Top 10 Things to Buy in Lisbon | What Souvenirs to Buy in Lisbon

Lisbon is a beautiful coastal and hilly city of Portugal that is famous for its colonialist history, ornate architecture and tradition of Fado music. There are a lot of things to buy in Lisbon that not only serve you a nostalgic memory of your trip but infuses in your day-to-day life. There are a lot of organic items that you can buy for very cheaper rates in comparison to other countries where the ‘mere’ remark of ‘organic’ means the product will be extremely expensive. Along with that, I have mentioned the best shops to catch out on the perfect deals of what to buy in Lisbon, Portugal. So follow up this easy list of top 10 popular things to buy in Lisbon that are wonderful, classy, and affordable. 

List of Things to Buy in Lisbon

1. Cork accessories

What to Buy in Lisbon, Things to Buy in Lisbon

Cork accessories

Lisbon is famous for its cork trees that are abundantly grown in southern Algarve regions of the city. Yes, these are the same spongy wood which you usually see in the wine bottle sealers. But here you can have some of the best things to buy in Lisbon, which is made from pure cork and end up with unique waterproof bags, shoes, hats, wallets, and even jewellery. Just look for the authenticity mark that says “Made in Portugal” to avoid landing up with cork lookalike products that are harder than the original cork.

Where to buy: Visit the Pelcor Lisboa Shop in Downtown Baixa district which manufactures all items of cork. 

Or try out Casa de Siberia located at Rua Augusta 254 who specialize in wallets and bags made of cork and leather.

2. Olive oil

What to Buy in Lisbon, Things to Buy in Lisbon

Olive oil

You will not only find abundant Olive oil vegetations in Lisbon, but it’s also the best quality of olives. There are seven popular varieties of olive trees in the city that are grown in six different regions. The gourmet olive oil from Portugal is very tasty and versatile to use for any dish or occasion. These are the best souvenirs to buy in Lisbon that are healthy and useful for any person. You can also get a free sampling of different variants of Olive oil before making a purchase in Lisbon as well. 

Where to buy: Visit Mercado da Baixa at Rua da Assunção, 42, 1º andar Sala 7 Lisbon, Portugal 1100

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3. Port wine

What to Buy in Lisbon, Things to Buy in Lisbon

Port wine

This wine is also known as Vinho do Porto, and it is a variety of vintage wines that are usually paired with desserts. Along with the good quality of olive vegetations, Lisbon is attributed to its excellent grape harvests as well. Therefore a fantastic variety of wines comes out from the organic grapes that count for the famous things to buy in Lisbon. Wines are aged for enhancing the taste and sometimes this aging process can take around 100 years which makes them more expensive than the usual ones. Still, you are allowed for free wine tastings to help you make your purchase better in most of the shops of Lisbon.

Address: Avenida 24 de Julho 1200 – 481 Lisboa, Mercado da Ribeira

4. Ceramics

What to Buy in Lisbon, Things to Buy in Lisbon


Every city has some of its traditional handicrafts that display the core culture and location of the city. Similarly in Lisbon, you’ll find intricately hand-painted ceramics that are finely designed and structured. Even ceramic Tile or “azulejos” are so popular in Lisbon that you will literally see them all over the town over different houses. These tiny glazed tiles when put together provide a very vibrant feel to the entire. With hand-painted ceramic cutleries and other products you are offered I don’t think you have to worry about what to buy in Lisbon, Portugal? that you can freely take back home. 

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5. Leather Shoes and Bags

What to Buy in Lisbon, Things to Buy in Lisbon

Leather Shoes and Bags

Portugal ranks second in Europe in shoe manufacturing. You can find all kinds of shoes with their authentic materials. No more worries about what souvenirs to buy in Lisbon? When you can crack an effective deal of pure authentic leather shoes. In fact, for boot lover girls you will find the best quality and design as their boots have a lacy touch to it( recently came in trend), which may tempt lots of women as it gives the boots a feminine touch.

