Top 5 Water Parks in Salzburg | Popular Amusement Parks in Salzburg

Salzburg is most visited during its summer months when the weather is suitable to walk around exploring the cities, historic monuments or hike up the Alps. One more thing that you must not miss when you’re in Salzburg is the theme parks. The theme parks in Salzburg are one of the best in the entire world. If you don’t like being out in the sun for too long, then you can visit one of the indoor water parks in Salzburg. Here is one of the amazing water and amusement parks in Salzburg.

List of Water Parks in Salzburg

1. Erlebnis-Therme Amade

popular water parks in Salzburg

Erlebnis-Therme Amade

For relaxing and relieving, especially on a rainy day or after a long day of activity It was really quiet so you will experience everything swimming outside, an aqua aerobics sessions, mineral pools, waves, swirly washing machine pool, the sauna area, and of course doing lengths in the big swimming pool. It is one of the popular water parks in Salzburg.

Address: Obere Marktstrasse 70, Altenmarkt im Pongau 5541 Austria.

Official Website:

2. Wasserwelt Wagrain

popular water parks in Salzburg

Wasserwelt Amade Gmbh

With the Salzburger Card, 3 hours free of charge in Wasserwelt Wagrain and you can use them on multiple occasions. Having a few hours in warm water 28-30 degrees after a short day skiing, it is just what you need.  You get used to it but personally would have preferred to have it a few degrees higher. It is one of the best water parks in Salzburg.  The views from the outside pool are just amazing; it is just great when you are watching the Wagrain Link connecting the mountains. If you go to Wagrain and want to relax a few hours, take a few hours at the Wasserwelt Wagrain while having a break from skiing or wandering.

Address: Joseph Mohr-Weg 5, Wagrain 5602 Austria

3. Wild & Adventure Park Ferleiten

popular water parks in Salzburg

Wild and Adventure Park

From the outside to inside, it looked a bit tacky. With nice views of the iconic brown bear, the wolf and the lynx plus there were good enclosures all the local deers and wild goats etc. The scenery was stunning as this amusement park in Salzburg is just before the entrance to the Grossglockner Toll Road.

Address: Taxenbacher Fusch 96, Ferleiten 5672 Austria

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4. Freibad Leopoldskron

popular water parks in Salzburg

Freibad Leopoldskron

Lovingly called Lepi by Salzburgers, it has got a Fantastic outdoor swimming pool and is one of the best water theme parks in Salzburg. Including an almost 70 m long waterslide, there are five pools and very nice facilities. Thanks to the nice grassy meadows you can always find a spot for yourself and the complex is among the largest in Austria. With not less than three pools for children, Leopoldskron is fantastic for children. With a depth of 20 cm. Including a small creek with sun protection. One for the smallest and one with 30 cm depth. You would also get here bigger with a “learn to swim” area where the water depth goes from 0 to 60 cm. There is a 50m Olympic pool for adults.

Address: Leopoldskronstrasse 50, Salzburg 5020 Austria

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5. Kletterpark Waldbad Anif

Amusement Parks in Salzburg

kletterpark Waldbad Anif

To visit the climbing-park in Anif, it was a nice experience.  Starting one for children up to experienced adults, there are some kinds of degrees of difficulty.  Across a little lake, there is a flying fox to swim in a lovely clear lake. For lounging on, get a nice restaurant area and wooden decking.  From Salzburg center got there via bike, didn’t take too long and there’s a good cycle path. It is a great place and one of the best water amusement parks in Salzburg.

Address: Waldbadstrasse, Anif 5081 Austria

Official Website:

So far we have discussed the water amusement parks in Salzburg. If you are planning your trip to Salzburg then kindly go through our other articles as well which will be quite beneficial for you.

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