Know How Omicron is Affecting the Tourism Sector?

What could be more trending than discussing the new variant of COVID-19 named Omicron? Everyone is talking about it and no one knows when we have to see a lockdown again. Every industry whether it is the IT, Agriculture, Automobile, banking, or Financial sector has already suffered a lot in the past two years and the situation is still not in our control. The cases are again on the surge and the country is worried. Amid all these, Omicron has affected the travel and tourism sector that connects one country with another and people have to face a lot of restrictions in the past two years. Airlines have been shut down, we are locked in our homes and daily wagers have to sleep hungry due to unemployment and whatnot. The past two years have shown us the worst conditions of our life and the situation could get worse if we don’t follow COVID-19 related safety protocols.

Omicron effect on travel

Omicron effect on travel

Let bygones be bygones and talk about the situation of the future. What happens if the solution gets worse and lockdown happens again? It’s a major issue hence we are here to discuss the effect of Omicron on the tourism sector and what we can do at our end to normalize the situation?

There is no doubt that the recent outbreak of omicron is going to affect the travel industry very badly. But as we keep hearing the slogan, precaution is better than cure fitted here right. Yes, people will have to suffer individually on their end, but we can take precautions to stop the situation from getting worse.

According to a recent report by the health ministry, the omicron cases will reach the peak at the end of January or at the starting of February. Also, it might be possible that we have to face a shortage of oxygen, beds, and proper medication due to excessive rise in cases.

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Omicron effect on travel

Omicron effect on travel

Omicron effect on the travel industry:
Omicron, the new variant of COVID-19 has already shaken up the world as the cases are increasing day by day. COVID-19 Omicron Variant Hits Travel Industry hard and, it’s high time to discuss what could be the outcomes?

The first thing that affected the tourism industry terribly during COVID is the shutting down of international flights. Not only Indians, but international visitors have also suffered due to travel restrictions. They are not allowed to visit other countries, not for any personal or professional reason. This sudden shutting down of international flights has brought down the tourism sector in India to a huge loss.

International flights are about to resume from the mid of December and a sudden rise in the cases of COVID and omicron has again postponed the dates. Many countries have already banned international flights and the rest are on the way to doing the same.

Due to the sudden ban on flights many people have dropped their idea to visit India this year too. According to the latest travel news, the cases are still on the rise and 20% of hotel bookings have been canceled by visitors. The data will still see a surge and due to the effect of omicron on travel, the cancellation rate may rise up to 80% in the coming weeks.

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Omicron effect on travel

Omicron effect on travel

What can we do at our end to normalize the situation?
As per the Director-General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, vaccination is not the only thing that can bring back the situation to normal. Every person has to put their individual effort into stabilizing the situation.

The government has already imposed a weekly lockdown in many states and requested people to follow all the precautions.

Apart from taking vaccines on your side, people need to maintain social distance, wear masks in public areas, wash hands frequently and don’t visit crowded areas. Also, these things are not for one time, we have to follow the same instructions regularly until we permanently get out of this crisis. So, you have to follow this constantly all the time if you don’t want to see the worse side of this situation.

Finally, we want to conclude this topic by sticking to the fact that Omicron Hits Tourism Sector very hard and it will take more than 5 years for the people who are serving the tourism sector to get back on track. Also, we want to request people to travel within your country instead of traveling across the nation when the situation gets back to normal as it will help to boost the tourism sector of your country.

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