Discover What Bangkok is Famous For? | Why is Bangkok Popular?

Bangkok is a beautiful city that not only combines the culture but also structures a very great combination of religious and modern-day civilisation which you can’t find anywhere else. Bangkok is popular for such cheap prices that emotions of ‘What only this much?’ becomes a consistent expression to most of the new travellers visiting this city. You will be surprised to see the variety in which you can satiate your hunger from the cheapest yet extremely delicious street foods Bangkok is well known for, all around the world. As the stereotypical thoughts jump onto the noodles and Thai massage, you can get much more than just noodles or massage in Bangkok.  Just follow the brief list of the top 10 reasons why Bangkok is popular? that can reveal you a whole new world of fabulous temples and beautiful gardens in Bangkok other than Thai cuisine and their skilful art involved in making the city iconic every day. Hence, you must go through the below list if you really wanna explore the flavours and culture of real Bangkok. 

List of Reasons Bangkok is Popular

1. Temples

Reasons Bangkok is Popular


Bangkok holds an architectural heritage of fabulous ancient designs that are entirely unique and are even completely distinct from other temples of Thailand as well. Wat Arun is a spire Bangkok is famous for, this incredible temple sits aside the riverbank while being covered from top to bottom with minute pieces of coloured glass and Chinese porcelain leaving you in flustered awe. In Fact, such temples are perfect for a tour at night. During this time landmarks lit up and offered a golden beam of light over the Chao Phraya River.

2. Floating markets

Reasons Bangkok is Popular

floating market

A city which is world-famous for its seafood zone has an enormous following anchored on either side of the rivers to create a fantastic floating market zone over the boats stocked to the brim with fresh tropical fruit and veggies, coconut juice selling with great energy to locals as well as tourists. You can hop aboard one of the many guided boat tours on offer and buy your share of fresh meals from the markets. The 3 most popular floating markets in Bangkok are Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa, and Khlong Lat Mayom which you must explore to experience the real essence about what Bangkok is known for?

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3. Nightlife

Reasons Bangkok is Popular


Whoever plans their Bangkok trip are already affirming to the most popular wild nocturnal party fiend that they can enjoy afterwards in the glittery nightlife of this Thai capital. Combined with a chaotic intersection where west meets east you can explore the rawest and local Bangkok flourishing among vibrant street dancers and freestyle party cultures. Bangkok is known for their extensive revered nightlife scene and carefree atmosphere, where you can see 99% of all youngsters and some old souls with young hearts fluttering around.

4. Huge Palaces

Reasons Bangkok is Popular

huge palaces

Legacy of Bangkok’s architecture is exceptionally wonderful due to their fine designs and olden epics providing a superb engagement to the monuments. With inspirational designs and huge structures, Grand Palace is the one most glorified and world-renowned landmark in the capital. All the architectural and culture junkies can lose themselves in the ancient designs here, along with an impressively diverse array of Buddhist sculptures. Bangkok is best known for its popular huge palaces creating amazing exploration trips amongst tourists at Wat Phra Kaew, palace in English the “Temple of the Emerald Buddha ”.

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5. Thai Massage

Reasons Bangkok is Popular

thai massage

How can you leave Bangko with its world-famous massage?  that has developed an international reputation for their massage techniques, and after a non-stop shopping, temple visits and sleepless nights, a Thai massage will set you in good stead for the remainder of your trip. This is Bangkok’s most famous thing to do, after all, so don’t miss out on a relaxing outbreak whenever you have the chance to enjoy it.

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6. Vintage Suit Tailors

Reasons Bangkok is Popular

vintage suit tailor

Aside from all the famous innovative technologies the apparel appeal for handmade suits is still fresh in this city where if you are staying for a few days in Bangkok buying a man-tailored suit supremely worths your time unless you don’t mind a suit thrown together with far from premium material. These are the cheap suits which you can get tailored from the street tailors who are always signifying one more reason about Why Bangkok is popular? and hy you must be enjoying its subtle local and cheap adventurism. If you do have time, you will find premium quality tailored suits in Bangkok through these tailors as well.

7. Luxurious Hotels

Reasons Bangkok is Popular

luxurious hotels

Skybar and Hotel is the tallest building in Thailand. it’s an 88-story building that gazes out over the entire Bangkok skyline with mesmerising views while popping in the chaotic sky of the city. They offer luxurious accommodations along with great leisurely arrangements designer especially for outsiders looking for a once in a lifetime set to satiate their thirst for the country’s highest bar night outs. There are several other hotels which can provide you with an unimaginable experience in Bangkok to take all your stress away and rejuvenate your trip once again.

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8. Seafood

Reasons Bangkok is Popular


From crabs till the most exotic fishes Bangkok is popular for its heavy seafood markets and seafood consumption that owns an endless variety of seafood merged with vibrant spices and techniques of Thai cuisines yielding spectacular dishes that are hard to forget.

9. Gardens

Reasons Bangkok is Popular


Despite the city’s sprawling concrete jungle, you can relax under nature’s loving bed by visiting the famous gardens in Bangkok well maintained while one of the most well-known being Bang Krachao Gardens. This place is known to many as the lungs of Bangkok, due to the sheer natural beauty of Bang Krachao Gardens which includes walking trails and beds packed with luscious green trees and soft grass beds. This is a must-see place in Bangkok that you should explore once.

10. Street Food

Reasons Bangkok is Popular

street food

Apart from seafood, Bangkok won’t be alive if you take out its extensive food culture over the streets. No wonder you can also enjoy the Thai cuisines in Porsche restaurants of the city. But the real energy of Thai dishes can be encountered over the streets where steamy platters are served all the time to satiate the hunger of thousands of tourists seeking delicious exceptional food under cheapest prices. These are the first and foremost reasons Why Bangkok is famous.

Hope you enjoyed these top 10 reasons Bangkok is known for and now you are sustaining your inside travel enthusiasts to curb all these famous things to do till your next trip for which originally Bangkok is popular for. For sure travel, this amazing city and contact us if you want any leading travel assistance ranging from booking the best-priced hotels, flights or tour packages. We will be happy to help. Rest you can follow our other interesting blogs to plan out your next adventure with a more closer lense through our delineated travel guides.

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