Kerala’s Vembanad Lake is vanishing quickly! Can we save it?

Synopsis: Vembanad Lake, which was once a famous tourist spot in Kerala, is now rapidly shrinking. It is the second largest wetland in India, after the Sundarbans. Natural calamities like floods and various human activities, including illegal construction, unchecked tourism activities, and lack of maintenance, around the lake, have generated such conditions.

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Kerala’s Vembanad Lake

Vembanad Lake in the Kottayam district was once a famous tourist places in Kerala, but now this place is losing its charm and is on the verge of diminishing. The major reason behind the shrinking of this lake is none other than the popular activity for which it was once famous among us. Yes, increasing and unchecked tourism activity in the lake area has brought it to such a situation. The lake is the main source of income for farming and fishing communities and everyone in the area is at risk due to the lake’s rapid degradation. 

Kerala is a beautiful Indian state that is famous for its lush wilderness and pristine lakes. It is an ideal destination for honeymooning couples as well as for family trips. This lake features everything beautiful, from traditional houseboats on Vembanad Lake for romance seekers to adventurous activities for exhilarating souls. However, in the past couple of decades, the area of the lake is reducing year by year due to several human activities around the lake area. 

Vembanad lake has been listed as a Ramsar site for 20 years now due to its distinctive biodiversity. When a site receives Ramsar recognition, every effort is made to safeguard it from ecological and human damage. But the story with Kerala’s Vembanad Lake is completely different. What a pity Vembanad Lake was never like that.

Weeds have probably taken the boat hostage because of the murky water in the lake. You catch a glimpse of a floating mineral water bottle and land waste out of the corners of your eye. Everyone who visited here refers to such things in their Vembanad tales.

According to reports, numerous projects were apparently announced but never materialized. The lake’s preservation and maintenance never received adequate attention from the Kerala Government. Remember that the Ramsar Convention site has a significant place on a global scale. Still, neither the Kerala Tourism Department nor the government pay attention to this popular Ramsar site in Kerala

Some of the factors that contributed to this level of decline include the absence of sewage treatment facilities, the lack of environmentally friendly or biodegradable bio-toilets, and improper waste disposal from homes and resorts near the lake. Significant changes in Management strategies and proactive efforts from both locals and visitors are needed for the conservation of Vembanad Lake.

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