A Keralan couple traveled 8236 kilometers on foot to complete their Kanyakumari-Kashmir-Kanyakumari Journey.

Synopsis: Meet the husband and wife team of Benny Kottarathil (age 53) and Molly Benny (age 46), who recently finished a very remarkable and daring walking journey. The pair left on their walking excursion from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and back on December 1, 2021, and they returned on July 3, 2022. 

Keralan couple traveled 8236 kilometers,Keralan Couple traveled from Kanyakumari to Kashmir

Meet Benny Kottarathil (age 53) and Molly Benny (age 46), a husband and wife pair who recently completed an amazing and risky walking adventure. The pair set off on their On journey on December 1, 2021, and returned on July 3, 2022. During their 8236 km journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and back, the couple crossed 17 states and spent seven months and three days.

They posted videos of their entire journey on their Youtube page, where Benny stated that the major goals of their expedition were to encourage walking and to maintain good health. Additionally, they wanted to let childless couples know that traveling together might help them experience a fresh feeling of epiphany.

Benny, the husband stated that the vacation together has made their relationships stronger and gives more closeness and meaning to the relationship.

What motivates them to embark on this journey?

The COVID-19 outbreak cost the pair their jobs after serving 15 years as teachers in Andhra Pradesh. They had to return to Kerala’s Kottayam, where they were born and raised. Benny was forced to work as a security guard in a hospital after failing to find a suitable position.

He witnessed several young people die suddenly due to heart problems. He also observed that lack of exercise and poor health were the major factors in many deaths. Benny was so motivated by this and he planned to raise awareness about this problem throughout the nation.

Benny embarked on his first cycling excursion in November 2019, when he was 51 years old. He rode from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and back and dubbed his journey K2K. He successfully completed the tour in 58 days during which he passed through 13 states. Benny started his second journey in July 2021, covering Bhutan, India, and Nepal.

Main challenges he faced: 

The couple couldn’t afford to pay for their adventure, so they had to borrow money from friends and put their gold on a mortgage. They encountered many issues throughout their difficult voyage. The couple overcame all obstacles to reach their goal, including harsh weather, financial challenges, sleeping in temples, and setting up camp in cemeteries.

The two only brought a tent, a few essential medicines, water bottles, and the bare necessities of clothes. To navigate, they had nothing more than their smartphones and battery banks. Finally, the duo thanked their courage and passion for travel that allow them to accomplish the impossible journey..

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