Top Foods to Eat in Bangkok | Famous Foods in Bangkok

Bangkok is a beautiful city that not only combines the culture but also structures a very great combination of the best food in Bangkok which you can’t find anywhere else at such cheap prices. You will be surprised to see the variety in which you can satiate your hunger in this city. As the stereotypical thoughts jump onto the noodles you can get much more than just noodles in Bangkok. Of course, you’ll be served with the best handmade noodles that are just super tasty but besides noodle dishes, there are a lot of foods to try in Bangkok that can reveal subtle intricate differences of Thai cuisine and their skilful art involved in making the dish, not just regular but iconic. Here I have curated the foods of Bangkok that you must go through if you really wanna explore the flavours of entire Thailand.

List of Foods to Eat in Bangkok

1. Crispy Pancake(Kanom Bueang)

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

Crispy Pancake(Kanom Bueang)

As the name already suggests its a super thin and crispy snack which you’ll find Thai locals enjoying in the mornings. Since it’s light and delicious this is one of the perfect foods to try in Bangkok before starting your day. The light texture of this dish makes you satisfied without making yourself completely full! You can also find variations of this popular food in various restaurants ranging from crispy pancakes coming in sweet or savoury fillings or toppings such as shredded coconut, chopped scallions or fried eggs/egg yolks making it a nutritious meal for the morning plate.

2. Fried Banana Pancake

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

fried banana cake

Another light and fluffy pancake version of Thai cuisine is the fried banana pancake that is one of the popular foods in Bangkok. It is locally referred to as ‘Banana Prata’ comprising the best option for diet conscious people to start their mornings on a healthy note. When it’s topped with condensed milk that pours down in slow motion from the fluffy cakes then it becomes what every dessert lover will dream about! it’s just a bliss to be a part of such epic moments you know, but if you don’t like condensed milk, then they also have alternative options such as honey, Nutella, chocolate, coconut, sugar and much more. If you want to add an egg to it, your preference.

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3. Fried Chicken( Gai Tod)

Foods to EaFried Chicken( Gai Tod)t in Bangkok

Thai Fried Chicken is considered one of the top delicious foods in Bangkok that attracts a lot of food and meat lovers from all over the world. Such fried chicken can even beat the addictive chicken wings served in fast-food restaurants!. The secret lies in the marinade and batter that is used to prepare this iconic dish. Along with being wholesome and spectacular in taste, this dish is very affordable in comparison to other main famous foods to try in Bangkok. 

4. Moo Ping

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

moo ping

This is basically a Grilled Pork dish which is prepared through the amber and heat from charcoal making it one of the top foods of Bangkok. Such a smoky meat Thai dish wins your heart in one bite yet it comprises various side products complementing its flavours perfectly. The end product of all this hard work is a sweet, succulent and tender piece of meat on a stick that you can eat anywhere. This dish is recommended by many locals and to find some top versions take a small visit to Pratunam Market.

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5. Thip Samai Pad Thai

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

Thip Samai Pad Thai

Pad thai is one of the most famous stir-fried rice noodle dishes that is extensively consumed over Bangkok streets. But you can find some awe-inspiring noodles in the top restaurants in the city as well. Out of all the versions, Thip Samai restaurants serve the Best Pad Thai noodles in Bangkok that can be easily affirmed by the locals and foreigners. They have had an appreciable experience since its opening in 1966. It is now like a factory restaurant which delivers top Pad Thai in Bangkok.

6. Tom Yum Goong Noodles

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

Tom Yum Goong Noodles

This is well known for being the national soup of Thailand which pairs well with the popular Thai Rice Noodles. You will find this almost on every restaurant in Bangkok hence there’s no trouble in finding this incredible food of Bangkok but it becomes a double-hit combo when you add the side dishes like the Pad Thai noodles and other meaty add-ons. Tom Yum is an authentic, rich and creamy soup which you won’t regret having for sure. Prawns used in this are huge and fresh prawns so be ready to experience some seafood blast in your soup as well.

7. Thai Fried Noodle

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

Thai Fried Noodle

Pad Thai is like the national noodle of Thailand but its alternate version of fried technique makes it one of the most popular noodles which is also a top street food in Bangkok that can beat any Thai restaurant regular Pad Thai.  It is a street food dish made from stir-fried rice noodles infused with egg, beansprouts, peanuts, shallots, tofu, prawns and tamarind juice/sauce. Drooling over the preparation is a usual norm so don’t be embarrassed!

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8. Boat Noodles

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

boat noodles

Thai cuisine being famous for its cheap and tasty foods also owns some of the best versions of noodles. The best place to get Boat Noodles is at Victory Monument where you get traditional Thai Noodles, formerly sold on boats, at just 10 baht (S$0.40) per bowl! I mean what is cheaper than this?

9. Duck Rice

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

duck rice

As the name suggests this is a very classic dish which was established in 1909 and still sustains its top place without any second thought. Precisely roasted duck with steamed rice flavoured with smoky juicy aroma of the meat is a must-try food in Bangkok that you must not be missing. You will have the best Roasted Duck and Char Siew (Pork) Rice in Bangkok where the Duck meat can also be replaced with pork according to their preferences. The marinating and roasting to perfection makes every piece of meat so soft and tender that you won’t forget it tastes in hours after having the meal.

