Planning a trip to Malaysia? Includes Johor Bahru for this winters

Synopsis: Tourists get ready and pack your bags to visit the Malaysian state, Johor Bahru. The city has removed all previous covid-19 restrictions for tourists from Aug 1. This popular Malaysian state has seen more visitors from Singapore and Indonesia in the past couple of weeks and expects to see more tourists this Winter.

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Tourism in Johor has definitely seen growth in the past few weeks, but it hasn’t yet reached the pre-pandemic level. However, in the past couple of weeks, Johor has witnessed more tourists than Singapore and Malaysia combined. Hopefully, the coming winter will be a great time for Johor Bahru and this Malaysian city will see more visitors.

Malaysia has been the most sought-after destination. With beautiful beaches, sparkling nightlife, and world-class monuments everything in Malaysia will hold your attention for a while. If you are planning a winter vacation in Malaysia then, you should definitely include Johor Bahru on your list. It is a beautiful city that offers you so much to experience within. 

Recently, Jimmy Leong, president of Johor Tourist Guides Association, stated that the state has seen visitors from Indonesia and Singapore, which is not common. Referring to this, he is anticipating more tourists from these countries as well as other countries in Asia like China, Japan, and South Korea. 

He further added that tourists from these nations frequently travel to Malaysia at the end of the year to escape the harsh winters back home.

The end of the year is typically the busiest time for the tourist sector in Malaysia because so many foreign visitors from South Korea, Japan, and China visit here for vacation. However, this year, the footfall completely depends on the Covid-19 situation. It is still doubtful whether the countries from where we get most of our tourists will open their borders by then or not. He added that countries are already showing interest and sending inquiries for visits.

Due to Covid-19, the country has seen an exodus of workers to other sectors, and arranging more manpower to handle the tourists will be a huddle. Similarly, 30% of tourist guides also moved to other sectors amid COvid-19 and it will be a daunting task to get them back into the industry.

To cope with the situation, locals are encouraging interest among young people to join the tourism industry. The local business community is well-prepared to host both domestic and international guests. The only issue, according to him, is the infrequent flights, which have reduced the number of foreign visitors.

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