Top 10 Caribbean Islands to Visit | Best Islands in Caribbean

Featuring more than 700 splendid islands, ravishing reefs, and spectacular cays, Caribbean is a dream of every beach lover across the globe. Lined with the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea, it features a long list of travel-worthy destinations to woo its visitors. But with around one million square miles of extension, the Caribbean archipelago encompasses around 13 sovereign island nations and 12 dependent territories to explore. Isn’t it too much to explore in just one visit? Well, lemme notch it down to the 10 top islands to visit in Caribbean. How about this? Sounds fabulous right! I’ve also added some of the must-try adventures with popular places to visit in the Caribbean for more ease. Ready to dive? Let’s goooo!

List of 10 Thriller Islands in the Caribbean to Visit:

1. Puerto Rico

 top Caribbean island to visit ,best Caribbean Islands to visit ,Best Islands in Caribbean

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s travel fame sky-rocketed when a singer hailing from this very island slammed the music charts with a major hit song- Despacito. The lyrics even included lines like “We’re gonna do it on a beach in Puerto Rico… Despacito!” You are already swirling your belly huh? Well, this popular Caribbean Island to visit has got its moves!

Just like the relaxing feel of this platinum hit, it offers fabulous chilling adventures throughout the year. You can hike in El Yunque National Forest, or take a tropical rainforest tour in the U.S. national forest system, to explore a collection of 150 native fern species inhabiting this region.

Whereas, the brightest of Puerto Rico’s three bioluminescent bays- Mosquito Bay is also a popular place to spend some romantic time with your beloved.

Must-Try Adventures: 

  • Hike in  El Yunque National Forest,
  • Spot animals like coquí tree frog on a tropical rainforest tour,
  • Visit Old San Juan(the oldest city in the Western hemisphere), 
  • Try a rum-based cocktail.

2. Barbados

 top Caribbean island to visit ,best Caribbean Islands to visit ,Best Islands in Caribbean


Barbados is a fabulous island nestled in the West Indies. Infused with great history & natural diversity it is one of the best Caribbean islands to visit for families. Ranging from exotic history exploration tours of Bridgetown to snorkeling adventures, it has offerings to mesmerize all kinds of traveler. 

Calabaza Sailing Cruises and Tapestry Restaurant at Treasure Beach are some of the popular landmarks of this island to chill out with your loved ones. 

This island also features more than 15,000 rum shops along with possessing one of the oldest rum distilleries in the world. Drinkers! that’s your chance to try the classics!

Must-Try Adventures: 

  • Snorkeling & surfing at Bathsheba Beach,
  • Try out the absolute rum from Mount Gay Rum,
  • Walking tour of Bridgetown

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3. St. Kitts

 top Caribbean island to visit ,best Caribbean Islands to visit ,Best Islands in Caribbean

St Kitts

St. Kitts is a famous eastern Caribbean island to visit for vacations. Known for its historical attractions, exciting adventures, and intoxicating beach bars, this is a perfect place to enjoy amidst the Caribbean wonders. 

A dormant volcanic peak of Mt. Liamuiga settled at 3,800 feet above sea level, offers ravishing views of St. Maarten and Saba that any hiker mustn’t miss. Hardcore adventure geeks can also try the Snorkelling trips of the Coconut Tree Reef. 

Whereas, a 45-minute ferry ride to Nevis( a sister island) featuring 3,232-foot Nevis Peak, Source Trail hiking tours through a mystic cloud forest & Oualie Beach is also a fulfilling adventure.

Must-Try Adventures:  

  • Try hiking at Mt. Liamuiga
  • Explore the 18th-century Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park
  • Hiking in the cloud forests of Nevis.

4. St. Croix

 top Caribbean island to visit ,best Caribbean Islands to visit ,Best Islands in Caribbean

St Croix

St. Croix is a well-known US Virginia island that offers a top-notch culinary experience of the Caribbean Sea. Located just 40 miles east of Puerto Rico, this American territory is a must-try landmark to explore. 

A surreal mix of rum cocktails and local delights involving blackened fishes represent a  unique journey of St. Croix’s diverse culture & magnificent history. 

Some of the best hiking joints of this top Caribbean island to visit include Jack and Isaac Bay Preserve, housing around 400 species of fish and endangered hawksbill turtles.

Must-Try Adventures: 

  • Hiking expedition of Jack and Isaac Bay Preserve,
  • Try local dishes including blackened fish.
  • Visit  Buck Island Reef National Monument.

5. Virgin Gorda

 top Caribbean island to visit ,best Caribbean Islands to visit ,Best Islands in Caribbean

Virgin Gorda

If your priorities list travel safety as one of the top necessities, then Virgin Gorda is the safest Caribbean Island to visit this summer. It is highly dotted amongst travelers due to its exotic Spanish Towns and natural wonders of the Baths. 

Elegantly adorned with granite boulders, tidal pools, and grottos, the Baths are perfect for snorkeling & swimming adventures in Virgin Gorda. 

