Indian travelers can now travel to Turkey with no worries

Synopsis: Turkey has lifted all coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions for Indian travelers. This means that Indians can now travel to Turkey without any restriction. There are no restrictions on entry into Turkey from India. Turkish Airlines has resumed its flight operations between Istanbul- Ataturk Airport and Delhi. Passengers who wish to travel to India via Turkey should check their air tickets before they leave.

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Turkey travel restrictions for indians

Here is good news for all Indians who have been planning to travel to Turkey for a long time. As per the news, turkey has lifted all the Coronavirus restrictions for Indian travelers, starting from today.

Now, Indian travelers can book their flights and pack their bags for Turkey. Yesterday itself, the government decided to remove all the restrictions for Indian tourists. From, now onwards, passengers don’t need to carry an RTPCR report or any other vaccination proof to visit turkey. This prompt decision of the turkey government has made it easier for a lot of tourists to visit turkey this time. People have been seeking such opportunities for a long. The country expects to welcome much more Indian tourists ever this year.

It has not been a pleasure for ears to hear that lovely Turkey has updated the covid restriction and this time decided to remove it till further notice. Turkey Tourism Board expressed that this move was made to promote tourism in the country. Previously, a negative RT-PCR report or vaccination certificate was required to enter the country.

We already know that everyone was affected badly due to the sudden upsurge of this deadly disease and Turkey has hardly welcomed any tourists in past two years. Now when the situation has come back to normal, Turkey Tourism Board has decided to remove all the restrictions and allow Indian sightseers to visit this country. Hopefully, they are all set for a tremendous comeback this time. The country is ready to welcome more than expected visitors this year. As per reports, it is evident that the data of Indian visitors will surpass the previous records and create a history in the Turkey Tourism industry. 

Indigo airlines of India and Turkish Airlines of turkey is providing non-stop flights for turkey. Those who are willing to visit Turkey this year can book their tickets soon. In 2021, turkey reportedly welcomes 30 million tourists among which 50000 are Indians which clearly added $25 billion to the overall revenue. However, this year the data will significantly be going to see a surge and ready to create another record. 

The data from the previous year was fantastic and it has boosted the morale of the Turkish government. For those who don’t know, Turkey was chosen as the top destination for FIT (Free Independent Travelers). 

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