Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Bangkok | Famous Things to Buy in Bangkok

Bangkok is no exception when it comes to buying high-quality products at cheap prices. Therefore to enjoy these cheap thrills you must be aware of the famous things to buy in Bangkok that are elegant and give you a cheap ride through all the shirts and fisherman pants, under all sorts of good souvenirs to buy from Bangkok. Apart from official malls, you can look for various flea market zones in the city to find some of the affordable products that are abundantly sold out and visitors love to bargain and take away these cheap yet useful items. Therefore, to find out what to buy in Bangkok? Just follow the given below list of top 10 products to find the best souvenirs while shopping in Bangkok and make the most out of your money.

List of Things to Buy in Bangkok

1. Inhaler (Ya Dom in Thai)

 What to Buy in Bangkok, Things to Buy in Bangkok

Thai people are known for their frequent use of nasal inhalers which is also best for those who have rhinitis. The two most famous brands are Poy Sian and Peppermint fields. Finding medical products without a prescription is sometimes lethal but you can easily get a short doctor’s prescription and look for these healthy products in the market of Bangkok. You can choose on your basis of prescriptions and out of these popular souvenirs to buy in Bangkok.

2. Thai Silk

 What to Buy in Bangkok, Things to Buy in Bangkok

Thai Silk

If you are looking for top souvenirs to buy in Bangkok then silk is one of  Thailand’s renowned for making beautiful silks and fabrics. You can drop by the famous Jim Thompson house for their high-quality silk products and get the best deals on your distinct fabric. Fabric is one of the best and useful items that everyone loves to have hence taken away such gifts can’t go wrong in most cases, especially if they are the unique apparels from a traditional city. They are also available in table runners and pouches that come in bright colors and patterns for family and friends.

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3. Fruit Soap

 What to Buy in Bangkok, Things to Buy in Bangkok

Fruit Soap

What better way to impress your partners than giving them a sweet aromatic fruit soap. This is one of the most spectacular things to buy in Bangkok especially among new travelers who are spellbound with the variety of products available in the markets. Chatuchak Market (a weekend market in Bangkok) is the best place to shop for fruit soaps with Mango soap being one of the most popular ones. They only cost around $1 each! Where else can you find such cheap deals on beauty products?Beauty products nowadays are becoming more expensive day after day hence a place that sells organic beauty items without adding extra dollars in its MRP is a sale that must not be missed!

4. Spa & Aroma products

 What to Buy in Bangkok, Things to Buy in Bangkok

Spa & Aroma products

We all heard those travel stories from Bangkok where the kinds of spa and relaxation therapy are just on another level. Hence to experience such fabulous time spa products & ornaments are the best things to buy in Bangkok. You can try Karmakamet which is a famous high-quality body product. Apart from fruit soaps which are the special products to look upon there are other spa items which if you like experimenting with your beauty routines are a great deal to find.  It’s not cheap but the quality is guaranteed. Otherwise, you can look for Bath & Bloom with highly recommended scents from this city is Thai Jasmine which will relieve your knots and stress.

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5. NaRaYa Bag

 What to Buy in Bangkok, Things to Buy in Bangkok

NaRaYa Bag

NaRaYa is a popular local brand that offers a high-quality fabric of hand-made bags and pouches. You can find them in all kinds of colors and designs and their most flagship design is the silk bag with a big ribbon attached in the middle. There are numerous NaRaYa stores in Bangkok’s major shopping malls hence it won’t be a hassle to figure out what to buy in  Bangkok?

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6. Takabb Anti Cough Pill

 What to Buy in Bangkok, Things to Buy in Bangkok

Takabb Anti Cough Pill

You might hesitate before buying the medical products in this city but Takabb is a nationally popular remedy for coughing. It does have the worst taste but the strongest effect that immediately makes you stop your coughs and any throat mucus. The design of the package is a Lil bit scary with red centipedes all over the place, but you might want to buy one to try out this popular thing to buy from Bangkok.

7. Mosquito Repellent

 What to Buy in Bangkok, Things to Buy in Bangkok

Mosquito Repellent

With heat and humidity comes the universal problem of mosquitoes. Everyone is wary of the mosquitoes when you visit tropical countries, and Bangkok is no exception to that. But they offer various options in terms of mosquito repellent products that are way more innovative than any other country’s layouts. It will come in handy when you visit other tropical regions as well. These are must-buy things in Bangkok as a great emergency option.

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8. Coconut oil

 What to Buy in Bangkok, Things to Buy in Bangkok

Coconut oil

You will find coconut oil is used almost everywhere starting from facial moisturizers, hair enrichment to hand & foot care. Some add coconut oil in their morning tea or coffee for healthy diets and taste. Getting the coconut oil from a country which produces these products in abundant quantity offers various benefits such as it will be way cheaper than the countries who have imported goods and the quality of product will be much better than the ones who don’t have any of their own factories for coconut oil production. These are one of the famous things to buy in Bangkok that is affordable and full of quality. So, don’t leave this cheaper item at any cost. Thai brands that you can look for are Agrilife and Thaipure.

9. Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder

 What to Buy in Bangkok, Things to Buy in Bangkok

Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder

It might sound weird but in a tropical climate of this city Snake Brand, Prickly Heat Powder is a must-item for the locals. Just apply some on your body after shower and enjoy the cooling effect. This can be a great thing to buy from Bangkok if you are destined to reach any other city with a similar climate of hot sunny weather.

10. Tiger Balm

 What to Buy in Bangkok, Things to Buy in Bangkok

Tiger Balm

One more medic balm that is super famous in most of the Asian countries is its ultimate solution Tiger balm that is an ultimate solution to all the pain in your body. It’s said to provide instant relief. While traveling, having a cramp in different parts of the body is just another day therefore finding such a remedy that can provide relief in all such painful times in strange countries is a total life changer. So add this popular souvenir to buy in Bangkok for those who are supposed to have frequent muscle pain problems in your friend’s group.

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Hope you enjoyed these top 10 souvenirs to buy from Bangkok and now you are sustaining your inside travel enthusiasts to buy these famous things on your next trip. As such cheap yet classy and quality products are not easy to find anywhere. Hence, whenever you get the chance to get famous things to buy in Bangkok don’t leave it astray. Travel this amazing city and contact us if you want any leading travel assistance ranging from booking the best-priced hotels, flights, or tour packages. We will be happy to help. Rest you can follow our other interesting blogs to plan out your next adventure with a more closer lense through our delineated travel guides.

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