Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Udaipur, Rajasthan | Best Things to Buy in Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the most vibrant and cultural cities in India which is well known for its famous architectures and jaw-dropping iconic handmade artworks who are skilled in various artforms whether its fine art painting or refined elegant embroidery work you can find all range of beautiful products in this city. Whereas, some of the well-known things to buy in Udaipur that comprise rich artwork, refined embroidered sarees or Mirror work ‘Pagdis’ can be found easily with the given below guide. Since, spending money under high intimidation, after being mesmerised from the top-notch popular souvenirs to buy in Udaipur is very easy therefore to protect you from being looted I have curated a list of top 10 things to buy in Udaipur mentioned along with their approximate prices offering you an easy guide to experience the raw culture and life in Udaipur.

List of Things to Buy in Udaipur

1. Bandhej  Fabrics

Best Things to Buy in Udaipur


Bandhej is a special fabric that results from the unique tie-and-dye process of colouring fabrics in Rajasthani dye techniques. These fabrics are dyed into vibrant colours holding various patterns accomplished by binding knots at various places in the fabric for avoiding certain spots, from being stained by the dyes. These are one of the famous souvenirs to buy in Udaipur that you must buy. Since the fabrics are sewed into clothes and other forms of apparels you can easily find your desirable clothing. The price range is also variable ranging from inexpensive Bandhej scarfs or ‘Dupattas’ to quite expensive cloth materials such as sarees or bed sheets having Bandhej artwork. Some popular markets, especially Bapu Bazaar and Maldas Street in Udaipur are well-known for elegant Bandhej fabrics.

Price: Good pick of Kurtas can be bought within Rs. 500(if you’re good at bargaining!)

2. Miniature paintings

Best Things to Buy in Udaipur

miniature paintings

Udaipur holds a great lineage of miniature Rajasthani painting artists who are creating this iconic artwork from many generations. Aside from Miniature works, Pichwai and Phad paintings are also popular in Udaipur. Miniature art is an intricate form of painting done on sheets as well as on ivory plates with very steady hands and creative imagination pouring down some adorable designs over the canvas. These are one of the most popular things to buy in Udaipur that are sold from a few bucks to lacs and millions. You can find miniature art galleries at Hathi-Pol Market till the entire Old city selling this tremendous artwork in variable designs.

Price:100-150 Rupees(INR) for small ones range up to lacs of Rupees for the finest arts.

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3. Leather Journals

Best Things to Buy in Udaipur

leather journals

A lot of travellers love to collect and write journals as they tour different countries. For all such people, leather journals from Udaipur can be a great pick under a very affordable price range. Journals don’t only get cheaper in this city but they also get infused with the skilled artistry of the famous embroidery workers and artists yielding a fine piece of dairy whose covers are embellished with distinct mirror works, stonework or other refined traditional paintings. Journals are available in various shapes and sizes. You can find a wide range of these top things to buy in Udaipur at Old City and Jagdish Chowk Market in Udaipur.

Price: From Rs. 80-100 INR to 1000INR above

4. Mojaris

Best Things to Buy in Udaipur


One of the most desired items from Udaipur city is these traditional ballerinas that provide anyone with an ultimate Rajasthani feel. Along with being ethnic, these are incredibly fashionable and go well with any clothing. But the fine pairing of Indian salwar-suit with Mojaris is a lethal combination after all. Mojaris are usually made from tanned leather which is meticulously embroidered and embellished making you swoon over different kinds of designs available in the markets at Hathi-Pol line in a row, dedicated only for Mojaris. These are the best souvenirs to buy in Udaipur for any of your loved ones back at home.

Price: Ranging from Rs. 100-120 it can go up to Rs. 500-700 or more depending on your bargaining skills.

5. Tribal Silver Jewellery

Best Things to Buy in Udaipur

Tribal Silver Jewellery

Entire Rajasthan is known for silver pieces of eccentric jewellery which are inspired from tribal fashion and become an apt gift for any accessory lover. Such accessories are very popular among the locals as well as travellers, especially the ones found in Markets of Udaipur. Apart from silver, there are other materials which are used to construct authentic Tribal designs. Ranging from massive bold rings, neckpieces, anklets, bangles, bracelets, earrings till regional arm bangles you can find all kinds of accessories at places like Jagdish Chowk Market, Hathi-Pol and Chand-Pol. Surely, such elegant products are must-buy things in Udaipur which you can shop along with your girl gang on a vacation trip.

