Covid-19 breakout in China has made things worst for tourists

Synopsis: Recent covid cases in Hainan island in China have stranded thousands of tourists making it difficult for them to return to their homes. The sudden lockdown was imposed on the island and mass testing, quarantine, and extensive contact tracing are taking place. 

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Hainan island is popularly known as Hawaii of China where thousands of tourists visit to experience the bright sunshine, warm sand, and cool breeze. Hainan is one of the famous beaches to travel in China and hence Covid-19 outbreak was the big blow for thousands of tourists in Hainan. 

The beginning of this weekend which started off as a fun and exciting destination in China, later became the struggle for the tourists because of the sudden surge in Covid-19. For Upper and middle class Chinese, Hainan island is like a gateway for a hot and springy vacation. 

It is reported that, around 1200 got infected with Omicron subvariant in Sanya since the start of this month. Not only in Sanya, the infection has spread to a dozen of different countries and cities Hainan island which has infected more than 200 people. 

The Chinese government taken a necessary steps to curb down the infectious people in Hainan. The zero Covid-19 policy which include mass testing, quarantine, and medical treatment has started by the local authorities. 

The Sanya government also taken a quick action and lock down the city containing million of population including around 80,000 tourists. This created ruckus among the visitors and many people panicked. Visitors must show their Covid negative certificate before leaving the city. The ongoing Coronavirus breakout in China in 2022 dismantled the countries medical system.    

More than 85% of flights leaving the city Sanya, China were cancelled after this new outbreak of Covid-19 in August 2022. Trains were also canceled and a temporarily the city has been shut down completely in order to curb the virus. 

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