooden molinillo in the markets of La Ciudadela.

4. Huipil

 What to Buy in Mexico City, Things to Buy in Mexico City


For those who want to try the Mexican lifestyle, you must not miss this traditional Mexican womenswear. All the women shopping for expensive braided dresses must try Huipil once. This is one of the best items that can be picked up for very little money all across Mexico. The huipil is basically a simple fabric blouse, which is often heavily and beautifully embroidered with vibrant threads and not only blouses they exist in many versions. You must not think twice as this is the best souvenir to buy in Mexico City that every woman will love to wear. It’s comfortable and chic. You can get some of the best Huipil at Mercado de la Ciudadela and a pro tip always haggles on the prices, because they always tell a bit extra price as a tourist might not sometimes bother for money but if you do bargain a bit you can easily get a discount of few pesos.

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5. Taxco Silver

What to Buy in Mexico City, Things to Buy in Mexico City

Taxco Silver

You might have heard about this famous jewellery from Mexico but for those who still don’t know you must once explore the designs of taco silver in the market, you will realise their significance as almost every traveller loves to take back at least one piece of it. These are definitely the top things to buy in Mexico City which you can take home for your loved once. Even after being an outsider product, you get a very cheaper price that you might not get in Taxco itself. You can still find reasonably priced and high-quality Taxco silver in the capital with tonnes of fashionable designs and trendy accessories.

6. Authentic Mezcal

What to Buy in Mexico City, Things to Buy in Mexico City

Authentic Mezcal

Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from any type of agave found in abundance in Mexico. This is one of the famous drinks all drinkers love to take back from Mexico City. You might not be into drinking then you can get this as a popular souvenir to buy in Mexico City for any of your alcoholic friends they would know its a national spirit of Mexico. You might not get this golden opportunity other than this as Mezcal are sold at very expensive rates in other countries due to their rare manufacturing companies and they are also authentic mezcal straight from the mainlands of its origin. You can choose from some of the smaller, artisanal brands or buy a more well-known mezcal like Amores Joven.

7. Pottery

What to Buy in Mexico City, Things to Buy in Mexico City


Every country or city owns their longest traditional cultures in the long old method of pottery where lots of designs travelling from generations are still alive in the hand-crafted pottery. You are offered with a wide range of core authentic designs that are ancient and class one of them is from either Puebla, making brightly coloured Talavera style of the pottery, or the polished black Barro negro pots found in Oaxaca. You can get your hand on these must-buy things in Mexico City at La Ciudadela which is generally a great place to start for foreigners, but don’t rule out smaller, more obscure markets either of potters as they might give you some spectacular pieces at very cheap prices.

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8. Chocolate

What to Buy in Mexico City, Things to Buy in Mexico City


How can you miss out on Mexican Chocolate? That has helped even the ancient rulers to conquer this city for this delightful offering. You can have a plethora of chocolate varieties in Mexico City that not only provide the typical solid bars but own various other chocolate versions like cookies and other edibles. Chocolate is also one of the best souvenirs to buy in Mexico City to take back for kids and adults as there are tonnes of flavours to choose from darkest bitter ones till sweetest dairy bars. This is an ideal souvenir for gifting which everyone loves to eat.

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9. Hammock

What to Buy in Mexico City, Things to Buy in Mexico City


Some of the priceless things to buy in Mexico City. You can get lots of variations of these handwoven fabrics that are basically handwoven comfortable fabrics converted into either colourful stalls or t-shirts. You can get cheap hammocks from street vendors and expensive high-quality hammocks from local Mayans (in the Yucatan peninsula) which is known for its best quality in the entire city. While saving money might be hard as their fabulous designs tempt everyone to buy one always extra. The average price for a high-quality hammock is around $50-$100 so spend wisely.

10. Huaraches

What to Buy in Mexico City, Things to Buy in Mexico City


These are some of the oldest versions of sandals in Mexico City that is still in fashion today. You might have to doubt their quality but don’t worry they are made from pure leather since pre-Colombian times. These sandals are easily identifiable by their woven look, and gained popularity worldwide in the 1960s. You might not think again about what to buy from Mexico city? As these are the best affordable gifts you can give to make anyone happy with such long-lasting traditional sandals. Along with leather Huaraches, there are some other simple leather sandal styles you can try in the local streets of Mexico City. I’d recommend buying huaraches in bulk as vendors easily lower the prices in such cases.

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I hope you enjoyed these top 10 things to buy in  Mexico City that are stunning and useful that can surely make your trips remember more and plan another interesting vacation here. The above-suggested list is also a collection of ideas for finding the best souvenirs to buy from Mexico City. You can also get a lot of items at very discounted prices if you bargain a bit as sellers usually recognise if you are a tourist or not. So spill some random numbers to start a bargain to create the illusion of being a local and try to tell us how your experience was in the comment sections below. For more exciting info head on to our other blogs about Mexico City. 

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