Top 15 Most Beautiful Lakes In Alaska

Alaska in the USA is a popular tourist destination with a lot of attractive places around the country. But the beauty of lakes here is unmatchable. Alaska is the only place with the maximum number of naturally formed lakes. So, if you are in Alaska, you can’t miss exploring some amazing places here. There are more than 3 million lakes in Alaska but most of them are still unnamed. Whereas more than three thousand lakes here have names and are famous globally for their unadulterated beauty. Nearby the lake, there is an excessive wilderness that you will get fed up with seeing all the time. 

It is difficult to mention about three thousand lakes all on one page, so we are concluding this list of 15 famous lakes in Alaska that look surprisingly beautiful. Also, we have provided the location, area, and distance of the lake from downtown so that you are able to plan your trip accordingly. 

List of 15 Most Beautiful Lakes in Alaska

1. Lake Clark

 famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Lake Clark

Lake Clark is situated in Clark National Park and Preserve is a famous lake in Alaska. Thousands of people visit this lake annually to capture the undiluted beauty of Lake Clark. If you too wish to visit somewhere, where you can see the natural vistas clearly then you should once go to Alaska and visit Lake Clark. 

Apart from the beauty of the lake, there sits a wildlife sanctuary that features some unseen wild creatures. So, visiting Lake Clark and Clark national park would be a unique experience for a lifetime. 

Location:  Lake and Peninsula Borough, Alaska, US

Distance from Alaska: 304 mi

Area: 16,308.89 km2

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2. Skilak Lake

famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Skilak Lake

After knowing about the largest lake of Alaska here comes the list as the most underrated lake. Skilak Lake is counted as an underrated lake because of its remote location. Though it is located in the Kenai Peninsula region, people who are coming to visit Skilak Lake for the first time are hardly able to find it on their own. Skilak Lake is sourced by the melted water from several glaciers located around the lake and the water in the lake looks very clear. 

You can easily reach Skilak Lake by heading on the Sterling Highway for 30 minutes from Soldotna city. 

Location: Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Distance from Alaska: 263 mi

3. Mendenhall Lake

famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Mendenhall Lake

Mendenhall Lake in Juneau is another spectacular lake in Alaska that sits 21 kilometres shade of the Mendenhall Glacier. People who are willing to go to Mendenhall Lake from Mendenhall Loop Road can opt for the Glacier Highway. The entire road will cross across some really beautiful locations through the Tongass National Forest that will surprise you with their impressive views. 

Location: Juneau, Alaska

Distance from Alaska: 814.6 mi

Area: 95.27 km²

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4. Eagle Lake

 famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Eagle Lake

Eagle and Symphony Lakes is located near the eagle river in Alaska is famous for its gorgeous clear water. Symphony lake was located at an elevation of 807 m from sea level and visitors can trek or hike to reach the top of the lake. The arduous terrains and gorgeous glaciers located nearby the lake enhance its view up to a thousand times. If you are going to cover the path through hiking then you should be aware that it will take nearly 5-6 hours for a physically fit individual to cover the entire trek and reach the top of the mountain. 

Location: Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Distance from Alaska: 4,173.8 mi 

5. Aleknagik Lake

 famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Aleknagik Lake

The wonderful Aleknagik Lake is one of the top 15 famous lakes of Alaska. It is located in southeastern Alaska on the east of Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. The gorgeous setting of Aleknagik Lake is much applauded among the locals for fishing boating and other aquatic activities. Moreover, in the evening you will get an amazing view of the sunset from the coast of Aleknagik Lake.

A 25-mile long road route from Dillingham will directly take you to the beautiful Aleknagik Lake.

Location: Dillingham Census Area, Alaska

Distance from Alaska: 452 mi

Area: 832 km2

6. Kashwitna Lake

 famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Kashwitna Lake

Located in Willow, Alaska, the famous Kashwitna Lake is popular among locals for its fabulous scenes. From sunrise to set, you will get thousand of amazing views sitting on the shore of Kashwitna Lake. You can capture all these mesmerizing views in came that came along your way while heading to Kashwitna Lake.

Location: Willow, Alaska, USA

Distance from Alaska: 202.4 mi

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7. Tangle Lakes

famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Tangle Lake

Tangle Lakes is situated in Southeastern Alaska, Tangle Lakes is an excellent series of lakes that are located in serene locations. You will get to see no towns or houses near the Tangle Lakes whereas there are some rented houses on the coast where you will get the best services. Tangle Lakes will completely furnish you with a choice to reconnect with nature while exploring the peaceful picturesque views.

Location: Alaska, USA

Distance from Alaska: 181.6 mi 

8. Kenai Lake

famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Kenai Lake

Kenai Lake located on Kenai Peninsula in Alaska is a zig-zag shaped lake with turquoise green water. The beauty of Kenai Lake bound passersby to stop here and click some alluring pictures. The magical greenish-blue water of the lake reflects the view of the entire surrounding and you can witness all these beautiful scenes sitting on the shore. 

