Top 8 Most Beautiful Towns in Turkey

Turkey is filled with stunning locations all over the country from the southeast to the Mediterranean end. There are multiple places across the town where you will get to see a natural beauty and well-preserved architecture of the Turkish people. As it is a coastal area that undoubtedly fills adventurous people with joy. These amazing places along the Turkish coastline are the best to try some adventurous sports like balloon rides, yachting, scuba, and snorkelling. 

We have curated a list of the top 10 beautiful towns in Turkey that you can’t miss seeing. 

List of Most Beautiful towns in turkey

1. Fethiye

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Fethiye is located on the harbor front just in between two seas. The view from the coastline to the sea is amazing with the combination of crystal clear water, a clean beach, sparkling sand, and blue sky. As located on the Mediterranean coast, it offers you the opportunity to yacht in the sea. This beautiful town of Turkey was once destroyed by an earthquake in 1958, but the scenic sites were recovered and brought back to life impressively. Nearby Fethiye, there are two UNESCO-listed World Heritage sites named Xanthos and Letoön that visitors can cover in a single day. Both of these heritage towns are archaeological sites and offer incredible views to tourists. Amyntas rock tombs are the oldest ones in the town that holds cultural importance.

Area: 3,059 km²

Places to see: Butterfly Valley, Amyntas Rock Tombs, Oludeniz Beach, Museum of Historical Artefacts, Crusader Fortress, The White Mosque

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2. Bodrum 

best towns of Turkey,beautiful town in Turkey for vacation, beautiful beach city in Turkey


Bodrum is a beautiful Turkish town located on the southwest coast of the Aegean Sea in Turkey. There is a beautiful castle in this town that is the major tourist destination in the city. The construction of this enormous castle was started in 1402 BC and was completed in the late 15th century.

This beautiful resort town in Turkey has several sandy beaches where visitors can head in the evening to glare at the magnificent view. The entire town is covered by turquoise waters and shimmery sand all over the coastline. 

Area: 650 km²

Places to see: Bodrum castle, Museum Of Underwater Archaeology, Camel Beach, Bodrum Beach, Zeki Muren Arts Museum

3. Antalya

best towns of Turkey,beautiful town in Turkey for vacation, beautiful beach city in Turkey


Antalya is a beautiful beach city in Turkey with numerous yachts on the harbors and enormous vegetarians in the countryside. It is one of the largest settlements on the coast of the Mediterranean sea that offer laidback charm to the viewers. Apart from the sandy beaches on the coastline, there are museums, mosques, and churches that are the best spot in the town for religious souls. Additionally, if you are an adventurous one, head to the coastline to try some water-based activities like scuba or yachting. 

Area: 1,417 km²

Places to see: Antalya Aquarium, Kurşunlu Waterfall, Mermerli Plajı, Düden Waterfalls, Hidirlik Tower, Aksu Dolphinarium

4. Bursa

best towns of Turkey,beautiful town in Turkey for vacation, beautiful beach city in Turkey


Bursa is a modern city in Turkey that has finely preserved its heritage in it through museums and monuments. It was originally known as the capital of the Ottoman Empire and nowadays it is one of the densely populated towns in the country. There are some historic mosques, museums, and mausoleums in the town with an enormous garden encompassing it. These gardens are filled with colorful flowers and fauna species that definitely should be welcoming. The laid-back atmosphere and pleasant climate of Bursa are perfect for silk cultivation. Moreover, chestnut and peaches are widely grown here and Bursa is a major exporter of these items. the 

Area: 10.82 km²

Places to see: Green Tomb, Uludag National Park, Grand Mosque of Bursa, zoo, Reşat Oyal Culture Park, Energy Museum

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5. Cesme

best towns of Turkey,beautiful town in Turkey for vacation, beautiful beach city in Turkey


Cesme is a famous resort town in Turkey located on the Aegean Sea. The wonderful waterside promenade on this seaside is the major attraction where people spend hours glaring at the view of the coastline. Apart from this, there is a beautiful castle, multiple fancy restaurants, and shops on the street side from where people can purchase souvenirs for friends and family.

Cesme has more than enough beaches and every beach has its unique charm. Also, we recommend you to stay in wooden houses or local people as they will tell you about the hidden charm of this place precisely. 

Area: 260 km²

Places to see: Genoese castle, Ilıca Beach, Güvercinlik Koyu, Copacabana Beach, Sığacık Plaji

6. Yaniklar

best towns of Turkey,beautiful town in Turkey for vacation, beautiful beach city in Turkey.


Yaniklar is another scenic village in Turkey that offers the feel of a wilderness and beach together. It is located nearby Fethiye city, which is already a beautiful town in Turkey for vacation. The peaceful and vibrant scenery of Yaniklar will surely hold your attention for a while. Among a wide range of vegetarians, there are sweetgum trees, gardens full of citrus, and colorful flowers that are common in Yaniklar. Apart from this, you will also get to see different species of birds that migrate to this cheerful place in summer. 

Location: 48300 Fethiye/Muğla, Turkey

7. Göreme

best towns of Turkey,beautiful town in Turkey for vacation, beautiful beach city in Turkey.


Göreme in the Cappadocia region is the best location in the entire world for a hot balloon ride. The giant rock formation in the centre of the city is the prime place from where the hot balloon ride will start. Apart from the scenic occasion, there are many religious monuments including churches, mosques, monasteries, and museums that remain brustling by visitors all the time. 

The most amazing scene of the day is in the afternoon when hundreds of hot air balloons are seen flying in the sky looking like a fairyland. Moreover, there are few other places like the fairy chimney, which is an enormous location in the heart of the town. 

Area:  100 km2

Places to see: Goreme National Park, Pigeon Valley, Zemi Valley, Fairy Chimneys, Sunset Point, Love Valley

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8. Mersin

best towns of Turkey,beautiful town in Turkey for vacation, beautiful beach city in Turkey.


Mersin in Turkey is another beautiful town with an abundance of charming locations for visitors. There are many universities around the city in Mersin due to which most of the population here is a youngster. The climate of Mersin remains warm throughout the year hence this place is the best spot for Turkish people to visit in winters. There are so many monuments, beaches, and mosques in Mersin that will keep you engaged in its charm for long. 

Area: 15.85 km²

Places to see: Mersin Museum of Archeology, Kuyuluk Nature Park, Atatürk Monument, Mersin Sahili, Erdemli Topraksu Plajı, Hz. Muğdat Camii mosque

Turkey in Middle East Asia has many other charming cities, villages, and towns that have the capability to hold the attention of the visitors. The bustling city life you might not like at all but as you head to the coastline every city has its unique charisma that reflects Turkish culture so well. Some Greek-themed monuments are also there in the town. Religious people can visit these churches and mosques to see how well these monuments are designed to survive the calamities of the modern era. 

As we have mentioned all the best towns of Turkey to make your trip pleasant and full of adventure., you are ready to embark on your journey to turkey. In Göreme you can try hot air balloon rides while in Antalya you can go scuba diving. 

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