Top 10 Beaches in Dublin You Must See 

There are some stunning beaches in Dublin, even though  Dublin is not a beach destination. We have made a list of the best beaches in Dublin that will make you feel like in paradise. In and around Dublin, you can choose from some wonderful beaches, which are just a short distance from Dublin and are easily accessible by car and public transport. Dublin’s beaches are a popular destination all year round, but especially during spring and summer, when the sun rises.

List Of Beaches in Dublin

1. Burrow Beach

 Best Beaches in Dublin, Beaches to visit near in Dublin

Burrow Beach

This impressive and extensive stretch of sand is located on the north side of Dublin, in Sutton. The beach that stretches 1.2 km along the coast is far from the side of the road, hidden behind private houses, and offers a small piece of solace away from the world on a summer day. A popular destination for residents and tourists, Burrow Beach is perhaps one of the most visited beaches in Dublin. Fine sand winds, cleared by the sun and velvety around the atmospheric dunes; Ireland’s Eye is in the distance, and the cliff faces that lead to Howth Village provide a charming setting.

Address: Burrow Beach, Burrow Road, Sutton, Co. Dublin 

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2. Killiney Beach

 Best Beaches in Dublin, Beaches to visit near in Dublin

Killiney Beach

If you are looking for a beach in Dublin with a view, this is the best for you! This one of the best beaches in Dublin is located in the south of Dublin and is a perfect idea for a family day out. You can take a walk outdoors and relax. It has stunning views of Bray Head, Dalkey Island, and Sorrento Terrace. It is perfect for swimming, bathing, picnicking, and activities for the whole family.  For body and soul, Killiney beach is a perfect treat! The sound of running water that calms you down, the view it offers, and the sand on the beach. Don’t forget the camera. Images tell thousands of words.

Address: Killiney, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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3. White Rock Beach

 Best Beaches in Dublin, Beaches to visit near in Dublin

White Rock Beach

Situated close to Vico Road in Killiney, is White Rock Beach, a jewel for locals and for those who know that they access this little piece of paradise through a large number of ancient stone steps that attract visitors to the coast. Although small in size, it is popular with those looking for a little peace and quiet on a winter day or summer walk in the middle of the year. This beautiful sandy beach in Dublin has rich velvety sand, stunning views of Dalkey Island, and is surrounded by dramatic rocks and weathered cliffs.

Address: White Rock Beach, Vico Road, Killiney, Co. Dublin 

4. Sandymount Strand

Best Beaches in Dublin, Beaches to visit near in Dublin

Sandymount Strand

On the east coast of Ireland, Sandymount Strand is a large beach, adjacent to the village and suburb of Sandymount in Dublin. It is a very popular destination for families as it is located very close to the city of Dublin. This is one of the top beaches in Dublin. You can kick or play ball, run, run, play Frisbee, people watch, stroll, relax or watch the sunset. You can also walk to the lighthouse, but remember: it’s long! Your kids will love Sandymount Beach because of the space, panoramic views of the vast sea, sea birds, shells, passing ferries, the lighthouse, the Poolberg chimneys, and the Dublin Harbor industry. Great views stretching from Howth in the north to Dun Laoghaire and the Wicklow Mountains and beyond on Dublin Bay to the south.

Address: 83 Strand Rd, Dublin 4, Ireland

5. Tower Bay

Best Beaches in Dublin, Beaches to visit near in Dublin

Tower Bay

When the sun finally comes, take a B-line to Tower Bay in Portrane and claim a piece of sand before the place fills up. This impressive stretch of sand is located on the Donabate Peninsula and offers views of Dublin’s mountains and Howth. The water of this amazing beach in Dublin is crystal clear and the beach is surrounded by cliffs that protect it from the winds and there are stunning walks along the coast and cliffs within arm’s reach. Of course, what else could you want?

