Hong Kong’s awe-inspiring floating hotel sinks in the South China Sea

Synopsis: The famous floating hotel and restaurant of Hong Kong sink after facing unfavorable conditions In the South China Sea. This hotel once was once home to many renowned celebrities. Recently after encountering bad weather in the sea it sank near the Paracel Islands.  

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Jumbo Floating Restaurant of Hong Kong recently capsized in the South China Sea after the parent company Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises decided to donate it for free. This giant floating restaurant was established in 1976 and after serving celebrities, for more than four decades it has been closed in march 2020. 

This floating hotel looks like a royal Chinese palace and various Global personalities including Tom Cruise and Queen Elizabeth Second have dined here. It was also home to some renowned celebrities like David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and Kate Moss.

The Restaurant was built at the height of the hippy era in the 1960s and was frequented heavily by musicians and artists who were in search of serenity. But since its opening, the Restaurant had been plagued by financial troubles and it eventually became uninhabitable.

When the hotel first opened, it was supposed to be temporary. However, the idea proved too successful and the owners decided to make it a permanent fixture. There were plans to build apartments on top of the hotel, but the government stopped them. 

Recently, the parent company, Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises decided to donate the floating restaurant for free after noticing that parties are citing high operating costs. The company had decided to tow away this restaurant to somewhere else and had made all preparations to tow it.

Multiple Marine engineers had been hired for inspection of this floating restaurant. They installed hoardings on the vessel and had provided all the relevant approvals to the ship for being towed away. 

It was towed out of Hong Kong on 14 June 2022 from the shore and was in the South China Sea somewhere near the Paracel Islands when it capsized in the sea on 19 June 2022 due to adverse weather conditions. However, no casualties have been reported so far as no humans were there in the restaurant when it was towed away from Hong Kong. It capsized 3,300 ft deep in the sea and now it will be remembered as a Ghost Town.

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