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Vietnam is located on the Indochina Peninsula, in Southeast Asia. Vietnam shares its border with China, Cambodia Laos, and the South China Sea. It is a vibrant country having a rich history, Vietnam is also known for its breathtaking beauty. A trip to Vietnam would not be complete without visiting historic sites which reflect a dark side of the country heavily affected by war for centuries. This Vietnam Monuments list picks up the 12 best places of historical interest to visit around Vietnam, from the rudimentary hand-dug tunnels to a brutal prison complex where thousands of Vietnamese people died.

List of Historical Sites in Vietnam

1. Con Dao Prison Complex

Historical monuments in Vietnam, Vietnam monuments

Horrific memories still cast a forbidding shadow over this quiet town when 42 years since the prisons of Con Dao were shut down, Known as “the true hell on earth,” this used to be home to tens of thousands of Vietnamese prisoners who suffered and died at the hands of French colonials. It is a famous Monuments of Vietnam. The US-backed South Vietnamese government between 1863 and 1975, at first and later. Contorted and Fettered and mannequins bring the bone-chilling experience to reality.

2. Statue Of Golden Buddha

Historical monuments in Vietnam, Vietnam monuments

Statue Of Golden Buddha is an immense 79 ft tall image depicting the Enlightened One sitting in the lotus position, attracting pilgrims and tourists from afar.  It is a meditative pose originating in India. You can walk through the surrounding gardens and see the praying area adorned with other meditating Buddha statues while visiting, read about the Famous Monuments in Indonesia. Work out when and for how long to visit Statue Of Golden Buddha and other Da Lat attractions.

3. Hoa Lo Prison

Historical monuments in Vietnam, Vietnam monuments

Hanoi is mostly rather propagandist and perhaps superficial, while historical museums in Hoa Lo Prison can be a good fit to catch up on the city’s back story. It offers a real sense of the past. Head to the gloomy rooms to see erstwhile prison cells which witnessed the incarceration of the US pilots, despite many modern restorations. Senator John McCain and more important.  Barbarity and the ghastliness that many Vietnamese nationalist leaders and revolutionaries suffered during the French colony.Hoa Lo Prison is a popular monument in Vietnam.

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4. President ho Chi Minh Statue

Historical monuments in Vietnam, Vietnam monuments

Ho Chi Minh was a Vietnamese leader who fended off the US invasion and put the divided country back together.  President ho Chi Minh Statue, a very popular place for photography. Standing 23.62 ft tall on a square in front of the French colonial-style building, the statue shows the leader greeting visitors with his right arm gently raised. This statue is the most visited monuments in Vietnam. Inaugurated in 2015 to mark the former leader’s 125th anniversary, which replaced a former statue of him standing with a girl, this 14.7 ft tall bronze statue stands on an 8.8 ft tall black stone platform making a prominent landmark set in a well-maintained public garden.

5. Khai Dinh Tomb

Historical monuments in Vietnam, Vietnam monuments

Among plenty of royal tombs in Hu, Vietnam’s former capital, Khai Dinh’s tomb sets itself apart from other Nguyen Dynasty tombs with an appealing fusion of Asian and European touches, read about the Famous Monuments in South Africa. The tomb is more like a monument of his excessive wealth which stayed true to his reputation as a puppet of the French colonial government, constructed over 11 years. It is the most famous historical site in Vietnam.

6. Cu Chi Tunnels

Historical monuments in Vietnam, Vietnam monuments

Cu Chi Tunnels is a complex network of underground tunnels. During the French colonial period, firstly built in the late 1940s.  Later was expanded in the early 1960s when the US escalated its military presence in South Vietnam to support a non-Communist regime. To understand the tunnel’s significant role in the country’s war history, you must visit it.

7. My Son Cham Ruins

Historical monuments in Vietnam, Vietnam monuments

My Son sanctuary, historical cities in Vietnam is Vietnam’s most extensive Cham ruins once served as the political and religious center of the kingdom of Champa for centuries. The fact that it is constantly compared with Angkor Wat of the Khmer kingdom may cause a misleading impression of the natural beauty of My Son Cham ruins. The temples were discovered by French archaeologists in the late 19th century but later suffered from heavy destruction from the US bombs.

8. Venerable Thich Quang Duc Monument

Historical monuments in Vietnam, Vietnam monuments

Buddhist Monk who self-immolated,  the Venerable Thich Quang Duc Monument honors them.  At this site to protest the prosecution of his co-religionists also,  visit these Famous Monuments in Germany. Erected in 2010, the memorial depicts the monk in a peaceful sitting position, wreathed in flames. You can plan the Venerable Thich Quang Duc Monument if you are interested in Buddhist culture in Ho Chi Minh City counted as historical cities in Vietnam.

9. War Remnants Museum

Historical monuments in Vietnam, Vietnam monuments

It would be recorded as a crime if you travel to Vietnam without visiting the War Remnants Museum. Vietnam war monuments also can be found here in this Museum.  It was formerly known as the Chinese and American War Crimes. It still reflects important stories about the gruesome effects of war on the country, some of which came from US sources, despite being heavily packed with one-sided information.

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10. Lenin Statue

Historical monuments in Vietnam, Vietnam monuments

If you want to learn about Bolshevik history, visit Lenin Statue  Erected in 1980, the stone sculpture honors the Russian politician Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov better known to the world as Lenin. It is the most visited historical places in Vietnam. See the gift of the USSR to Vietnam and learn what hides behind the stone-cold face of a revolutionary. Take a break at the park surrounding the statue and observe the locals having fun next to a statue of a man who changed the course of history. Tourists who want to make trips to the Lenin Statue and other attractions mapped out and timetabled.

11. Tomb of Le Van Duyet

Historical monuments in Vietnam, Vietnam monuments

Tomb of Le Van Duyet, top monuments in Vietnam pays homage to one of the country’s most respected military heroes and the burial place of a South Vietnamese general and his wife. Displayed are his personal effects, including a stuffed tiger, life-size horse statues, and crystal goblets. Before you head to Ho Chi Minh City, you must check out Tomb of Le Van Duyet.

12. Cannon Fort

Historical monuments in Vietnam, Vietnam monuments

Cannon Fort was first installed by the Japanese in Cat Ba and consider in top historical monuments in Vietnam. its military outpost during World War II, and later used by the French during the Indochina War and finally the Communist force during the Vietnam War to defend the city of Haiphong. The underground trenches and tunnels are well worth a visit not only because of its crucial role in the country’s war victory but also because of its amazing panoramic views overlooking the Cat Ba Island’s hill and sea landscape.

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