Apart from being a freshwater lake in Alaska, this lake is also a popular spot for performing recreational activities. You can do fishing, picnicking, camping and a few other outdoor activities on the shore of Kenai Lake.

Location: Alaska, USA

Distance from Alaska: 386.9 mi

Area: 55.9 km²

9. Wonder Lake

 famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Wonder Lake

Wonder Lake in Denali National Park is an incredible lake in Alaska sprawling in an area of 15.49 km². It is located 610 metres above sea level and features the Denali mountain peak of North America which is said to be the highest peak in entire North America. The area near Wonder Lake is an electricity-free zone and you should come here prepared for camping. 

Visitors can reach Wonder Lake by road through designated buses assigned for the trip. Private vehicles are not allowed to go after Denali National Park visitor centre premises. So, if you are riding a private vehicle here then you have to park it at the Denali National Park visitor centre. 

Location: Denali Borough, Alaska, United States

Distance from Alaska: 3,486.1 mi

Area: 15.49 km²

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10. Portage Lake

 famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Portage Lake

Portage Lake in Chugach National Forest, Alaska is an adorable glacial lake that sits at an altitude of 180 metres from sea level. The mesmerising vistas nearby the lake look spectacularly scenic while driving on from the road. You can visit this lake in any month but the view of the Portage Lake is in winters when the entire lake freezes and visitors can enjoy cross-country skiing, skating, snowshoeing, hiking and kite skiing. Apart from this, Water activities are also a major attraction of Portage Lake but it can be risky if you are not properly geared for it. 

Location: Chugach National Forest, Alaska, United States

Distance from Alaska: 333.8 mi

Area: 8.539 km² 

11. Summit Lake

famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Summit Lake

Summit lake in Alaska is located at an elevation of  3,886 feet and visitors can reach the lake through the paved path. This 20 feet deep lake is home to some really astonishing aquatic life. The lake gets frozen in winters and you will only be able to see the panoramic vistas surrounding this lake in summers only. 

Location: Seward, AK 99664, United States

Distance from Alaska: 359.5 mi

Area: 16.3 km2

12. Chilkoot Lake

famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Chilkoot Lake

Chilkoot Lake in southeastern Alaska is located on the top point of Lutak Inlet is a beautiful lake encompassed by a plethora of trees and wilderness. Lakhs of people visit this famous lake in Alaska to witness its stunning beauty. You can also try some recreation activities to check the forbearance against the adventurous sport. 

Chilkoot Lake is a famous picnic spot for alaskans when they carve to spend some quality time with their kids and loved ones. The tranquil atmosphere with greenery all over will take you to another wilder land. On the other hand in winters the lake freezes and will allow you to do ice skating on it.  

Location: Haines Borough, Alaska, United States

Distance from Alaska: 739.3 mi

Area: 260 km2

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13. Tustumena Lake

famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Tustumena Lake

Tustumena Lake in Alaska is the eighth-largest lake with an area of 242.8 square kilometres. We also count this as the largest lake on the entire Kenai Peninsula in south-central Alaska. This lake is remotely located but it never leaves to amaze us with the wilderness adventure they offer on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

Tustumena Lake gets its water from the Tustumena glacier and its water is exceptionally clear. If you are fond of photography then you will get to click so many pictures on the coast of this beautiful lake. 

Location: Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Distance from Alaska: 280 mi

Area: 242.8 km² 

14. Trail Lakes

famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Trail Lake

Trail Lakes is a series of Surrounded by the mountains the surplus beauty of trail lake is desirability attractive to view by tourists. From the coast of the lake, you will see spectacular mountains covered with a thin layer of snow. Until now you have only seen such a beautiful location in any poster. So, if you really want to discover something new in Alaska then you should visit this trail of beautiful islands in Alaska. 

Location: Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Distance from Alaska: 3,931.6 mi

15. Eklutna Lake

famous lake in Alaska,top 15 famous lakes of Alaska

Eklutna Lake

Eklutna Lake is located at a distance of around 35 kilometres from the Anchorage municipality in Alaska. This 25-kilometre long drive to Eklutna Lake will be a memorable ride for your entire life. You will get to see a variety of flora and fauna on the way. You will love to click some amazing pictures of sunrise and sunset sitting on the coast of stunning Eklutna Lake.  

If you are visiting Eklutna Lake in summer then you can go there barefooted or on horseback exploring all the panoramic scenes nearby. 

Location: Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska

Distance from Alaska: 267.8 mi

Area: 14.24 km²

These 15 most popular lakes in Alaska are also among the most beautiful ones in the state. Hence, we suggest you visit all of this one by one to witness the most beautiful scenic view of lakes in the USA. 

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