Discover Top 10 Haunted and Mysterious Places in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is known to be a prime destination for tourism in Europe but you can also find famous haunted places in Barcelona. To come to Barcelona in great numbers to see mostly its cultural and historic heritage. But there is another side of Barcelona. As this city has a very old history from Roman times, there were a lot of bloodshed and war as well as political and religious turmoil that took place here. These have given birth to stories of ghost haunting and supernatural happening in different places or sites scattered around the country. Some include popular tourist spots too. If you are interested in the best-haunted places in Barcelona during your trip don’t miss to visit this: 

List of Haunted Places in Barcelona

1. Carrer d’Estruc

scariest places in Barcelona, Haunted Places in Barcelona

Carrer d’Estruc is one of the scariest places in Barcelona to visit, located just a couple of minute’s walk from Plaça de Catalunya. Its history dates back to medieval Barcelona when it was situated outside the city walls. It was here that an astrologer and sorcerer called Astruc Sacanera lived during the 15th century. He was famous for using a black stone called “Pedra Escurçonera” and a powder for the purpose of healing rabies or bites. Arcane plaques mounted on the walls commemorate the mystical history of the street.

2. Casa Del Ave Maria

scariest places in Barcelona, Haunted Places in Barcelona

Nowadays, this house forms part of the famous haunted places in Barcelona. Why? Because now, the Casa del Ave María is the Palau Güell. Indeed, the industrialist Joan Güell decided to buy this house and Antoni Gaudí was entrusted with the design of the new Palau. Yet, before being a palace, the house was known as the Casa del Ave María or the Casa del Miedo (“House of Fear”) due to the incessant scream one could hear during the night. The legend says that atrocious things happened in the house and that the owners decided to fly it from one day to the next, leaving the house abandoned.

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3. Carrer de Joaquín Costa

scariest places in Barcelona, Haunted Places in Barcelona

Enriqueta Martí was an alleged serial killer living in Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century. She reportedly abducted poor children from the street and used them for prostitution. She also allegedly murdered them and used their blood to make tonics to treat tuberculosis, which is how she earned the nickname of Vampire of Barcelona. She was finally caught after kidnapping a girl called Teresita, who was recognized through a window. Enriqueta Martí lived at Calle Poniente in the Raval neighborhood, close to Casa Almirall. From this, it is now counted in the scariest places in Barcelona.

4. Carrer Francisco Giner

scariest places in Barcelona, Haunted Places in Barcelona

In 1935, a whole building of the Francisco Giner street knew paranormal events during a week. Several neighbors, as well as the police and the press, were present to witness this mysterious phenomenon. Press articles of that time can be found. The story says that numerous people who lived in the Carrer Francisco Giner heard a loud noise, such as blows in the walls, during the night. If you are interested in haunted places around Barcelona, you can not miss it. At the same time, neighbors of the building saw their pieces of furniture flying in the air. A few minutes after, everybody gets out in the streets to share their experiences. The police and the press witnessed and related the same events in the street during a week. The doors of the building were locked up and the story tells that a child – Joan Monroig who lived in the building at the time and who was sick – created that poltergeist.

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5. Mercat de Santa Caterina

scariest places in Barcelona, Haunted Places in Barcelona

The Mercat de Santa Caterina dates back to 1845 and was renovated in 2005. The market stands on the site of the Convent of Santa Caterina, founded in 1243. The convent was demolished a year after the Spanish government confiscated the church property in 1836. Legend says that the devil once appeared before numerous witnesses, invoked by witches performing black masses.

6. Rocafort Metro Station

scariest places in Barcelona, Haunted Places in Barcelona

The top 10 haunted places in the Barcelona list is incomplete without Rocafort (L1) is a metro station, where TMB workers dread to be assigned at night. After multiple suicides (including four within the space of one month), it became known as the cursed station. Ghosts are said to have been seen walking on the platform and along the tracks. The paranormal activity has even reportedly been picked up by the surveillance cameras at the station. Years before being part of the subway network, space had served as a refuge during the Civil War.

7. Carrer de la Flor del Lliri

scariest places in Barcelona, Haunted Places in Barcelona

Situated just behind the Mercat de Santa Caterina lies a small innocent looking street. In the 1950s, houses on Carrer de la Flor del Lliri were used as inns for travelers. During this period, many guests were reported to have disappeared in mysterious circumstances, never to be seen again.

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8. Carrer Josep Torres, 20

scariest places in Barcelona, Haunted Places in Barcelona

Agustín Atzerias was an industrialist who in 1892 was facing serious financial problems. Nevertheless, he wanted to finish building a fine house for himself in Gràcia. He decided to make a deal with the devil, selling his soul in exchange for a fortune. He ended up winning the lottery and consequently decorated the facade of the house with demon heads, which remain to this day.

9. Carrer de la Neu de Sant Cugat

scariest places in Barcelona, Haunted Places in Barcelona

This street in La Ribera was home to the most famous school of witchcraft in Barcelona. The school was run by a famous disciple of the devil called “Seca”. It is rumored that the school produced professionals of witchcraft who would buy the bones of people that had been condemned to the gallows. Several of the school’s students were ultimately captured and burned at the stake. It is considered in haunted places to visit around the Barcelona. 

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10. Gran Teatre del Liceu

scariest places in Barcelona, Haunted Places in Barcelona

The legend states that during the Middle Ages the site on which the Gran Teatre was built had been used for executions and was cursed. It is one of the most haunted places in Barcelona has certainly had a long series of bad luck since then. After being completed in 1847, it was severely damaged by fire in 1861. In 1893, 20 people were killed when an anarchist called Santiago Salvador threw two Orsini bombs into the stalls. Just over 100 years later, in 1994, the building was completely destroyed by a fire.

So we have discussed the most haunted places in Barcelona which contain the proper information regarding all the haunted places in Barcelona. I hope you will love reading this content and if you love to know more about famous haunted places in Barcelona then kindly read our other articles as well which will help you to get some information about extreme haunted places around Barcelona.

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