Best Cities to Visit in Portugal | Major Cities in Portugal 

This article has been written for you if you’re looking for some cool cities to visit in Portugal. Lisbon is an incredible city. Its lifestyle, history, and rich culture are unique and you will love every minute you will be spending there. You will thoroughly enjoy the area of Belém and its splendid monuments that pay tribute to all the great discoveries Portuguese explorers made throughout history.  Walking around the neighborhood of Alfama and experiencing how the locals live, you will also have a great time. The Baixa, Chiado, Bairro Alto areas are other neighborhoods that will mesmerize you. You will have the time of your life while in the charming city of Lisbon. The food, the people, the atmosphere will provide you unforgettable moments. But, in today’s article, We want to introduce you to some of the major cities in Portugal. These cities of Portugal are less touristic than the capital but just as lovely and fun. If you want to experience Portuguese cities, read this full article.

Portugal Cities List

1. Sintra

Best Cities to Visit in Portugal


If you are a fan of castles and palaces, Sintra is one of the best cities in Portugal. Portuguese Royal Family used to live here and would visit to escape the heat in Lisbon. That’s why you will find here several castles, palaces, and beautiful gardens to explore. Sintra can be visited on a day trip from Lisbon and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The oldest castle in Sintra is the Castle of the Moors dating back to the 8th or 9th century. It is now just ruined, but definitely worth a visit for the views from the castle wall walk. The most famous palace in Sintra is the colorful Pena Palace, which has been transformed from the ruins of a monastery. In the historical center of town, you will find the National Palace of Sintra, the summer residence of the monarchs from the 15th to the 19th century.

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2. Faro

Best Cities to Visit in Portugal


Faro is the capital of the Algarve region and it is located in the south of Portugal.  From walking the cobblestoned streets of the old town dating all the way back to the 13th century. This makes it a city full of life, not just in the tourist season. Faro is the perfect holiday destination and one of the popular cities in Portugal for those who want a little bit of everything. To get an insight into the real Portuguese day to day life you can find rich history and architecture and escape to beach paradises for the day.

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3. Lisbon

Best Cities to Visit in Portugal


With good reason, Lisbon is one of the largest cities in Portugal and the most popular destination for visitors.  Including fado music and Portugal’s famous wines (including port), you can sample most of Portugal’s best offerings. You’d expect of a city, as well as the old charm of the twisty alleyways of the centuries-old Alfama district Lisbon has all the modern conveniences. Perhaps with a stop in SalamancaTake the night train from Madrid to Lisbon. Here, you will find amazing versions of the local culinary delights like Arroz de Tamboril and Bacalhau. Within the district of Alfama, most of the restaurants are housed in antique structures, like A Casa Do Bacalhau which translates to “House of Cod” and was once the stables of the Duke of Lafoes. As the name suggests, you will probably find the best codfish dish here.

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4. Sesimbra

Best Cities to Visit in Portugal


Sesimbra is a small fishing city about 40 kilometers south of Lisbon. Spend a couple of hours relaxing on the beach and enjoying the calm, turquoise waters, then make your way back to the center of Sesimbra for a late lunch. Join the line of local people standing by to eat at Tasca do Isaías, and pick your feast from the rundown of crisply got fish and fish on their everyday menu. It is one of the best cities in Portugal to live. After lunch, walk the promenade along Praia da California, and in the event that you despite everything have vitality, climb up to Sesimbra Castle, a Moorish stronghold that stands on the precipice sitting above the town.

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5. Obidos

Best Cities to Visit in Portugal


There are lots of small boutiques selling souvenirs for tourists and you can try a shot of ginjinha, a Portuguese liqueur made from ginja berries served in a chocolate shell. In this important city in Portugal, you’ll find a church converted into a bookshop, a wine cellar converted into a bookshop, a market turned into a bookshop and more. You could definitely spend a whole afternoon wandering through the quirky bookshops in Óbidos.

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6. Monsaraz

Best Cities to Visit in Portugal


Monsaraz is one of the oldest and major cities in Portugal to visit, and retains its old charm even today, so much that it was recently listed as a Monument Village. In the beautiful city, which is also a must-visit in the city you’ll see marks of the Knights Templar, all the way up to the Castle. Monsaraz is situated upon a hill and offers a stunning view over the Guadiana river.

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7. Porto

Best Cities to Visit in Portugal


Porto is home to port wine. Stroll along the Ribeira, the walkway along Douro River for excellent perspectives on the port basements over the waterway or cross the scaffold and do some port tasting while at the same time appreciating the perspective on the city and its old structures. To base yourself for visiting the Douro valley, Porto is also a good place. It is known as one of the most visited cities in Portugal. Porto is easily accessible from Galicia. Though you’ll need to change trains in Vigo, you can go from Santiago de Compostela to Porto in the morning.

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8. Lagos

Best Cities to Visit in Portugal


According to the travelers, it’s a beach city with a vibrant summer nightlife. Lagos is a walled city is full of maritime history dating back more than 2000 year. It is considered one of the most famous cities in Portugal to visit. Though the real reason for visiting Lagos is the fun bars and incredible beaches. These beaches are ranging from long and sandy, to more private coved beaches nestled between the cliffs of the Atlantic ocean. The best other attractions are the small bars from the stunning beaches that each night turn into a massive street party.  Apart from basking in the sun and raging through the bars at night. Lagos offers some super fun waves with many surf schools and surfboards for rent.

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9. Aveiro

Best Cities to Visit in Portugal


1 hour south of Porto, you will reach Aveiro. It is a coastal city on the west coast of Portugal. It’s often called the Venice of Portugal and set in a lagoon. To go on one of these traditional boats and go on a cruise on the canals are one of the best activities in this city of Portugal. Aveiro is a weekend getaway for the locals, far from the classic tourist destination. It’s one of the top Portugal cities to visit and most romantic locations in Portugal and definitely love it. There’s plenty more to see and do here although most visitors don’t allocate enough time to explore it properly. We’d recommend spending at least one night in Coimbra to give yourself time to visit the Machado de Castro Museum, the Botanical Gardens and other hidden treasures like the cat café.

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10. Coimbra



You’ll find it in the center of Portugal, on the banks of the Mondego River, about 200 km north of Lisbon and 100 km south of Porto. This city to see in Portugal also has its own version of Fado music which originated as serenades by lovesick students and is still only sung by male fadistas. Within this ancient city, you’ll find an underground Roman cryptoporticus, one of the world’s most beautiful libraries, 12th-century Romanesque cathedral, a Gothic monastery and the palace where a real-life Romeo and Juliette style love affair took place between Prince Pedro and his wife’s lady’s maid, Inês de Castro, now known as Quinta das Lágrimas.

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So far we have discussed the most visited cities in Portugal  I hope you might have gathered some information related to it. If you are planning your trip to Portugal then kindly go through our other articles as well which will be quite beneficial for you. Please share your views regarding the content explained above and liked it too.

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