Thailand offers casinos and cannabis to tourists to revive tourism industry

Synopsis: According to reports, lawmakers in Thailand proposed a plan in Parliament, seeking a grant for entertainment complexes along with legal casinos to build in all major Thai cities. This bid is seen as a way to promote the tourism industry across the country. 

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After enduring a difficult epidemic era, Thailand is making all the necessary preparations to entice travellers and foreign currency. The nation made headlines recently for decriminalising marijuana and is now preparing to introduce casinos to boost its economy.

According to reports, Thai MPs have recommended to the Parliament that “entertainment complexes” with legal casinos be allowed to be erected in all important Thailand tourist places. This is viewed as an effort to restore Thailand tourism industry, which can significantly help the economy of the nation.

“We’re focused on attracting foreigners to step up tourism and draw more money out of their pockets. This will also stem the outflow of money from Thai gamblers and help the government collect hefty taxes for our economic security” said Pichet Chuamuangphan, Vice Chairman of the panel. 

Pichet added that Greater Bangkok would make the ideal location for the first casino. Later, southern provinces like Phuket, Krabi, or Phang Nga can host casinos. Chonburi and Chiang Mai, two well-known tourism destinations, are also possibilities.

Speaking of money, he claimed that once these facilities are up and running, they will increase yearly tax collection by at least 400 billion baht ($11 billion).

For those who are unaware, Thailand is the first country in Asia to decriminalise marijuana. Additionally, it has made progress toward legalising same-sex unions, becoming the first nation in Southeast Asia to do so.

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