Most Visited Monuments in Burundi | Famous Monuments in Burundi

In mainland Africa, Burundi may be one of the smallest countries but it packs a lot of stunning nature and monuments into such a small space. The country is divided into 16 provinces, similar area to Maryland each cover an area of just over 28,000 square kilometers; one of the USA’s smallest states. The monuments in Burundi are worth visiting. Apart from it birds and Hippos are the main natural attractions in Burundi. Hopefully, the culture, the nature and the people of the country will not be hit too hard by the political events. Here’s a list of the historical monuments in  Burundi: 

List of Monuments in Burundi

1. Livingstone-Stanley Monument

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At Livingstone-Stanley Monument, discover the meeting place of two celebrated British explorers, Stanley and Livingstone. Dr. Livingstone aimed to find the source of the Nile but lost connection with the outside world for several years. Sir Stanley headed to Africa to find him because he was presumed lost. With their names and the date carved into its surface, a single, giant rock marks the site of their chance encounter. They spent several nights at this spot, sharing thoughts and discussing ideas. This monument in Burundi serves as an ideal vantage point among the picturesque scenery.

2. Eglise Vivante

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We proclaim and put the word of God in action by helping many people to pay their school fees at the Eglise Vivante, by feeding the hungry and helping many others to get medical care. We have a prison ministry, where we visit more than 4000 people: men, women, and children born in prison. When you visit this famous monument in Burundi, keep with yourself food, clothes, and toys for the little children.

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3. Gishora Drum Sanctuary

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The famous drum site of Burundi is Gishora. Gishora is perched on the top of a hill at 7km from the urban center of Gitega and at 200m of the Gitega-Ngozi route. It is now considered one of the best monuments in  Burundi. The drums were the pillar of the political power of the monarchy in Burundi. On special occasions, they were made and beaten by specialized families called ‘Abatimbo’ in important places,  the sowing festival, the funerals of the kings, announcing great events of the country like the royal enthronement and gave the rhythm of regular seasons.

4. Monument de l’ Unite

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Erected to reconcile Burundians after decades of hostilities between the Hutu and Tutsi, the monument of National Unity is a significant symbol. This historical architectural masterpiece and ancient monument in Burundi erected on Mount Vugizo in Bujumburahas a notable inscription which says: Dusenyere Mugozi Umwe Ku, which means “We gather under one rope”. The date of the signature of the pact of national unity is also included. Tourists can move around freely around the monument through the aisles built around it. The strategic location of this landmark also provides a beautiful vista of the north of Lake Tanganyika as well as the entire city of Bujumbura.

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5. Regina Mundi Cathedral 

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Yet clean and spacious religious site in the capital, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Regina Mundi Cathedral is modest. The site showcases a combination of simple and functional architecture, complemented by remarkable stained glass artworks on the windows, as well as a richly decorated altar. When you use our Bujumbura day trip planning tool to plot your vacation a visit to Regina Mundi Cathedral because this monument of  Burundi represents just the start of the adventure.

6. Mausolee du Prince Louis Rwagasore

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As the final resting place of the country’s beloved 20th-century monarch and leader, Mausolee du Prince Louis Rwagasore serves. It is known as one of the old monuments in  Burundi now. For many locals, the prince symbolizes the spirit of fighting for one’s beliefs, crowds of supporters to visit his grave, inscribed in French with a motto that translates as “Unite, Work, Progress.” He formed a new political movement that fought for independence and won the majority of votes in the election held in September 1961. When he was shot dead only two weeks after the election he was forming a new government. Nevertheless, his ideas lived on. 

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So far we have discussed the best monuments in Burundi, which contains the proper information regarding all the top monuments in  Burundi. I hope you might have loved reading this article and if you love to know more about Burundi then kindly head to our other articles as well which will help you to get knowledge about Burundi.

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