Route Guide to Reach Taj Mahal | How to Reach Taj Mahal, India

Agra is a beautiful city that is filled with the scenic architecture and adorable legacy of Mughals and their surreal monuments. Out of those, a monument that holds the crown of being a World Heritage Site even after a legit cemetery which was constructed in the longing of a heartfelt King remembering his belated wife. The Taj Mahal is surely an epitome of love when it comes to visiting any romantic destination in India. But figuring out baffling routes to reach the Taj Mahal over the Indian lanes which are already stormed with endless traffic and Traffic rule violations all across the city. It is a troubling task, therefore, I have curated a list of top 4 destination spots where major tourist land from foreign countries. From these spots like Agra Cantt Railway Station to the Taj Mahal, you get full-fledged route guides of different transfers available along with their respective costs and duration of time they are taking. For any further queries mentioned in the comment section below.

List of Routes to Reach Taj Mahal

1. Agra Cantt Railway Station-Taj Mahal

Route Guide to Reach Taj Mahal

Agra Cantt Railway Station-Taj Mahal

Agra Cantonment railway station or Agra Cantt is the main railway station in the Indian city of Agra with Station code AGC. The distance between Agra Cantt Railway Station and Taj Mahal is 12 Km. 

There are 2 major ways to cover the journey between Agra Cantt Railway station to the Taj Mahal. 

Train Transfer: Catch a train from Agra Cantt station which goes to another local station named- Mathura Junction. This will take about 40 minutes. Some nice and hygienic trains running from Agra Cantt station to Mathura Junction are NDLS Shatabdi, Palwal, and old Delhi passenger train(Be aware! passenger trains won’t be that clean!). Don’t worry the trains run regularly so you won’t miss your rides to reach your destination, and explore the Indian epitome of Love and sacrifice- The Taj Mahal under your scheduled time.

Duration: 40 minutes approx.

Cost: 80 – ₹ 95

Taxi Transfer: Usually, umpteen number of taxi drivers stand outside the station to fill their taxis and pockets with foreign money. Hence, it won’t be a problematic task to find these drivers. In fact, they are more euphoric to take a foreigner as their passengers sometimes tourists book them for their whole exploration of the city which proves to ve a profitable deal for such drivers. It takes about 9 min from the Agra Cantt station to the Taj Mahal via Taxi. Some of the famous private taxi providing firms in India are Taxi on Hire Agra, Maharaja Cab, and Agra on wheels. 

Duration: 9 minutes approx.

Cost: ₹160-200 INR

2. Agra Airport-Taj Mahal

Route Guide to Reach Taj Mahal

Agra Airport-Taj Mahal

There are no accommodations of any metro or train arrangements hence only 2 major transfers are possible between Agra Airport and Taj Mahal. The distance between Agra Airport to Taj Mahal is around 10.3 km which signifies that if, somehow you have your own vehicle or your friend’s car you can easily reach the Taj Mahal without any expense from the Airport in the least amount of time. If not! Then generally there’s a private taxi transfer which you can either take from the Airport whence you reach or book them online. Some of the famous private taxi providing firms in India are Taxi on Hire Agra, Maharaja Cab, and Agra on wheels.

Taxi Transfer: You pick up the taxi from the Airport terminal or just visit the sites of these private taxi services and book online. Be aware of the ‘taxi thugs’ as watching a foreign traveller triggers their malicious minds to ask for the unnecessarily high price. But make sure you know the average price(as I’ve mentioned below) and don’t exceed the amount while traveling from Agra Airport to the Taj Mahal.

Duration: 14 minutes

Cost: Avg ₹230-₹280(don’t exceed this limit)

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3. Gurgaon-Taj Mahal

Route Guide to Reach Taj Mahal

Gurgaon-Taj Mahal

Gurgaon comes in the NCR(National Capital Region) Zone of New Delhi and it’s substantially an industrial region of Delhi, therefore, finding various routes to reach Taj Mahal will be diverse from here.

Majorly there are 3 main ways but you can combine two routes (bus and train) to reach the destination faster as well.

Train Transfer: Since Gurgaon doesn’t have its own railway station therefore initially you have to reach the New Delhi railways station by taking the orange line Airport Express metro from Dwarka Sector 21 which will lead you to New Delhi station after 30 min of travel. From New Delhi railway station (NDLS station) change the transfer to an inter-district train.

