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Chile is a scenic, ribbon-shaped South American country situated west of Argentina and the Andes that attracts well over 5 million visitors each year. The monuments in Chile with an abundance of superb colonial historic buildings and conservation areas are worth visiting. For those into trekking and hiking, many of the popular destinations as well as and those who enjoy adventurous things to do such as climbing, river rafting, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Travelers to Chile often find themselves in awe of the country’s man-made monuments and beautiful historical sites that reflect its rich cultural heritage. To ensure you see the best points of interest and one of the historical monuments in Chile, a South American country:

List of Monuments in Chile 

1. Cruz Del Tercer Milenio

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Cruz Del Tercer Milenio

Admire the artistry of Cruz Del Tercer Milenio, a striking structure that remains one of the tallest monuments of Chile as well as in all of South America. The 305 ft tall cross was designed to mark the start of the new millennium, built by the Catholic Church between 1999 and 2001, an important date in the Christian faith. From a triangular crystal base that vanishes into the rough slope underneath it. Includes a museum detailing the creation of the monument, the three-tiered base, a level dedicated to prayer, and a viewing platform. It’s a massive structure and an engineering achievement. Over the Coquimbo area, 5he views from the 2nd level  are impressive and educational.

Address: Tte Merino 32, Coquimbo, Chile

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2. Monumento Al Ovejero

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Monumento Al Ovejero

A sculpture that acts as a tribute to the agricultural heritage of the nation, admires the simple artistry and homely message of Monumento Al Ovejero. This life-sized monument is dedicated to the shepherds and ranching industry that brought much wealth to the area. The sculpture depicts 12 life-size figures in bronze created by artist Francisco Campo Torrealba in 1944. A whip that guides the sheep huddled in front, the scene is of a shepherd holding the reins of his horse that follows behind him. Inspired by verses written by poet Joseph Grimaldi Acotto, the statue is a fitting important monument in Chile to the agricultural and artistic heritage. There were large sheep farms, the major source of economy of the region, capable of providing much wool and lamb . The original monument in 1944 was in granite but was later replaced in bronze. It extends for about 100 feet and consists of a shepherd, his horse, his sheepdog, and a herd of nine sheep. Punta Arenas is known for its many statues. This one is very nice, but I would not go out of my way to see it.

Address: 398, Av. Pdte. Manuel Bulnes 302, Punta Arenas, Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena, Chile.

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3. Monumento a Los Heroes

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Monumento a Los Heroes

This monument honors the Chilean naval war heroes that lost their lives in the 1879 Battle of Iquique during the War of the Pacific with Peru. In other words, those who fought and lost their lives in the War of the Pacific, see a grand and touching tribute at Monumento a Los Heroes, a monument in Santiago Chile. The memorial houses the remains of Captain Arturo Prat inaugurated in 1886, one of Chile’s national heroes and celebrated navy officers. Creating an arresting visual effect and drawing attention to the sacrifices of soldiers, the white plinths and black statues neatly contrast one another who perished during one of the most dramatic periods in South American history.

At the top is Frigate Captain Arturo Prat, surrounded by Lieutenant Serrano, Sergeant Aldea, midshipman Riquelme, and an unknown sailor. Four naval battles with the dates they took place are depicted in relief on the base of the monument. Underground a vault contains the remains of Prat and other offices that participate in these battles. What a wonderful tribute and remembrance to these brave sailors. To honor Chile’s Naval history, Plaza Sotomayor and the monument are a must-see.

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4. Hand of the Desert

The top monuments in Chile, here the explained list of monuments in Chile contains the proper information regarding some popular historic monuments in Chile

Hand of the Desert

Located in the Atacama Desert in Chile, the Mano del, Desierto is a large-scale sculpture of a hand and one of the famous monuments in Chile, on the Panamerican Highway, about 60 km toward the south and east of the city of Antofagasta.  The “Ciudad Empresarial La Negra” is the nearest point of reference. It is also known as La Negra Business City. On the highway, it lies between the 1309 and 1310 km marker points. If you’re going out for a visit, be sure you have a sun-screen and plenty of water. Take caution, driving in the seemingly endless salt flats can have a wearying effect and don’t let the monotony trick you into driving too fast; too many fatal accidents have occurred in the desert, as evidenced from the dozens of skeletal wrecks and road-side shrines.

Address: Hand of the Desert, Antofagasta, Chile.

5. Memorial to Ferdinand Magellan

Famous Monuments of Chile

Memorial to Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was the Portuguese explorer who discovered Chile. This is a well designed and a national monument in Chile. According to the legend, touching the foot of the statue will bring people luck. And if you kiss the toe will guarantee you come back to Puerto Arenas. You would see lots of vendors selling sweaters at the plaza like scarfs, hats, crafts and souvenirs. Also there is an information center to serve you. The statue of Magellan sits on top of a monument that also has figures of two indigenous people. If you rub, kiss or suck the toe of one of these indigenous people’s statues local gossip says you will return to Punta Arenas. The place to rub is obvious as it is the only part that isn’t tarnished.