10. Wanton Noodles

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

wanton noodles

Another famous noodle that is enjoyed tremendously with braised pork trotter and rice. Braised pork rice goes much well as its tender and soft pork meat when boiled in the braised sauce makes this dish so delicious and tempting that it would be hard to leave it aside. Otherwise, you can choose your preferences at some of the restaurants if you desire your best food in Bangkok to be served with different side dishes in the city.

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11. Sweet Potato Balls (Kanom Kai Nok Krata)

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

Sweet Potato Balls (Kanom Kai Nok Krata)

For experiencing a delicious dessert this is one of the best foods to try in Bangkok that you must never miss.  As, with these deep-fried spheres containing sweet potato, sugar and tapioca nothing can go wrong. You’ll probably need a few more balls to satisfy your hunger, due to their fabulous flavour and diminutive size. Local carts selling these treats on the streets are like ‘treats on wheels’. The best place to search for such a cart is located nearby the traditional street food havens of Pratunam and Sukhumvit Soi 38 in Bangkok.

12. Yam (Thai Salad)

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

Yam(Thai salad)

This is a very popular Thai street food in Bangkok with an amazing Thai salad cart in Sukhumvit Soi 38 where you can choose your preference from their diverse menu. You can get great salads for a reasonable price, including Som tam boo maa, papaya and blue crab salad which costs 160 baht only.

13. Drunken Crab

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

drunken crab

With the huge following of seafood cuisines in Bangkok, drunken crab is one of the top foods in Bangkok that never goes out of trend and every traveller visiting the city tries this dish once. Due to the quality of ingredients, the seafood is always fresh and the size of it is unbelievable. It might be a plain-looking dish of huge white chunks of crab meat, but it’s one bite only can prove your assumptions wrong with the burst of juicy flavours pouring out from the spongy white pieces of crab meat. Just be aware of the undercooked crabs as they can hold numerous harmful worms that can make your entire health and trip horrible altogether. One of the illustrious spots to try this dish is from Nhong Rim Klong.

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14. Crab Omelette (Kai Kon Pu)

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

crab omelette

If you don’t wanna play unsafe and desire some simple exotic seafood dish then crab omelette is the best option. Having huge chunks of crab meat cooked in a creamy omelette and piled on top of anything from plain rice, fried rice, and pan-fried noodle can make anyone’s day brighter after all.

15. Fish Soup

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

fish soup

With a long trail of top seafood in Bangkok, fish soup is one of the most consistent dishes that is served in almost every restaurant. While big fish hanging in front of a food stall in Charoen Krung area at night attracts more foodies with their unique style of serving. The fish are the catches of the day so the refreshing taste is balanced with different ingredients and Thai flavours. The fish soup is primarily prepared from fish bones after which the bright, fragrant, peppery, and sweet sustenance poured into it make the dish astonishingly tempting.

16. Braised pork trotters

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

braised pork trotter

Pork is one of the most common meat that is consumed heavily in Bangkok. But the abundance doesn’t make its preparation bland and boring as if you try pork trotter weighing about 2kg braised in the combination of Chinese herbs and spices for over 4 hours daily you won’t try anything else than these. As every bite that you take, the meat practically melts in your mouth making its one of the best foods in Bangkok to have. Charoen Saeng Silom, is a famous spot to try these sets of dishes.

17. Som Tum

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

som tum

This is basically a Papaya Salad which tastes wonderful in spite of being a mere starter of the meal. You can find different varieties of Som Tum at various restaurants in Bangkok. A famous place named after the dish as Som Tum Nua also serves other favourites such as their Chicken Wings which you definitely have to try once. This is one of the must-try food in Bangkok to start your day on a light note.

18. Curry Crab

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

curry crab

Every city has its signature dish that all the locals and travellers dote upon. For Bangkok its curry crab whose delicious sauce goes extremely well with rice leaving almost every consumer licking their plates clean of the curry sauce. You might find this dish through its distinct aroma which flows through the streets where it’s prepared. But for a new visitor just calling out its name to the restaurant waiter can suffice your needs and make your day full of flavour from such good food of Bangkok.

19. Coconut Ice Creams

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

coconut icecream

After a heavy spicy juicy meal refreshing, rich and soft coconut ice cream, slices are just eternal bliss. Besides being a seafood hotspot coconut is the abundant feature that sets this city apart from others. Hence finding great innovative versions of coconut just like this ice cream which is sometimes complemented with coconut flesh, 2 toppings of your choice and a cup of fresh coconut juice all under extremely affordable prices makes any traveller euphoric. Coconut Ice Cream in Bangkok from Chatuchak is the best version to try after having popular foods of Bangkok.

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20. Coconut Juice

Foods to Eat in Bangkok

Coconut juice

Ease of the heat in Bangkok from the generous smiles and refreshing coconut juice that uses coconut pulp, ice and coconut water to make an amazing juice that you don’t wanna leave ever. Usually, you purchase the coconut as a fruit itself and after satisfying your thirst with nutritious coconut water you dig the pulp out which is super slimy and creamy. So don’t forget to finish off your food tour in Bangkok without this refreshing drink.

Hope you enjoyed the list of top 20 foods to try in Bangkok that takes you on a surreal journey of famous foods in Bangkok that must not be regretted as their prices are really low and their availability is super easy. I have also lasted the statements with best spots in Bangkok where you can find the respective foods in their best versions. So enjoy the rejuvenating journey of this full of fun city and follow up our other blogs for more amazing content like these.

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