10 Most Beautiful Towns Near Florence, Italy That You Should Visit

This post is for vacationers who need to go unexpected and for local people who need to investigate their very own greater amount environment and some famous towns near to Florence. When in Florence, consider visiting one of the beguiling towns we’ve assembled for you in this article. One thing we can let you know without a doubt: you won’t be baffled, appreciate it! Here we talk about the most beautiful towns near Florence.

List of Beautiful Towns Near Florence

1. Malmantile 

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Malmantile is a town in the region of Lastra a Signa. This community was most likely worked as a military station along the street among Florence and Pisa. It is probably the best case of a sustained medieval town in Tuscany and the present hover goes back to 1424. At the focal point of the short sides of the dividers, there are two entryways, associated with a solitary street that runs from upper east to southwest. Consistently, among May and June, a medieval celebration is held inside the dividers of the stronghold.

Address: 50055 Metropolitan City of Florence Italy

2. Greve in Chianti 

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Greve in Chianti is viewed as the portal to the Chianti locale for its key area halfway among Florence and Siena. Actually, it is situated along the by means of Chiantigiana street, around 30 kilometers from Florence and 40 from Siena. Before, its good area at the intersection of three significant journey courses supported its thriving improvement. The beginning stage of a visit here is in the channel molded piazza Matteotti, encompassed by arcades with little shops selling neighborhood items. An arcade that houses make shops, eateries, inns, and shops that offer carefully assembled results of the spot portrays the square.

Address: 50022 Metropolitan City of Florence Italy

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3. Calenzano

towns outside Florence to visit, famous towns in Florence,

The beautiful town of Calenzano is set a couple of kilometers from both Florence and Prato, between the Calvana and Morello mountains. These days are known as one of the most significant industrial regions in Tuscany, the region has been occupied since Etruscan times and, later, by the Romans. Among the must-sees, we should make reference to Calenzano Alto, the chronicled piece of the city where you’ll hop back to Medieval occasions. There you’ll run into the palace of San Niccolo’ and the Figurine Storico Museum. Directly before the little slope of Calenzano Alto, another hillock sticks out, bragging the congregation San Donato, with its lovely Medicean house and cypress trees all around.

Address: 50041 Metropolitan City of Florence Italy

4. Borgo San Lorenzo

towns near Florence worth visiting, most wonderful towns near Florence,

Borgo San Lorenzo is the greatest town in the Mugello zone and it is situated around 20 kilometers upper east of Florence. The features of the town are strict structures, for example, the Abbey of St. Lawrence, the Parish of St. Cresci in Valcava and the Oratory of the Madonna of the Three Rivers. Other non-strict focal points are the civil structure (presently, the Town Hall), Villa Pecori Giraldi (worked in the thirteenth century) and Liberty insides that host the Museum of Chini Manufacture.

Address: 50032 Metropolitan City of Florence Italy

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5. Montelupo Fiorentino

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Not a long way from Empoli, the town of Montelupo Fiorentino is encompassed by dividers, green slopes and lavish timberlands arranged at around 20 kilometers southwest of Florence. Human nearness in the zone of Montelupo goes back to the Paleolithic time and proof of this is the numerous ancient destinations in the zone. Montelupo is acclaimed for the creation of earthenware production and glass, which has a long custom given from age to age. There is a Museum of Ceramics and every year in the third seven day stretch of June, the city wakes up for the dining experience of Ceramics.

Address: 50056 Metropolitan City of Florence Italy

6. Vinci

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The Beautiful Town Vinci is situated in the slopes of Montalbano, a green region of olive trees and vineyards isolated between the territories of Pistoia, Prato, and Florence and goes back to the early Middle Ages. There are a lot of things to see in Vinci and a considerable lot of them are identified with Leonardo’s life: the house wherein he was conceived, only 3 kilometers from Vinci in the open country, the congregation where he was immersed, and the historical center and the library that take his name. In the town focus, you’ll discover the Guidi manor, which contains the Leonardo historical center and bears painted and etched crests just as an earthenware Madonna and Child by Giovanni della Robbia, made in 1523.

Address: 50059 Metropolitan City of Florence Italy

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7. San Casciano in Val di Pesa

towns near Florence worth visiting, most wonderful towns near Florence, best towns in Florence,

Found 15 kilometers south of Florence, San Casciano in Val di Pesa is celebrated for the generation of extra-virgin olive oil, wine, and great items. In the surroundings of San Casciano you can visit the observatory of Torre Luciana; the Tomb of the Archer, an Etruscan tomb of the seventh century BC; the Museum of San Casciano with its works of Sacred Art with archeological discovers found in the region and the Quattro Pievi (four ward chapels: San Pancrazio, Santo Stefano a Campoli, Santa Cecilia a Decimo and San Giovanni in Sugana), old strict structures of extraordinary masterful and building significance.

Address: 50026 Metropolitan City of Florence Italy

8. Bagno a Ripoli

towns near Florence worth visiting, most wonderful towns near Florence,

Bagno a Ripoli, situated around 7 kilometers southeast of Florence, is a town of Etruscan sources that expected significance as an exchanging focus Roman occasions. Romans chose it a spa town (subsequently the name Bath) and the unearthings of Via della Nave show the remaining parts of a structure of that time. There are likewise numerous strongholds, Renaissance manors, and tower-houses in the town. Three significant occasions breath life into Bagno a Ripoli: the Joust of the Star in September, the Antique Fair dell’Antella in October and the verifiable re-order of Christ’s Passion on Good Friday in Grassina. These occasions are painstakingly arranged by the town’s affiliations and pull in numerous guests consistently, making the town a significant focus of culture and protection of social customs.

Address: 50012 Metropolitan City of Florence Italy

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9. Montaione

towns near Florence worth visiting, most wonderful towns near Florence,

Montaione is the most wonderful towns near Florence which is situated on a slope 35 kilometers southwest of Florence and encompassed by vineyards, olive trees, and woods. The memorable focus and part of the braced dividers have kept up their old structure. The spot’s sources are covered in the riddle of a legend, however, the principal records that notice Montaione go back to the thirteenth century. Among the focal points we can make reference to the congregation of San Regolo, which is home to the Madonna del Buonconsiglio by Guido da Graziano (late thirteenth century); numerous palaces and historical centers like the Palazzo del Pretorio, which is home to the Civic Museum.

Address: 50050 Metropolitan City of Florence Italy

10. Fiesole

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While visiting Florence, remember Fiesole, presumably the settlement from which Florence began. It’s anything but difficult to arrive at it since it’s arranged 8 kilometers upper east of Florence; you can get a taxi or take the transport at Ataf number 7 from the downtown area. The principal thing you will see is the excellent perspectives on Florence, at that point you can begin investigating the town. The town lobby, the Cathedral of San Romolo (a Romanesque development augmented in the thirteenth fourteenth century) and the congregation of Santa Maria Primerana (the most seasoned church around the local area) all sub the fundamental square called Piazza Mino.

Address: 50014 Metropolitan City of Florence Italy

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The towns in Florence Italy is explained so far. We discussed towns outside Florence for you. I hope you will love this article as we have tried to provide you as per your concern and kindly share your views in the comment section.

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