Address: Tower Bay Beach, Quay, Portrane, Co. Dublin 

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6. North and South Beach

 Best Beaches in Dublin, Beaches to visit near in Dublin

North and South Beach

The port city of Skerries (Skerries was second in the Best Place to Live in Ireland award in 2014), which is about 38 minutes from Dublin, is home to two beaches. Praia do Norte is a little less popular than Praia do Sul, which is two and a half kilometers long. South Beach is just two minutes from Skerries’ bustling city center. This famous beach in Dublin is loved by locals and visitors, great for swimming, and served by lifeguards during the summer months. Amusements strolls, leisure areas, natural pools, islands, breathtaking sunsets over the harbor, and views of the majestic black and white striped Rockabill lighthouse, which is 16 kilometers from the coast.

Address: North and South Beach, Skerries, Dublin

7. Velvet Strand

 Best Beaches in Dublin, Beaches to visit near in Dublin

Velvet Strand

One of Dublin’s most popular beaches for those who go en masse when the sun comes out has to be Velvet Strand in Portmarnock, on the north side of the city. Not far from the center, this stunning stretch is over 8 kilometers long and is perfect for those looking for a run or walk by the sea, as well as those looking to steal sand for sunbathing (if you’re lucky with the weather!). Ice – The cream kiosk works in the summer months and with countless sand dunes waiting to be commanded, this is the perfect place for a picnic on a blue sky day. This must-see beach in Dublin has no rocks or cliffs and has only the smoothest sand, making it perfect for the little ones too!

Address: The Velvet Strand, Portmarnock, Co. Dublin 

8. Balcarrick Beach

Best Beaches in Dublin, Beaches to visit near in Dublin

Balcarrick Beach

Balcarrick Beach is located just 6 kilometers from Dublin. This3.5 kilometers long beach is perfect for a magical walk, canoeing, bird watching, jogging, running, a meditation on the rocks, or lying on the beach. One of Dublin’s favorite beaches, it offers walks along the beach and along the coast with beautiful views of the landscape of Lambay Island, the Howth Peninsula, and the Malahide Estuary. This most famous beach in Dublin is an untouched haven for rest and relaxation. And you can also do some activities like playing football, practice your golf swing, swim or just watch people or the world go by. Enjoy a refreshing coastal walking route from Donabate beach to Portrane beach. It is a rocky path to walk on, so if you are with your children, keep an eye on them, because of the rocks and there are areas that are not safe with fences and the slope is drastic/dangerous. Parking and sanitary facilities nearby.

Address:  Balcarrick Beach, Donabate, Dublin 

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9. Dollymount Strand

Best Beaches in Dublin, Beaches to visit near in Dublin

Dollymount Strand

Of all Dublin’s beaches, this must be one of the most famous beaches around. This one of the cleanest beaches in Dublin, on the Isle of Bull, is located close to the Clontarf coast and accessed by a wooden bridge. The stretch of sand is 5 kilometers long and is a popular place for walkers and runners, as well as for those with dogs and kitesurfers, and hikers. Full of sand dunes in abundance, Dollymount is the perfect place for those who want a panoramic view of Dublin. There are spectacular views of Dublin Bay, as well as the iconic Dublin Poolbeg Chimney’s and Howth as well.

Address: Dollymount Strand, Clontarf, Co. Dublin 

10. Sandycove Beach

Best Beaches in Dublin, Beaches to visit near in Dublin

Sandycove Beach

A beautiful Sandycove beach located south of Dublin has strong links to the past. This one of the best beaches in Dublin for family is famous for its iconic Torre Martello, which is just stepping away and featured in one of the classic Ulysses by the most famous Irish writer, James Joyce. Today, the Martello Tower houses a small museum, open during the summer, and named after the famous James Joyce. Sandycove beach is a popular place for families as it is perfect for picnics, bathing, and activities for the whole family. Sandycove beach is home to the famous Forty Foot, where you will find brave swimmers taking a dip all year round.

Address: Sandycove Ave W, Sandycove, Dublin, Ireland

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All the above-mentioned beaches are best in providing exquisite cuisines and water sports to enhance your vacation experiences. You don’t wanna sweep through all the boring tours and travel books on your own. Therefore, the curated information regarding the top beaches of Dublin here can aid a lot when people are new to the region and don’t help them find out the best beaches which are acceptable to be customized accordingly. Hence the above-mentioned guide will help you save your money and let you select the perfect beaches in Dublin on your priorities and budget. 

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