Top 10 Beaches in Bangkok | Best Beaches to Visit in Bangkok

Bangkok is a very popular tourist spot that caters to a lot of travellers and accommodates lots of activities under very low budgets. Besides being called out for a ‘massage heaven’ you get to experience the most popular beaches in Bangkok.  Not only these beaches are well maintained for providing eternal pleasures but you can explore the most desirable diversity of seafood and water activity. Therefore, liberating you from all the baffling struggles I have curated a list of top 10 beaches close to Bangkok that can fully comply with all your desirable fantasies of relaxation and give an exotic stress-relieving vacation at the cheapest costs.

List of Beaches to Visit in Bangkok

1. Hua Hin

Best Beaches to Visit in Bangkok

Hua hin

This beach is situated on the Gulf of Thailand. This is a very famous beach near Bangkok which is known for being the country’s original beach resort. In the early 1920s  King Prajadhipok made this place his number one vacation spot. No wonder it’s still holding its high spirits as you can join up in various adventurous sports like windsurfing, parasailing, kayaking, snorkelling and kite-boarding here. You can also experience the great nightlife, with bars situated over walking distance with nicest beach fronts.

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2. Ko Samet

Best Beaches to Visit in Bangkok

Ko samet

Ko Samet is a surreal gateway in Thailand. A place to hang out where the water is crystal clear, the beaches are peaceful, the sand is white and silky, Who will not be intimidated by such a destination? The cherry on the cake is the exotic delicious seafood that is abundant and available here, under a very affordable price range. A fine set of beautiful coral reefs, perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving also surrounds this beach near Bangkok. Don’t forget to miss out on this destination and explore a plethora of local Thai restaurants and bars on the island.

3. Tawaen Beach

Best Beaches to Visit in Bangkok

tawaen beach

One of the most crowded and full of life beaches located in Koh Larn which consistently attracts tonnes of tourists through its fabulous sun decks and loungers. Such a meticulous arrangement of accommodations allows you to completely relax and enjoy the place. In fact, its delicious food served by local vendors makes this beach even more tempting for exploration. This is by far the most visited beach near Bangkok that handles the maddening crowd of Thailand and foreigners every year.

4. Samae Beach

Best Beaches to Visit in Bangkok

samae beach

If you are an adventurous traveller and your definition of fun lands over, exciting water sports at the beaches then Samae is the best beach close to Bangkok for you to visit. The fun doesn’t halt in the day as gradually the night takes over the nearby lanes of the beach and turns them into a live dazzling club room with lights and exciting stalls selling authentic Thailand stuff. Just try on your best bargaining skills on the vendors as they are well acquainted with selling local stuff at higher rates to the new coming travellers.

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5. Tien Beach

Best Beaches to Visit in Bangkok

Tien beach

This is a pristine, clear and adorable beach near Bangkok, Thailand. Its beauty is truly romantic which makes a lot of couples book their special trip to this island. Tien Beach looks extremely gorgeous, especially in the evening. Therefore, if you also seek a less crowded beach which is well- maintained, provides an ideal location to spend some quality time away from the noisy city with your beloved partners then this beach is the best choice.

6. Phrachan Beach

Best Beaches to Visit in Bangkok

Phrachan Beach

Due to its unique shape, it’s also locally known as  “Crescent Moon Beach”. Another isolated tiny beach that is a perfect place if you crave a secluded top beach near Bangkok. Through this destination, you can get away from the crowd and spend a peaceful time in solace and serenity. This beach is loved by numerous tourists due to its calm surroundings. It is an ideal place for swimming as no water sports are carried out on this beach, you can relax and swim for endless hours here.

7. Cha-Am Beach

Best Beaches to Visit in Bangkok

Cha Am beach

One of the strikingly beautiful beaches in Bangkok, Thailand that is void of all sorts of busy activities on the sea, keeping this beach a peaceful and clean hangout joint for many families. It is also considered as one of the safest beaches in Bangkok for kids as the beach accommodates various safe and separate playgrounds for children to play. Then for sure if you are planning an exciting and safe vacation trip for your entire family then this beach is going to be very handy. This beach to visit in Bangkok can be the best family destination to enjoy.

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8. Sai Kaew Beach

Best Beaches to Visit in Bangkok

Sai Kaew beach

Through its pearly white sand beach, Sai Kaew Beach is a calm beach with gorgeous sceneries to adore. This is a much less crowded beach in Koh Samet, that owns thousands of beachgoers for serene relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind. The water is cool, the sand is soft and the smooth refreshing breeze provides an ideal ambience to unwind and leave the stress behind. You can promenade over a leisurely stroll on the beach which is what most people’s favourite activity here during the evening. The local hawkers provide mouth-watering cuisines at minimal costs converting a small walk aside beach into a tasty food tour.

9. Ao Prao Beach

Best Beaches to Visit in Bangkok

Ao Prao Beach

One of the top luxurious beaches near Bangkok that is tremendously beautiful and a perfect place to relax. This is one of the popular beaches near Bangkok, located on the west coast of Samet. You will be stunned by the beautiful views of the long coastline, soft sand, and the crystal clear water of this beach. End your trip with a nice pampering Thai Massage or enjoy traditional cool and refreshing drinks served on the beach by local shack holders.

10. Ao Kiu Na Nok

Best Beaches to Visit in Bangkok

Ao Kiu Na Nok

For the party enthusiasts seeking loud music and the maddening crowd, Ao Kiu Na Nok is an ideal place to chill. This is one of those escape grounds where you leave all the stress behind and just relax or have an amazing fun night out party. There are also numerous water sports that you can try for spending an exciting time on the beach.  Don’t forget to get a visual treat of coral reefs present at this must-visit beach near Bangkok.


Hope you enjoyed the list of top 10 beaches in Bangkok that are surreal and exciting in their own ways. Along with smooth sand and crystal clear water, you get to experience refined Thai seafood cuisines at an amazingly cheap rate while strolling on the famous beaches near Bangkok. You can contact our assistance for booking any tours or flights or hotels for exploring such exotic and adventurous cities. While don’t forget to like, share and comment under our articles keeping our bloggers motivated to write more engaging blogs like these.

Till then Sà-Wàt-Dii(Thai translation: Good-Bye)

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