Best Beaches in Tokyo Japan | Famous Beaches Near Tokyo 

Tokyo doesn’t have many beaches of its own but some of the man-made approaches in the Central region of Tokyo, Japan to own some popular beaches in Tokyo have established some great artificial shores which are well accommodated with every beach activity excluding only healthy water for swimming for which different practices of government are on continuous work. But if you want to experience natural beach waves you can explore the 3 major peninsular regions: Chiba Peninsula, Kanagawa Peninsula, and the Izu Peninsula lying nearby and offering some of the best-known beaches near Tokyo, Japan. You can enjoy the second-highest active volcano in the entire Asia which has erupted for more than 100,000 years and is still active -Mount Fuji with its active lava and fumes along with Tokyo’s spectacular fireworks in the sky all from these beaches.

List of Beaches in Tokyo

1. Odaiba Beach

Famous Beaches Near Tokyo

Odaiba Beach

This is a popular man-made best beach in Tokyo which stretches around 800-meter long and their coarse sand is brought from the famous Izu Islands of Japan. Most of Tokyo’s water is not suitable for swimming yet the government is steadily trying to improve the quality of water in central Tokyo. This famous beach in Tokyo is the main attraction for tourists who want a quick sunbathing experience of beach in Central Tokyo. The beach provides a beautiful panoramic view of metropolitan Tokyo across the bay. Tokyo’s popular tourist attraction-the statue of Gundam is just a 10-minute walk from Odaiba beach.

2. Kasai Kaihin Park Beach

This is another artificial beach in Tokyo that has the major tourism load due to its famous Kasai Rinkai Park which is the second largest park in Tokyo. Such destinations are a perfect vacation ride for the families in Tokyo. They also provide a swimming spot in July and August for the travelers to enjoy the beach water made suitable through artificial dense cleansing. It is 14 minutes away from Tokyo Station. Hence most of the tourists land here after their tiring flights. 

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List of Beaches near Tokyo


Chiba Peninsula

1. Onjuku Beach

Famous Beaches Near Tokyo

Onjuku Beach

This popular beach of the Chiba peninsula takes about a 2-hour journey from Tokyo to reach here. This beach has the softest sand among all the top-most beaches near Tokyo. This beach is popular among surfers and the water quality is also quite good to swim in. Toilets and outdoor showers, as well as rental shops for surfing and chairs, are available at reasonable prices at this beach in Tokyo. To reach here from the metro lines of Tokyo you have to take two hours train from Tokyo Station to Onjuku Station by the Sotobo Line which costs around 1,940 yen.

2. Okitsu Beach

Famous Beaches Near Tokyo

Okitsu Beach

This beach near Tokyo owns the adorable greenery filling the nearby Hills to create a splendid view. Since the water is crystal clear at this amazing natural beach near Tokyo, you are allowed for different underwater activities here such as: snorkeling and scuba diving. The scuba divers are well trained to assist you underwater and make you experience various fish breeds, corals and aquatic animals in the northern Pacific Ocean. To reach this famous beach near Tokyo you can take a two and half hour train from Tokyo Station to Kazusa-Okitsu Station by the Wakashio Line for 3,800 yen.

Kanagawa Peninsula

1. Zushi Beach

Famous Beaches Near Tokyo

Zushi Beach

This beach is the most lively beach near Tokyo, Japan which owns nearby bars and beach houses providing a whole new different look to the beach as the sunset hits the horizon and the sparkling lights of bars enlighten the complete shoreline of the beach. On extremely clear days you can catch a view of Mt. Fuji spilling some fumes. They offer a lot of beach houses and cafes and showers for the holistic beach experience. You have to take a one hour train from Tokyo Station to Zushi Station on the Yokosuka Line, which will cost you approx. 920 yen.

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2. Hayama Beach

Famous Beaches Near Tokyo

Hayama Beach

This is the most relaxed beach near Tokyo where you can also explore some old temples near the Hayama and Zushi beachlines. You will also enjoy a spectacular firework display of Tokyo on the last Thursday of July every year from here. You have to take a 1-hour train from Tokyo Station on the Yokosuka Line which reaches directly to the Zushi Station, from here you can walk up to cross the Zushi beach and reach Hayama costing you only 920 yen in the metro.


Izu Peninsula

1. Atami Sun Beach

Famous Beaches Near Tokyo

Atami Sun Beach

This is one of the best beaches near Tokyo which is 400-meter long comprising of fully natural coarse golden sand surrounded by crystal clear water. The beach gets very crowded during the summer but there are different indoor onsen hot springs nearby to enjoy the cool soothing effects of therapeutic black water in their feng shui ruled water baths. This beach also offers a great view of sparkling fireworks on the last Friday of July every year which takes place near Atami Bay around 6-7 times. A small route guide follows a train from Tokyo Station to Atami Station in about 45 minutes by the Shinkansen Line for 4,190 yen or travels for 95 minutes using the Tokaido Line for 1,940 yen.

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2. Nagahama Beach

Famous Beaches Near Tokyo

Nagahama Beach

This is not very far from Atami beach but this beach offers less crowded zones and beach huts, rental shops, food stalls open for business during the swimming season. The beach provides full rental chairs and cars to explore the nearby cities and have fun on the inside beach parties organized during the evenings. To reach this amazing beach near Tokyo you can walk for 10 minutes from Izutaga Station or take a 20 minutes bus from Atami bus station.

3. Shirahama Beach

Famous Beaches Near Tokyo

Shirahama Beach

This is the longest beach near Tokyo in the Izu Peninsula which stretches around 800 meters long. It is the most famous and popular beach among the Izu Peninsular coastlines which are well accommodated with public toilets and other beach activities. You can reach via train from Tokyo station to the Shimoda Station which is just 10 minutes from the beach by a local bus ride.

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All the above-mentioned beaches in Tokyo are popularly known among all the tourists and beach lovers while Tokyo’s nearby beaches are top-most attractions for those who want to explore the natural beauty and clearwater tides along with golden coarse sand which isn’t artificially constructed but displays plethora of nature’s effects in their sparkling sunrise and sunsets every morning to celebrate the Japanese aura. Don’t forget to take your sunscreen, towel, and pair of slippers over these beaches in Tokyo and don’t bother about being in the non-English zone as most of the modern people in Japan speak English more fluently than Japanese.

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