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There are many monuments in Bolivia, like the most famous Bolivian Cultural Places, and Landmarks. We’re constantly expanding this list of important monuments in Bolivia and you can view the current selection below. We may not cover them all but our database of ancient monuments in Bolivia is growing all the time. So, if you know of other about historic monuments in Bolivia, see below a complete list of that 

Monuments List of Bolivia 

1. San Lorenzo Cathedral

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The Minor Basilica of San Lorenzo is the full name of the San Lorenzo Cathedral. It is the cathedral located in the constitutional capital of Bolivia. During the times of the Spanish Viceroy Toledo, it was built by Fray Diego de Porres. By Bishop Ramon de Grassy, It was rebuilt in 1770 and the old church was replaced by a new eclectic style church during the time of Marshal Andrés de Santa Cruz (1838). By French architect Philippe Besties, this monument in Bolivia was designed. The most important things are its wooden vaults in the cathedral and the painted decoration over them.

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2. Colossal

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Representing Christ in the world, the Cristo de la Concordia is the largest sculpture. The Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro even surpasses. This monument of Bolivia was sculpted by Cesar Terrazas Pardo. So-called Cerro de San Pedro, this colossal two thousand ton statue is located on it, which is accessible by stairs or by cable car. A beautiful view of the valley of Cochabamba from the top


3. Fort Samaipata

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Located 3 kilometers from Samaipata, the Fuerte de Samaipata is an archaeological site is situated at an altitude of 1,950 meters above sea level.¬† In 1998, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and believed to be the work of the Guarani culture. As it is on the top of a hill, it is popularly called ‚ÄúThe Fort‚ÄĚ. Apparently its position also allowed it to have an astronomical use and it was a ceremonial center. This historical monument in Bolivia was occupied by the Inca after the Guarani times vat the time of their maximum expansion.¬†

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4. Monumento a Las Heroínas de la Coronilla

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This monument is a tribute to the feminist movement that was created in honor of Manuela Gandarillas, In 1812, an old blind woman who led a group of other young, old, and brave women into battle. It is one of the best monuments in Bolivia. For independence, these women armed and fought in one of the bloodiest battles in the history of Bolivia. You have a good view of the city from the hill


5. Jesuit Missions

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Founded in 1755, Santa Ana was the last mission built in Chiquitanía, just 12 years before the expulsion of the Jesuits. The church was completed by the indigenous population when they left. Therefore,  it has a country look, small, sober, surrounded by simple houses. This Bolivian monument retains its original appearance and was renovated in the 90s. There is still an organ from the Jesuit period n the part of the church for the choir which was restored in 2000.

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6. Concepcion Jesuit Mission of Concepcion

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By Spanish Jesuit Father, P. Lucas Caballero the Concepción Mission was founded between 1708-1709. There used to be two managers one was in charge of the organization of work another was in charge of religion and music. Fully restored in the late 80s, this is one of the most beautiful temples and famous monuments in Bolivia. Inside you can see the extraordinary carved wood, Its style is Baroque and made by artisans from the community, and work in gold leaf


7. Museo Casona Santiva√Īez¬† ¬†

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Due to its constant evolution through various owners over the years, La Casona Santivez is an eclectic mix of different styles.  In both the colonial and republican periods, this large house and one of the ancient monuments in Bolivia has always been important, and in October and November 2006 was most recently renovated.

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8. The Inca Stair

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By the Incas in the Sun Island, the Inca staircase was built, an island on Lake Titicaca accessible by ferry from Copacabana. The stairs of this beautiful monument in Bolivia also lead to the ferry. The steps are a bit stiff, but you definitely like the view of the lake there


9. Casa Verde  

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Especially if you don’t feel like paying for a guided tour of the mining areas, a greenhouse located on the hill. you can walk there. With tourists, who want to visit the mines without paying for a proper tour, this top monument in Bolivia was created to try to curb problems and contribute to the black market economy. The miners are not qualified guides, be careful if you plan on doing this, and things can get dangerous.

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10. Obelisk  

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In the center of the city, the obelisk of Potos is a huge pillar that stands majestically. A sign announces that Potos wants to be the world capital of human dignity at the base. Now it has become and counted in one of the popular monuments in Bolivia. A statue can be seen here, too, and a plaque dedicated to peace of a dove at the foot of a warrior woman, guardian of justice 

11. Vice Presidencia de la Rep√ļblica¬†

best monuments in Bolivia, top monuments in Bolivia, popular monuments in Bolivia 

With a dome on the corner of the building, the Vice Presidencia de la Rep√ļblica built-in 1926 in the classic French style.¬† Next to the church of San Augustine, it is located in the historic center of the city. You can see the flag of al the community Andes shown next to that of Bolivia, at the front of the building.¬† It is one of the monuments to visit in Bolivia. Communities were given the opportunity to be represented in addition to the national flag indeed in recent years in the Andean countries


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