India tour: Unexplored and underrated places you must visit

Synopsis: Get to know the beautiful and unheard places in India for your trip to India where you find less crowd and wonder in peace. 

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India is known for its diverse landscape, culture, and heritage. This unique amalgamation of different ethnicities and languages is known for its 5000 years old history and is just awesome. India receives thousands of tourists every year but only a few could touch the country’s core. All these places add feathers to India tourism and make the whole experience unique. 

This is why we have brought you the 5 best and most unreal places in India that are still unexplored and unheard of by people. 

  • Kottayam, Kerala

With its vast lengths of tranquil backwaters, expansive paddy fields, rubber plantations, and population of literate people, Kottayam is a region of stunning beauty and is referred to as the “land of letters, latex, and lakes.” The Vembanad Lake borders it on the west, while the Western Ghats border it on the east. Kottayam’s backwaters are well-known as a tourist attraction because of the illustrious Vembanad Lake.

  • Ziro Valley, Arunachal Prasdes

The Lower Subansiri district’s administrative center is located in the town of Ziro in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is on the Tentative List for the Apatani Cultural Landscape’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hapoli is the name of the area of the town where the administrative buildings and the center of the town’s economic activity are found.

  • Loktak Lake, Manipur

Imphal City which is the largest freshwater lake in North-East India is the state’s main draw for tourists. It is a lovely body of water that resembles a tiny inland sea. A day spent at Loktak Lake is a memory that lasts a lifetime.

  • Khimsar Sand Dunes Village, Rajasthan

The ideal location to experience the desert way of life in its natural setting is Sand Dunes Village. Popular historical hotel with fabricated sand dunes all around. It is 6 kilometers away from the Khimsar Fort.

Travelers can stay in the opulent huts at this regal hotel, Sand Dunes Village, and enjoy a campfire and dinner next to the lovely pond there.

  • Damro, Arunachal Pradesh

 Arunachal Pradesh, which is surrounded by the stunning states of Assam and Myanmar, is frequently overlooked in favor of the other well-known states in the North East. This undiscovered beauty is a place with a wealth of natural resources, though.

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