Price: Metal imitated items start at around 100 bucks

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6. Danka Embroidery Covers

Best Things to Buy in Udaipur

Danka Embroidery Covers

Danka style of embroidery is highly popular in Udaipur and attracts several tourists to the shops. You can find this style of embroidery commonly in clothing, accessories, and cushion covers. Out of which cushion covers seal the deal with their spectacular looks and classy style. To prepare Danka art use of metal and beads is accounted for with a lot of skilled hands creating one piece of fabric that will be later converted into a variety of cushion covers. Danka Embroidery adds grace and elegance to your bedrooms and halls. It’s one of the famous things to buy in Udaipur that can revive your home decor with its vibrant and lively coloured vibes.

Price: Starting from 500 bucks for the basic cushion cover designs.

7. Puppets

Best Things to Buy in Udaipur


Rajasthan is known for its art of puppet shows also referred to as ‘Kathputli’ shows whereby the puppets are decorated and hung with the help of strings that later helps the artist to make the puppets dance over regional songs through the movement of fingers. Besides being an essential element for all Rajasthani fairs and events in Udaipur these puppets dignify the regional clothing of the city that are meticulously embroidered on the cloth puppets wear. Keeping them as art pieces or gifting them to your friends, as the best souvenirs from Udaipur will be a great option to find perfect presents in this city.

Price: Starting from 200 bucks exceeding to higher prices on the basis of embroidery and finishings of the puppet’s apparels.

8. Stone crafts

Best Things to Buy in Udaipur

Stone crafts

Udaipur is filled with great artists upholding the true reflection of the rich culture and traditions of the city. Stone artworks are one of such handicraft that is showcased by the artists of Rajasthan through their detailed carvings of stone crafts. Hand made carvings with such astonishing intricacy gives the sculptors a great reach as they get not only local projects but international demands coming through curious tourists who love to collect adorable sculptors globally. The crafts are available in different styles, shapes, and sizes and add uniqueness to your collection of home décor items as well. These top things to buy in Udaipur are majorly found in the antique market region of Old City and handicrafts from Hathi-Pol Market.

Price: Around 1000 INR rest depends upon what you are buying.

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9. Mirror Work Handbags

Best Things to Buy in Udaipur

Mirror Work Handbags

If you hold no idea about what to buy in Udaipur? then the glittery mirror work handbags hung over the streets as well as famous local markets of the city serve as a great idea for souvenirs. Mirror work is another popular embroidery artwork which comprises chunks of mirror sewed into fabric through distinctly coloured threads creating various floral patterns. Due to its abundant practice in Udaipur, the products derived from such embroidery are very cheap here than other states of India. Mirror work is also done over slings, Wallets, Clutches, Backpacks, Travel Bags or Potlis versions. Hence, replace your boring bags with these handcrafted ethnic bags that come in really cheap rates and add a classic touch of vibrance and elegance in your style. You can easily find these in any store near City Palace. 

Price: Starting from 500 bucks for regular slings. The price goes up on the basis of your choices of bags.

10. Pagris (Turbans)

Best Things to Buy in Udaipur


Rajasthani Pagris is a symbol of ‘Pride’ that is usually worn by locals in family functions or weddings to add a traditional touch in their looks. These iconic items prove to be a great souvenir to buy in Udaipur for your friends and family They come in varying lengths and sizes hence you can choose as per your interests form the distinct options of embroidery and designs implanted over the fabrics ranging from mirror-work, silk, embroidery, hand-loomed, etc. All available in Udaipur’s market. These Pages can also be used as a show-pieces symbol of your travel trips and can be easily showcased in any rack of your travel souvenir collections.

Price: Starting from 1000 bucks.

Hope you enjoyed the top 10 things to buy in Udaipur, Rajasthan. No wonder the city is filled with superb craftworks that you can buy at any time of the hour. Ranging from tremendous varieties of embroidered clothing and handicrafts of this city in which it excels in providing rich fashionable designs that never lose count of adding umpteen appreciation to the popular souvenirs to buy from Udaipur. For more engaging blogs like these keep following our website and please like, share and comment. It will motivate our creative writers to find more interesting guides for making your travel trips more exciting and easy.

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