Take the Ticket of Agra Cantt railway stations from the ticket counter in NDLS station in the recommended trains I’ve mentioned before. (in Agra Cantt Railway station-Taj Mahal heading) This will take around 2 hours of travel. From Agra Cantt Railway you can follow the same route of hiring a taxi as I have mentioned before(in Agra Cantt Railway station-Taj Mahal)

Hence, to take all these transits from Gurgaon to Taj Mahal costs you around 400 bucks which is much cheaper than any other route.

Duration: Gurgaon->Via Metro->New Delhi Railway Station: 40 min

New Delhi Railway Station->Via Train->Agra Cantt Railway Station->Via Taxi->Taj Mahal: 2 hours

Total Time: 2 hours 40 min

Cost: ₹19-₹60(Metro fare only)

₹130-₹150(Train Fare)

₹160-₹200(Taxi Fare)

Total Cost: ₹410 approx

4. Delhi Airport-Taj Mahal

Route Guide to Reach Taj Mahal

Delhi Airport-Taj Mahal

Delhi Airport is the busiest Port in India hence make sure you don’t lose your belongings under the hustle to catch the transfers. Ease out! here I am going to mention the least time taking transfer which can take you to Taj Mahal.

There are 3 major ways to reach the Taj Mahal from Delhi Airport. 

(I have not included the Bus Transfer as it takes around 7 hours to reach your destination which is too much time on a stake)

Flight+Train Transfer: Don’t check out from the New Delhi Airport and book another domestic flight to Gwalior, a city in another state of Madhya Pradesh. The flight will take at least 55 min costing you around 6000-10000INR. It’s the best and least time-consuming route for travel between New Delhi Airport to Taj Mahal.

From Gwalior Airport book a taxi to reach the Gwalior Railway station. 

Gwalior Junction is only around 118km away from Agra Cantt Railway Station. Therefore, taking a transit train from here will reduce your travel time a lot. The train recommended to catch from Gwalior Junction to Agra Cantt is NDLS Shatabdi, JHANSI – AGRA CANTT Passenger, Utkal Express. After reaching the Agra Cantt you can follow the same route guide mentioned above in ‘Agra Cantt Railway station-Taj Mahal’.

Duration: New Delhi->Via Flight->Gwalior: 55 min

Gwalior->Via Taxi->Gwalior Railway station->Via Train->Agra Cantt Railway Station: 1 hour 40 min

Total Time: 2 hours 40 min approx.

Cost: ₹ 6,000 – ₹ 10,000(Flight Fare)

₹ 230 – ₹ 280(Gwalior Taxi)

₹ 105 – ₹ 120(Train Fare)

₹160-₹200(Agra Taxi Fare)

Total Cost: ₹6695-₹6600

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Train Transfer: Reach the New Delhi Railway station from the Airport by taking the direct Airport Express orange line metro. This will take around 20 min. The metro leaves every 15 min so don’t worry if you missed one metro as there is sometimes heavy traffic of people taking the metro. So wait for some minutes until the next will come again! After reaching New Delhi Railway Station get any passenger or intercity train which has a stop at Agra Cantt Railway station(recommended train: NDLS Shatabdi Express). Coming at Agra Cantt Station you can follow the same route guide of ‘Agra Agra Cantt Railway Station-Taj Mahal’.

Duration: 3 hours 2 min

Cost: ₹308-₹410

Taxi Transfer: The driving distance between Delhi Airport To Taj Mahal is around 225.3 km. Even though booking a taxi is the most expensive out of all the transfers, most of the tourists love to go by the roads to explore the road life and street foods of the city. Hence for such people, I recommend booking a taxi online. Some of the reputed private taxi booking websites are: South Delhi Taxi Rental, Pal Car Rental Services, Kumar Tourist Taxi Services

Duration: 2 hours 48 min

Cost: ₹4100-₹5000

Hope you received a brief and easy idea about the various cheapest routes to reach the Taj Mahal in India and the added duration and cost information might have helped you, to manage your schedules and budget according to your trips. There are more engaging and helpful blogs that can help you out with a lot of on-ground basic problems so visit our website or download our Adequate Travel app to win exciting offers over various trips and tour packages that will make your journey more efficient and pocket friendly. 

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