Top 10 Beaches in Vienna | Best Beaches in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is an artistic and illustrious city of Austria that has been shaped by the legacy of the world’s famous artists like Mozart and Beethoven. To gain the high-spirited services of Vienna’s top beaches you might struggle in the city, therefore, I have curated a brief list of popular beaches near Vienna that are open from the 1st May till the end of September, or into October, depending on the weather conditions providing exuberant sandy shores and refreshing water sports. If you explore these places you will find the best beach sports and top accommodations analogous to offerings of world-famous beaches. Hence I have mentioned the best beaches in Vienna that are not only sandy shores but have some interesting sports holding their lineages.

List of  Beaches in Vienna

1. Strandbad Gänsehäufel

 Beaches in Vienna

Strandbad Gänsehäufel

One of the famous beaches near Vienna that accounts for being a typical Austrian bathing beach created by water from the Donau.  This is a little lake in the middle of the city which offers serene beaches, wave pools, tennis courts, and projected nude sunbathing zones for people seeking beach vacations in Vienna. This destination manages space for every adventurous traveler to enjoy good weather in the city.

Address: 22nd District, Moissigasse 21 Tel: 01-2699016 

Route: To get there: U1 (VIC) then Bus 90A to Mendelssohngasse

2. Simmeringer Bad

 Beaches in Vienna

Simmeringer Bad

If you are really seeking the well-furnished top beaches in Vienna then this is the biggest beach complex in Vienna as it has surreal slopes and three little segregated zones for children which makes it a great destination for family vacations. In all of the five outdoor pools and magical waves provided by the complex the feeling of being at the ocean is exuberant and euphoric.

Address: 11th District, Florian-Hedorfer Str. 5 

Route: tram 71 to Central Friedhof

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3. Strandbäder Alte Donau

 Beaches in Vienna

Strandbäder Alte Donau

If you consider Vienna might provide artificial pools instead of beaches then you must visit this oldest outdoor bathing beach in Vienna which celebrates wide expanses of manicured lawns along the shore of a side channel of the Danube lake in the city. Under luscious shaded trees, stretched lawns of fresh green grass, and wading sand regions, you can enjoy the sun and the clean, fresh water of the river to gain a rejuvenating beach vacation in the city. So don’t miss out on a refreshing beach ride in Vienna.

Address: 22nd District, Arbeiterstrandbadstr. 

Route: U1 to “Strandbäder,” Or “Alte Donau” or to Kagran, transferring to Bus 20B

4. Donaustadt

 Beaches in Vienna


By far you might have understood how the Danube channels the best beaches in Vienna that can provide endless ways for travelers to embrace the top beachy fantasies here. Therefore, to spend time at the water’s edges or fulfilling your strolling wishes with your beloved partner along a queue or on a green hillside, this is the perfect beach to visit in Vienna. You can promenade along a sandy shoreline or dabble your toes in the water, and in most places dive right in for a swim and explore the underwater world at Donaustadt. They also offer boatyards where you can rent sailboats, motorboats, or canoes to go on an adventurous ride of water skiing or sliding your own boat into the water.

Address: 22nd District, Portnergasse 38 

Route: U1 to “Alte Donau” Or Strandbaeder, 2 min. walk

5. Theresienbad

 Beaches in Vienna


For finding a typical Viennese bathing beach located right next to Schönbrunn that has an old-world tradition in a beautiful part of the city, this beach subsists euphoric experiences of the city. You can enjoy the surreal feeling of summer and holiday pleasures at this famous destination without any interruption.

Address: 12th District, Hufeland Gasse 3 

Route: U4 till Meidlinger Hauptstraße

6. Schafbergbad

 Beaches in Vienna


This is one of the most popular beaches in Vienna that is well-known among the top bathing destinations of the city. Besides providing high-spirited entertainment for children, they offer nice pools and manage a lot of people at once in their region. Since there’s always enough space for strolling and enjoying the beach it accounts for the best family beach in Vienna. And in between, there are little stands selling beverages and shakes, with well-known nearby restaurants where you can get a very presentable Viennese meal.

Address: 18th District, Josef-Redl-Gasse 3 

Route: Tram 43 to Hernals, then Bus 42B

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7. Ottakringer Bad

 Beaches in Vienna

Ottakringer Bad

For an isolating beach experience in the city in the midst of an industrial district with traffic streaming, Ottakringerbad is the best choice to follow upon. This basically an oasis of green, implicitly insulated from all the noise and bustle with the specific classic decor that makes the outside world seem far away and offers a relaxing vacation. With nice clean pools enabling all its visitors a refreshed and enthusiastic destination it becomes one of the must-visit beaches in Vienna to explore.

Address: 16th District, Johann-Staud-str.11 

Route: U3 to Ottakring, Bus 45B

8. Krapfenwaldbad

 Beaches in Vienna


For people seeking surreal hiking spots along with beach sites this outdoor facility is on a mountainside beach near Vienna, Austria with one famous big thermal pool and a beautiful view over the city creates the top-notch experience for any adventurous tourists. If you really want to win immaculate panoramic views of Vienna then don’t miss out on this beach at any cost.

Address: 19th District, Krapfenwaldgasse 

Route: The Bus 38A until Krapfenwaldbad

9. Döblingerbad

 Beaches in Vienna


In an analogy with Krapfenwaldbad, this place is a bit smaller but chilled out where you can spend a great time with your buddies. There is one pool and people lay on the grass to catch some sun rays and tan their speckless bodies in the shades of classic brown and beige. Döblingerbad is the perfect beach to visit in Vienna if you are looking for a chill-out spot for a bachelor’s trip.

Address: 19th District, Gewey Gasse 6 

Route: Tram 37 to Döblingerbad, 2 min walk

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10. Adria Wien

 Beaches in Vienna

Adria Wien

Laying aside the Donau Canal this is another important place for Vienna people and the Porsche tourists to spend a nice evening meal time with an exotic beach view. The sunny evening, relaxed vibes, and Aperol, near the Danube provides this Vienna’s beach one of the best terrace views in Vienna, with a great selection of drinks in the nearby restaurants to offer.

Address: Obere Donaustraße 77, 1020 Wien, Austria

Route: Take the Vienna Airport Lines from Wien Hauptbahnhof Süd to Wien Westbahnhof Val1.

Hope you enjoyed this list of top 10 beaches in Vienna, Austria. Channeled by great lake Donau you can explore the typical and classic beaches of the city that have no less of accommodations to enjoy various beach activities that are creatively adjusted for a pure adventure and scenic natural exploration of Vienna. You must be aware that not all the beaches are lying inside the borders of the city therefore follow up the guide mentioned above signifying the routes for your ease. Hence don’t miss out as these top beaches to visit in Vienna worth every penny transcending from the best beach vacation services. For more engaging and useful information like this please head on to our other blogs and pull out your valuable views to great use by mentioning them in the comment section below.

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