Most people just take photos, European style statues, reminiscent of those found in any European city, which reflects the history of Chile. A few vendors and musicians decorate the park but do not aggressively chase tourists. Worth spending some time here. but it can get crowded, and everyone wants to take photos of the same spot so you may need to be a bit patient, or visit late in the day.

Address: Piazza Principale, Punta Arenas, Chile.

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6. Monumento a la Colonizacion Alemana

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Monumento a la Colonizacion Alemana

Monumento a la Colonization Alemana is situated along the city’s picturesque waterfront, commemorates the 200 initial German settlers. At the end of 1852, these all came to the island. Such as a mother with a baby and a male figure wielding a work tool, the top monument in Chile depicts a German family in different roles. With a stroll through the adjacent plaza or along the water, combine your visit. It was inaugurated in 2002 at the request of the city’s German Club and dedicated in tribute to the German settlers of the Region. The sculptural ensemble is made up of five bronze statues that form two groups of colonizers: the Chilean settlers from the island of Chiloé and the German settlers. The group of Chileans is made up of a lumberjack, represented with a poncho, boots, a wool hat and an ax on his hands, accompanied by his dog.

Address: Entre Plaza de Armas y Avenida Diego Portale, Puerto Montt Chile

7. Torre del Reloj

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Torre del Reloj

Surrounded by interesting architecture, the clock tower is located in a lovely plaza.  Torre del Reloj is the Clock Tower is a National Historic Landmark located in Iquique. With the mechanism imported from England, it was built in 1878 (when Iquique was in Peruvian territory). The Clock Tower, together with the buildings surrounding it in the plaza is one of the national monuments in Chile, a time which saw much foreign investment, according to Patricio Advis. You’ll also find a nearby artisan market (which has the same trinkets they all do). It’s worth a quick walk through but does not necessarily take a lot of time.

Address: Torre del Reloj, Iquique, Chile

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8. San Cristobal’s Hill

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San Cristobal’s Hill

Once you get to the virgin, San Cristobal’s Hill ends, which you could only photograph from there as this was under maintenance. A large number of worshipers and devotees come to this religious monument in Chile to pray every year, on the day of the Immaculate Conception. It has several attractions in its 1784 acres, Central Park is only 842 acres by comparison. The sanctuary and balcony of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception; The National Zoo of Chile are some of its most important attractions, where you can get dazzled with the different species of animals; the historic funicular railway and the recently inaugurated cable way. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Santiago and the Andes Mountain Range from the top of the park and it also has two swimming pools, plazas and games for children.

Address: Pio Nono 445, Recoleta Parque Metropolitano de Santiago, Santiago 8320000 Chile.

9. Santa Lucia Park’s Watchtower

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Santa Lucia Park’s Watchtower

Santa Lucia Park’s watchtower is located just in the middle of the town. Walks and rocks in this ancient place and popular monuments in Chile. With amazing views of the city, a castle and some forest around. There are many restaurants over there that you definitely need to try. If you are looking for an outdoor activity in Santa Lucia Park’s Watchtower, this park is the place for you. It has beautiful fountains; gardens; special outdoor patios and walking trails. History and nature gather here. The vault of Benjamin Vicuña Mackena, an important politician, lies here, on one of the sides of the hill. Take 2 things into consideration: some places are slippery so don’t wear heels. Always sneakers. It also can get very wet and hot, so only on the top you´ll find one place to buy sodas and water. Consider bringing your own bottle of water.

Address: Rua Santa LĂşcia, Santiago 8320190 Chile.

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10. Neptune Fountain

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Neptune Fountain

Neptune the fountain is an ancient monument in Chile. Indeed, this monument is the most important place to visit the hill. The Neptune fountain sums up what Santiago de Chile located at the entrance giving access to the Alameda, and its many earthquakes, and history with tsunamis. This stunning monument of the Chilean capital is not to be missed recently renovated. This is at the edge of downtown and a wonderful place to overlook the city and enjoy the park. There is no admission fee. The fountain and staircase entrance is quite spectacular. There is a drink called Mote con huesillos which is made of peaches with wheat, and it is a good, cool Chilean drink at the stand at the top of the park you must try. You will see signs for it all over Chile.

Address: Santa LucĂ­a Hill, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

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So far we have discussed the best monuments in Chile, which contains the proper information regarding all the most visited monuments in Chile. I hope you might have loved reading this article and if you love to know more about Chile then kindly head to our other articles as well which will help you to get knowledge about Chile.

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