Where to buy: You can get inexpensive, affordable and good quality of footwear, at Seaside, which has branches all over Portugal.

6. Vintage Toys

What to Buy in Lisbon, Things to Buy in Lisbon

Vintage Toys

Lots of people love to collect vintage items and out of those, toys are the most beloved models they look around. Not only kids but you can contemplate easily what to buy from Lisbon? For all such adults who adore their collection of vintage items. You’ll find models of vintage cars, tramps and other toys in bright vibrant colors intricate mimicked with the real ones. These surely add a nostalgic element to your bag and become the perfect souvenirs to take back home, especially the vibrant Trams with their small little bells.

Where to buy: Visit Antes E Depois in Bairro Alto shop. They sell classic wooden, metal, plastic and even cloth toys and car models.

7. Rooster Souvenir

What to Buy in Lisbon, Things to Buy in Lisbon

Rooster souvenirs

This is a common good luck symbol in Portugal that you’ll find at a lot of destinations or over the shop’s icons. Such items might not provide any useful work but they serve the best mémoire for your trips. Roosters also act as an unofficial symbol of the country. You can get many popular things to buy in Lisbon which are marked with these symbols ranging from pocket mirrors, keychains, pens with rooster heads, fridge magnets, and so on. These popular Rooster products are available all across Portugal, therefore, you might not have to search it at any specific place.

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8. Castelbel Soaps

What to Buy in Lisbon, Things to Buy in Lisbon

Castelbell soaps

Now some beauty time! For all those who love to care for their skin and health and search for top things to buy in Lisbon that can add on in their beauty regimes. Then Castelbel soaps are the perfect product for your use. These luxury soaps are famous even among Hollywood celebrities. This company has been following a 300-year-old tradition of producing the finest triple milled soaps in the world which are handcrafted with exotic fragrances of olive, palm, and coconut oils. The Prices start at 5 Euro and there are categories for men soaps as well so do buy these inexpensive yet very effective beauty soaps.

9. Fado Instruments

What to Buy in Lisbon, Things to Buy in Lisbon

Fado Instruments

Fado is the most local music genre of blues that is still played in Lisbon with the use of a significantly Portuguese style unique pear-shaped guitar having 12-strings. Fado means “destiny” or “fate”. Therefore lots of local songs are an accompaniment of ballads about melancholic tales or poems of passion along with the special guitar. These guitars are also available in music shops of the city and act as famous souvenirs to buy in Lisbon for all the classic music lovers. You can even catch performances at various cafes and restaurants that are usually dominated by women. From fado inspired printed shirts, or some memorabilia pertaining to famous fadistas and their unique brand of music you can get anything related to Fado in Lisbon.

Where to buy: Try out the unique guitar from Vida Portuguesa at Largo do Intendente Pina Manique, 23 1100-285 – Intendente – Lisboa

10. Jams and Honey

What to Buy in Lisbon, Things to Buy in Lisbon

Jams and honey

There are a lot of organic items involved in Lisbon’s culture as the Portuguese always adore hand-made items. You will find traditionally mixed jams made of berries and various other distinct fruits that you might not have tasted before, visit our ‘Best restaurants in Lisbon. Some exotic mixes include African chocolate, Port wine, pumpkin, almond, and muscatel, enticing those who seek after adventurous palettes. These are must-buy things in Lisbon as their affordable rates and fully organic origin makes these confectionaries more delicious and healthy.

Where to buy: Visit Vida Portuguesa in Rua Anchieta 11 1200-023 Chiado Lisboa

I hope you like these top 10 things to buy in Lisbon, Portugal that you can enjoy with your loved ones. Not only the above mentioned top souvenirs to buy in Lisbon are useful but they set the perfect atmosphere among your friends to chill and talk about all your amazing stories back in your journey. You can also lookup to find the above-mentioned things easily with the help of our guide where along with perfect suggestions, the best places to find such things are also mentioned. Follow up our blogs for more engaging blogs like these and don’t forget to comment below.

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