Top 10 Weird Facts about France

France is the largest country in Europe and is undoubtedly a famous tourist destination. It attracts millions of visitors annually from the entire globe but hardly a few of them have basic knowledge about this largest European country. Hence we are here to introduce you to the unseen side of France. We will tell you not the basics but some weird facts about France that no one can ever predict.

Good food, attractive monuments, aromatic wines, and pleasant weather is not enough when we introduce France to someone. There are many other things about France that make it unique from others and these unusual facts about France are one among them. 

Here is the integrated list of weird facts on France that will shake up your knowledge about this giant European country. 

1. It’s illegal to throw out or burn food in France.

Food shortages are a massive issue for any country and France has created strict laws against them. People of France think that food is the ultimate source of living hence they have taken it very seriously that throwing out or burning food is strictly against the law in France. You will find it weird but France indeed is a major producer and consumer of bread, croissant, pastries, and pâté. 

At Lunchtime the bulk of food stores and restaurants get closed so that even the workers can enjoy their mid-day meal being relaxed. People of France have made a commitment that they will not waste food in any form, also it is illegal there. This law was implemented in 2016 and since then all the grocery stores and supermarkets have been banned from throwing away unsold food. Instead, this food could be donated to charities. Presently they have created a systematic procedure to donate that food for charity.

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2. In France, same-sex marriage was legalized on May 17, 2013

Same-sex marriage is common nowadays and even some countries have made inevitable laws for same-sex marriage. But are you really aware of the most interesting fact about France that same-sex marriage in France was legalized on May 17, 2013? 

The first country that Legalised same-sex marriage is The Netherlands on the date April 1, 2001. Despite being a well-developed country, France has legalized same-sex marriage 13 years after the Netherlands and that literally sounds so weird about France. 

3. To carry live snails in high-speed trains in France you have to take a separate ticket.

Doesn’t it sound weird that live snails in France have the right to ride on high-speed trains? Even worse is that they have to buy a ticket to ride on the train. Yes, as per the animal law in France, it is illegal to take live snails on a rapid train in France. If you literally want to take them on the train then you have to purchase a separate ticket for them. Indeed, In France, all tamed creatures weighted under 5kg should need a ticket to travel on a high-speed train.


4. Are you aware of the ‘Europe’s busiest railway station” its ‘Paris Gare du Nord’ in France

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Europe’s busiest railway station -‘Paris Gare du Nord’

Every country has its individuality which makes it different from others. Similarly, for France, there is a unique location that is ‘Europe’s busiest railway station’. Yes, France has Europe’s busiest railway station and its name is ‘Paris Gare du Nord’. Million of passengers pass this railway station every year 

Initially, the station was built in 1846, but the area was so congested that passengers find it harder to pass through this station. Hence it was demolished in 1889 to reconstruct a new station, this time the massive one. Nowadays, this is the busiest spot in entire Europe, and more than 2 lakh people pass through this daily. 

Address: 18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris, France

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5. A King in France ruled for the shortest duration of only 20 Minutes. 

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Louis XIX (Louis Antoine)

Who says that the king rules the country for centuries? It’s all a myth. There was a king in France who had just ruled for 20 minutes. I can bet on this that this was the shortest period for which a king ruled. Actually, the name of this king was Louis XIX who ruled for the shortest period. During abdication, his father announced the name of his son but due to his record with Luís Filipe, Louis XIX (Louis Antoine) ended up abdicating his through just after 20 minutes of his father’s abdication.

6. It’s illegal for couples to kiss on the platforms.

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It’s illegal for couples to kiss on the platforms.

Here comes the funniest fact about France. Even couples in France are not allowed to Kiss while the train is on platforms. This strange law was announced in 1910 when the rail chiefs complained about the unnecessary delaying of trains due to the amorous French couples. Under this law, couples are not allowed to kiss while the train is on the platform. Instead, they can do it before the arrival of the train on the platform. 

7. The camouflage pattern was first used by the French Army in 1915 to blend in with the surroundings.

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Camouflage pattern was first used by the French Army in 1915.

The actual means of camouflage was to do ‘make up for the stage’ but the French army has taken it another way. Here is a random fact about the french revolution: the French Army was the first in the universe to use a camouflage pattern in 1915. During the time of the revolution all vehicles, Guns, and army dresses were painted with camouflage. This was done to protect the army troops and war equipment from the eye of the enemy. Later it became a trend and presently all countries are using their unique camouflage pattern for utmost safety at the battlefield.

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8. In France, you can marry posthumously(born after the death of the father).

It’s rather shocking than weird that people in France can marry a dead person. The actual case is that people can marry posthumously only on following the condition that the demised person had the interest to marry you while they were alive. Additionally, written permission from the french president is also required to marry the posthumously. Indeed you can consider this as the weirdest fact about France. The most recent case of marrying posthumously happened in 2017.

9. Isn’t it surprising that the oldest human who lived on earth was from France?

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Jeanne Louise Calment-oldest human lived on earth

There is a French woman named ‘Jeanne Calment’ who is said to be the oldest living person on the earth ever. She was born on 21 February 1875, in Arles, France, and died at the age of 122 on 4 August 1997 at the same place. Jeanne Louise Calment was a supercentenarian and the one who has her name documented with the oldest living human being.

10. In France, lunches in school last for 2 hours.

Not only for the employed ones but for the school going children also, the lunch breaks in France are long and relaxing. Have you ever wondered how long a lunch break can be? It’s surprising that in France the lunchtime is for a stretch of 2 hours. During this time, students can enjoy multiple-course meals at the school premises. There is no need to carry a lunchbox from home as the school authorities arrange all healthy food items for the students. Junk food in the school is strictly banned and in beverages, it is only water.

I hope that the above list of unusual facts about France will increase your knowledge and introduce you to an all-new country. There are many more weird facts about France that you people might not know about nor anyone will tell you. To know about all the unknown facts about France you have to personally visit there and speak with locals. For now, this list is enough to keep you staggering. For more such amazing facts related to France, plan a trip with your friends and explore the country personally.

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