Whereas, Hikers can satiate their travel fetishes through the exhilarating tour of Gorda Peak. It is one of the highest points on the island offering astounding views of the Caribbean Sea.

Must-Try Adventures: 

  • Explore the stone ruins of a copper mine.
  • Snorkeling & Swimming in the iconic Baths of Virgin Gorda
  • Hiking in Goda Peak.

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6. Aruba

 top Caribbean island to visit ,best Caribbean Islands to visit ,Best Islands in Caribbean


Aruba is a part of the famed ABC island (abbreviated nickname for Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao) group encompassed in the Leeward Antilles of the Caribbean Sea.  It is usually admired amongst wildlife enthusiasts for possessing a large population of enchanting flamingos. 

Serene desert landscapes, limestone cave systems, and a natural tide pool mark it as one of the best Caribbean Islands to visit in February.

To explore some of the popular hotspots for surfing in Aruba you can visit Hadicurari and Dos Playa beaches of Aruba island.

Must-Try Adventures: 

  • Visit Arikok National Park,
  • Surfing at Hadicurari and Dos Playa beach,
  • Try water sports at Palm Beach and Eagle Beach

7. Curaçao

 top Caribbean island to visit ,best Caribbean Islands to visit ,Best Islands in Caribbean


If you’ve noticed it is the “C” in “ABC islands. An enchanting view from Queen Emma Bridge in Curacao features astounding architectures involving french-styled buildings with classic outdoor cafes. Altogether it mimics a view from the iconic Amsterdam skyline.  

With a collection of 35 spectacular beaches, you can enjoy all kinds of exciting activities. Whether it’s an undying urge to attend wild parties or just a nice simple sunny soak up over the golden sand beaches, everyone can find their favorite fit. 

Adventure lovers can try swimming with sea turtles at Playa Piskado along with other water sports offered here.

Must-Try Adventures:  

  • Attend wild parties at Jan Thiel, 
  • Try underwater diving at Playa Kenepa Grandi & Playa Piskado,
  • Evening stroll at Queen Emma Bridge.

8. Jamaica

 top Caribbean island to visit ,best Caribbean Islands to visit ,Best Islands in Caribbean


Jamaica is one of the top-most travel-worthy Caribbean islands to visit in the Greater Antilles region. Its magical coarse white sand beaches infused with live reggae, jerk cuisine, and plenty of green palm trees completely justify its high-end demand amongst travelers. 

You can explore Montego Bay for dwelling deeper into its historical past. It is also regarded as the capital of St. James Parish. 

Don’t forget to try some Jamaican rum if you love trying exploring new flavors in your classic drinks. 

Must-Try Adventures: 

  • Historical trips of Montego Bay,
  • Witness the exotic Dunn’s river waterfall,
  • Try out the authentic Jamaican cuisine

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9. The Dominican Republic

 top Caribbean island to visit ,best Caribbean Islands to visit ,Best Islands in Caribbean

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the second-largest country in the Caribbean.  Encompassing a diverse population of beautiful cultures & unique history, there is no shortage of fabulous cultural attractions to explore in the Dominican Republic. 

It is one of the top islands to visit in the Caribbean for those travelers who love demystifying the secrets of history. A 16th-century, UNESCO World Heritage Site Ciudad Colonial (Colonial City) is a must-visit for this island. 

Apart from historic expeditions you can also visit famous national botanic gardens, buy ethnic handicrafts while swirling over the tunes of merengue and bachata in their local markets.

Must-Try Adventures: 

  • Hiking in Pico Duarte, (the highest mountain in the Caribbean)
  • Exotic tour of Chocal( a women-run cacao plantation in Palmar Grande),
  • Visit Cotubanama National Park.

10. Anguilla

 top Caribbean island to visit ,best Caribbean Islands to visit ,Best Islands in Caribbean


Anguilla is a surreal island settled in the Lesser Antilles. Within an extension of just 16 miles, it boasts 33 fantastic beaches for travelers to explore, all free of cost. For those seeking a budget-friendly Caribbean Island to visit this summer, it is the perfect choice for exploration. 

Flaunting its pinkish-white sand, turquoise glistening water, and euphoric snorkeling trips, Anguilla is the best island for holiday retreats.

Those who wish to enjoy some intoxicating rum punch and live music with their buddies can head towards Dune Preserve in Anguilla island.

Must-Try Adventures: 

  • Visit Meads Bay to enjoy resorts & luxurious sports.
  • Explore the rugged cliff of Little Bay Beach,
  • Visit Dune Preserve to attend live concerts.

Hope you enjoyed the aforementioned list of the 10 best Caribbean islands to visit in 2022. They will definitely add an exclusive splash of fun to your travel plans this year. All of them are full of unending beauty & adrenaline-spiking adventures. You can get more insights through the famous places & their must-try adventures highlighted in the top Caribbean islands above. Tell us in the comment section below which one was your favorite & share it with your friends who are dying to find the best islands to visit in the Caribbean. Till then Adios Amigos!

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