Italy Nightlife: Famous Nightlife Cities in Italy

Pizza- Pasta- Vespas- Fashion, there are so many things that Italy has introduced to the world. From food, art to culture and fashion Italy has a lot to offer. But what do you think of nightlife in Italy? Let us tell you the nightlife in this beautiful country is one of its kind. Whether you are a party animal or want to have the laid-back wine in a bar you can enjoy both of them. 

The best part is that every city offers a unique venue which you would not find anywhere in the world. Not only art and history but also the party culture of Italy is different. The major cities in this country have a lot to offer for the urban explorers who love to explore the nightlife of different countries. If you want to experience the crazy, classy, or laid-back nightlife no country is better than Italy. 

In this article, we have included the 8 best cities where you can enjoy your nightlife without any worry. So, without further ado let’s dive straight away into the topic. 

List of 8 best countries to enjoy the nightlife in Italy 

1. Milan

Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy

You would often find young and lively people on the streets of Milan. The youth population makes this city happening and exciting and so the party houses. People here take the party seriously and they do not wait for the weekend for enjoyment. Milan is famous for the art, culture, and fashion but it is famous for one more thing ‚Äėaperitivo‚Äô (pre-meal drinks). The pre-meal drinks in Italy are famous that are served with delicious snacks or starters.¬†

There are many places to visit in Milan and one of them is Brera. This shady yet artistic opera house is just amazing. It is one of the most preferred places in Milan and party crawlers love to visit there. Another best place is Navigli where the funky and quirky area will instantly grab your attention. The cool nightclubs and sleek restaurants will make your nightlife happen. Milan nightlife is all about parties, fun, adventure, and dance.    

Location: Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Average cost to visit (solo): $2,279 per week

Best time to visit: April and May & September and October

2. Rome

Toy Room, Rome, Italy

Toy Room, Rome, Italy

Gear up for the big and thrilling night out in Rome because this city never sleeps. Most of the clubs and pubs start after midnight and close at the time of breakfast. This city is not like any other city, we are talking about Rome. The Italians in other parts of the country might be laid back when it comes to nightlife but not in Rome. Rome nightlife is full of booze, loud music, and all-night dance. 

Several places that offer the best venues for the night owls are Marmo, Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, Baja, and Big Mama. All these bars and restaurants are located at the heart of the city thus making it convenient for tourists to visit.  

Location: Rome, Lazio, Italy

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,121 per week

Best time to visit: April to June & September and October

3. Versilia

 Versilia, Italy

Versilia, Italy

Versilia is the beautiful city located between the Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta, Stazzema and Sevaravezza. The landscapes, beaches, and beautiful sunset are all you need to spend a peaceful time away from the hectic city life. Not to forget the Versilia nightlife is also quite adventurous and exciting. Who does not want to experience the disco clubs and rave parties at the beach? 

The famous golden beaches after the sunset are what make you exciting. As dusk hits the sand in Versilia the sudden change in the atmosphere is evitable. Dance from dusk till dawn infamous nightclubs in Versilia i.e. Seven Apples, Ostra Beach Club, La Capannina di Franceschi, and Twiga.   

Location: Versilia, Tuscany, Italy

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,698 per week

Best time to visit: April to October

4. Florence

Santo Spirito distric, Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

The vibrant nightlife in Florence and the welcoming people are not surprising because this city not only offers picturesque scenery but also many hot spots to party. If you think that there are not enough places to party in Florence then you cannot be more wrong. There are some districts in this city where you will find a wide range of pubs and clubs. 

If you are planning to hit the streets at night start from the Santa Croce district which is considered the heart of the city. The Via de Benci street is where you will find many nightclubs and bars. Another famous place is the Santo Spirito district, the pubs here are famous for their aperitivo. 

Location: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,605 per week

Best time to visit: May & September

5. Riviera Romagnola

River Romagnola, Italy

River Romagnola, Italy

The beautiful coast which is blessed with natural beauty and resources the atmosphere in this city is extremely peaceful. Given the fact that it is one of the major cities in Italy, you would not find much crowd on the beach. If you are planning to have a relaxing sunny day then visit its one of the beaches. 

Furthermore, you will find several sleek restaurants, resorts, and lounges where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. Visit Cocorico, Papeete, and Villa delle Rose and create many memorable moments. The clubs and bars are open 24/7 on the famous beaches in this city. 

Location: River Romagnola, Italy

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,504 per week

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Best time to visit: September and October

6. Sicily

Morgana Lounge Bar. Sicily, Italy

Morgana Lounge Bar. Sicily, Italy

Sicily is famous for its old houses and monuments which signifies the history of Italy. If you want to witness the blend of modern as well as traditional Italy nightlife, come to Sicily. The beach bars here serve delectable cocktails full of flavors. The energy at night is a must to experience. The electrifying crowd at bars and the loud music are enough to make you go wild. 

There are many famous places in Sicily that you can visit. Some of them are Boheme Mixology Bar, Bar Vitelli, Addaura Reef, and Morgana Lounge Bar. These are the famous bars that remain open until morning. 

Location: Sicily, Italy

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,389 per week

Best time to visit: April and May & September and October

7. Lecce

Porcaria, Lecce, Italy

Porcaria, Lecce, Italy

The numerous bars, lounge bars, pubs, and breweries are what you will find in Lecce. The streets here are mostly quiet but some places here are quite lively and happening. After the sunsets, the streets transform into a symphony because of the music and dance all over the streets. Not only this, the barbeque streets in this city like Piazzetta Santa Chiara and Piazza Sant’Oronzo.   

If you just want to spend your time with your famly and friends in a restaurants visit to Porcaria, Boulangerie, Pizzeria La Gigante, and Fusci Moi. 

Location: Lecce, Apulia, Italy

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,315 per week

Best time to visit: April to October

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8. Venice

Venice Jazz Club

Venice Jazz Club

The boat ride in Venice is famous around the world but have you ever heard of the nightlife in Venice? The adventure and fun at night in Venice is a must experience if you are in Italy. The bars and clubs here are not like other cities but you will have a good time whether you are alone or in a group. Meeting with strangers, making new friends, and hanging out late at night sounds like the nightlife in Italy. 

Nonetheless, there are several bars and nightclubs where you can party late at night accompanied by unlimited booze and crazy dance. However, if you are into wild nightlife and just want to chill then visit Venice Jazz Club. Other disco bars where you can groove on the euphonious music are Piccolo Mondo Disco and Bar EI Borrachero. 

Location: Venice, Veneto, Italy

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,456 per week

Best time to visit: April and May & September and October

In this article, we have included the 8 best cities to enjoy the nightlife in Italy. We have also included the places where you can visit each city. Italy is one of the most ancient countries in Italy and this is the best time to visit there. The nightlife here is also lively and exciting because people love to party. The best part is that their welcoming nature will make you feel comfortable around them and you will instantly fall in love with their culture and customs. 

Make sure that you comment below and share your exciting stories with our viewers about your nightlife in Italy. 

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