Discover Why Mexico City is famous for | What is Mexico City Known For

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and has the largest population in all of North America. Mexico City is most famous for being the world’s largest metropolitan area of the Western Hemisphere. The city upholds the major cultural and financial heritage of Mexico. Mexicans own a huge amount of Aztecs historic remains which are spread all across Mexico City in distinct forms and varied legendary tales are woven around their construction by the local people of the particular areas. The Mexicans might seem a bit straight forward but they are generous and helpful in nature(if you don’t end up in the regions of reputed Mexican Mafias!). There is a strange analogy of news and Mexico City that somehow they always end up in news reports either by silly wall building decisions of Trump or through their Despacito anthems. But you can enjoy all of this at Mexico City’s best-known places filled with hustle along with their chill and fun aura of songs and generous demeanor.

Mexico City is Famous Due to the Following Reasons:

1. Museums

Mexico City is famous for


Mexico City is best known for some of the largest and most visited museums in the world. The Museo Nacional de Antropología or the National Museum of Anthropology has a great collection of various archaeological and anthropological artifacts from Mexico’s pre-Columbian heritage. They have a spectacular collection of the Aztecs which comprises some of the famous landmarks of Mexico City such as the Stone of the Sun (or the Aztec calendar stone) and the Aztec Xochipilli statue.

Leon Trotsky Museum dedicated to Leon Trotsky who was a famous Russian exile because of his criticism of Joseph Stalin’s government is a must-visit place in Mexico City. This famous museum in Mexico City is located in the Coyoacán borough of the City.

In fact, the artifacts also secure a significant place for Mexico City as the Museo de Arte Popular (Museum of Folk Art) museum showcases a wide range of popular traditional crafts coming from all across Mexico. Even an extraordinary shoe museum is also built as Museo del Calzado which includes Neil Armstrong’s moon boots as well.

2. Historical Sites

Mexico City is famous for

Historic Sites

Mexico City is well-known for its extraordinary historic sites and all of them have interesting legendary tales for their construction. You will be fascinated with all the amazing stories if you are really into the histories of the cities. Such as the most popular building in Mexico City is the Templo Mayor which is an Aztec temple built in Tenochtitlán town of Mexico City. In the mid-20th century, this religious site was discovered under the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral and excavated by archaeologists in the 1970s.

Another famous harbor is the Xochimilco Tranquil waterways built by the Aztecs for food production in the late Columbian era but now they serve as favorite city escape tours that travel across the soothing vegetation beside the water and Aztec’s immaculate architectures. A famous city is also lined up in the list of famous historical monuments in Mexico City as Teotihuacán which is a magnificent ancient city that can be covered in a day trip from Mexico City, with climbable pyramids, all built by a long-lost culture of Aztecs.

3. Markets

Mexico City is famous for


Mexico City is famous for its market places which are filled with very old structures of stores that have been carrying their own epic history from a long time through their succeeding generations of owners.

El Palacio de Hierro The ‘Iron Palace’ is one of Mexico’s oldest department stores which has distinct comprehensive department stores with product lines ranging from clothing to houseware, furniture, jewelry, select foods, toys, spa, travel services, and electronics. Mexico City’s popularly known for these markets which carry top Mexican domestic brands such as Versace, Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. There is another heaven for the book lovers stated as the Libreria Rosario Castellanos which owns some the most famous and huge bookstores housed in a beautiful art deco building.

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4. Día de los Muertos Festival

Mexico City is famous for

Día de muertos festival

Mexico City is mostly famous among the movies for this tradition which resembles a bit scary but the idea behind the tradition is very sweet and generous. Each year from late October to early November, people throughout Mexico celebrate the pre-Hispanic traditions of Día de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead in which they remember all of their older family members who passed away and believe they pass a certain bridge during this day. They believe that before passing, those spirits come back once to say the last goodbye to their loved ones. To welcome the spirits people put bright marigolds, sugar skulls, photos, food, and drink on their altars. UNESCO also included this strange yet amazing tradition in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008.

5. Colonial City of Puebla 

Mexico City is famous for

City of puebla

This famous city lies two hours south of Mexico City which has some of the interesting historic sites preserved meticulously comprising baroque cathedrals, palaces, and azulejos (tiled houses) dating back to the 16th century. The small nearby town of Cholula is home to hundreds of beautiful churches, as well as the largest pyramid in the world, is also situated in this city. Mexico is known for its collection of historic sites which are amalgamated in such manner that for exploring the famous historical building in Mexico City you have to personalize one whole small city which has all the heritage of one distinct era of time. Similarly, for exploring more about Puebla, you can visit the towns of Tochimilco, Atlixco, and Cuetzalan.

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7. Nightlife

Mexico City is famous for


Mexico City is best known for its fun and carefree culture all around the globe. They provide the best places to party for all types of party-goers.  You’d get yourself a high range of drinks from cheapest to expensive which are available in different types of clubs and lounges. You might end up with the most fashionable youths and business class people in their famous party zone stated as Roma and Condesa. This area is filled with versatile clubs that will serve you with authentic Mexican cocktails and a huge crowd dancing with Mexico City’s well-known disco subculture. A famous club Patrick Miller in this area offers cheap beers, massive venues, classic music,and spontaneous dance circles along with an easy entry. Some more amazing clubs include AM Local, El Imperial and Gin Gin where you can party till 6:00 a.m. and lose yourself in their mystic music and sensuous dance.

8. Food

Mexico City is famous for


How to spice things up? Must be learned from Mexican. As we all know the general stereotype of extra spicy Mexican food which must include their famous tacos served either as crushed chips or a roll. But Mexico City is famous for its diverse cuisines which include some of the famous chef’s contributions in enhancing and rediscovering the century-old dishes of the Mexican culture (which aren’t pizza!). Some of the famous cuisines of Mexico City include Pozole, Tamales, Enchiladas, Quesadillas, Chilaquiles, etc. You can even get fine-dining options at modest prices which enlists the reasons for Why Mexico City is popular? The adventurous eaters should order delicacies like chapulines, or fried grasshoppers especially from Guzina Oaxaca restaurant run by the famous chef Alejandro Ruíz in Mexico City.

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All the above-described places of Mexico City’s famous entourage which are worldwide famous for their spectacular cuisines, cultures, historical sites and museums. You must try all of these famous places in Mexico City which serve as the major attractions of tourism every year in Mexico.

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