Top Indian Restaurants in Maldives

As you all know that the Maldives is a popular vacation spot located subjoining the Indian ocean. For Indians, the beauty of Maldives is prospering but the most struggling thing people have to experience there is their choice of food. Every second person in India is non-vegetarian and loves to try seafood but what about the rest half. Yes exactly, I am talking about vegetarians who are not planning their vacation to the Maldives just because they will not get appropriate vegetation food there. You people can now stay calm as I am coming up with some famous Indian restaurants in the Maldives that are serving pure vegetarian cuisines that too at reasonable prices. 

List of famous Indian restaurants in the Maldives

1. Tandoori Flames Hulhumale

Indian restaurant in Maldives resort, Indian restaurant in the Maldives

Tandoori Flames Hulhumale

Tandoori Flames Hulhumale is the first Indian restaurant on our list famous among vegetarian tourists. If you ask someone in the Maldives about a vegetarian restaurant they will definitely suggest you visit Tandoori Flames Hulhumale. The interior at the Tandoori Flames must be outdated but the food will not disappoint you. They Have all the traditional vegetarian dishes on their menu anyone would love to order. From a range of Indian dishes including dal makhani to palak paneer, they have everything on their menu. To accomplish these thick curries you will get only thick tortillas made of wheat flour. They do have non-vegetarian items on their menu but not more than the vegetarian ones. 

Address: Tata Building Malé Grand Mezzanine Floor, Majeedhee Magu Rd, Malé, Maldives

Timing: Mon-Sun: 11:30 am – 11:30 pm

2. Baraabaru

Indian restaurant in Maldives resort, Indian restaurant in the Maldives


What can be better than delicious food to accompany you on your Maldives vacation. Baraabaru is another prime spot in the Maldives for Indian food. It is located on the Kuda Huraa and is best known for its wide range of Indian cuisines in its menu. The ultimate tasty and greatness of lip-smacking Indian food will make you feel like you are in paradise. This place is only for veggie lovers, so if you are a non-vegetarian don’t take a chance to go to Baraabaru. You can try vegetarian Biryanis, Curries, and Kebabs at Baraabaru to calm your appetite.

Address: North, Kuda Huraa 20198, Maldives

Timing: Mon-Sun: 7 pm – 10:30 pm


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3. Bombay Darbar

Indian restaurant in Maldives resort, Indian restaurant in the Maldives

Bombay Darbar


It’s normal to crave Indian food on the silent beaches of Maldives when you are purely an Indian by heart. To fulfill your wish and craving head to the Bombay Darbar and check out for their specialty. Their wide menu with more than hundreds of dishes will surely provide you enough chances to find one delicacy that can settle younger in seconds just with its fragrance. Their spicy Indian menu includes various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that will take your taste buds on a fiery ride.

Address: Lot No 10488, Nirolhu Magu, Hulhumale 23000, Maldives

Timing: Mon-Sun: 10 am – 12 am


4. Acha’s Poppadoms

Indian restaurant in Maldives resort, Indian restaurant in the Maldives

Acha’s Poppadoms

Acha’s Poppadoms is a great Indian Restaurant in Male’, the Maldives is serving traditional Indian and Asian delicacies with love. Though they are serving the usual Indian cuisines that we typically have at our home still the lip-smacking taste will bound you to appreciate the food. So, when you are in the Maldives looking for a place to eat Indian food without creating a hole in your pocket, directly head to the Acha’s Poppadoms. It is located on the prime spot in Sosun Magu, Malé with which most of the customers are familiar. This is a minimally decorated place in the town offering the most comforting food at great prices. 

Address: Sosun Magu, Malé, Maldives

Timing: Mon-Sun: 1:30 am – 12 am

5. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Indian restaurant in Maldives resort, Indian restaurant in the Maldives

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

We can absolutely mention Ithaa Undersea Restaurant as the first number in our list for the unique and exotic dining experience they provide to the customers. But this place never conquers the mind of the readers looking for a budget-friendly Indian restaurant in the Maldives. Get an awesome view of underwater life while enjoying your supper as the restaurant I located underwater just in the middle of the ocean offers the most luxurious experience of their life to the customers. 

Address: JP8F+6H9, Conrad Rangali Island 20077, Maldives

Timings: Mon-Sun: 11 am – 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm


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6. King’s Corner Restaurant

Indian restaurant in Maldives resort, Indian restaurant in the Maldives

King’s Corner Restaurant

This is one of the oldest restaurants in the Maldives serving Indian food to visitors. While you are in the Maldives, it’s better to try some vegetarian food from the King’s Corner Restaurant. They have a variety of Indian, continental, Chinese, international, and Asian dishes on their menu and all of them are vegetarian. So, if you are a heart-core vegetarian and not finding any way to survive in the Maldives then simply head to the King’s Corner Restaurant. You will surely get something in their multi-cuisine menu that goes well with your choice and budget. 

Address: Hakuraa Goalhi, Malé, Maldives

Timings: Mon-Thurs, Sat, Sun: 8:30 am – 12 am | Fri: 8:30 am – 1 pm, 2 pm – 12 am

7. Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives

Indian restaurant in Maldives resort, Indian restaurant in the Maldives

Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives


Atmosphere Kanifushi in the Maldives is offering an exotic dining experience to vacationers just through their Indian food. If you are looking for a fancy resort cum Indian restaurant in the Maldives then head to Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives to end your struggle with some pleasant view.  This beachside Indian restaurant in Maldives resort is offering the most luxurious dining experience to the customers with great food options. The exotic view of the beachside with traditional delicacies will not create a burden on anyone’s pocket. 

Address: Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives Lhaviyani Atoll, 07010, Maldives

8. Pizza Mia

Indian restaurant in Maldives resort, Indian restaurant in the Maldives

Pizza Mia

Pizza carvings are obvious no matter where you are residing. How can someone resist the toothsome fragrance of pizza arousing from the pizza Mia in the Maldives? Yes, they are exactly serving the pizza with the same passion as when they introduced it to you. The smokey smell of a wooden oven reaches you anywhere and pulls you here at Pizza Mia. After taking a li=ong dive in the cool water of Maldives it’s worth ordering some cheesy pizza. Don’t forget to order some cocktails or thick shakes to accompany your pizza. 

Address: Kalhuhuraa Magu, Malé, Maldives

9. Symphony Restaurant

Indian restaurant in Maldives resort, Indian restaurant in the Maldives

Symphony Restaurant

Symphony is undoubtedly the most long-standing restaurant group in the Maldives famous for their authentic Indian cuisine. Located in Male city, the menu has a variety of cuisines including, Indonesian, Chinese, and western-style but the prominent one is Indian cuisine. Most visitors coming to the Maldives prefer to eat Indian and Symphony Restaurant is just fulfilling their wish. This place is perfect to visit anytime for brunch or either for dinner with your family and friends to try scrumptious dishes. 

Address: M.a Male Faru, Athama Goalhi, 20196, Maldives

Timing: Mon-Thurs, Sat, Sun: 8:30 am – 12 am | Fri: 2 pm – 12 am

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10. Novena Cafe

Indian restaurant in Maldives resort, Indian restaurant in the Maldives

Novina Cafe


Novena Cafe is not exactly a cafe but a resort in Male, Maldives. Their budget-friendly menu with cuisines from different nationally will definitely suit your pocket. You can try their Hyderabadi biryani that is cooked on low flame to give the exact taste and aroma to the dish. Apart from this, they have all the famous vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and seafood dishes on their menu. The Novena Cafe in the Maldives is working with the motto to offer less but delicious to the customers. So, head to Novena Cafe for an exotic dining experience in the Maldives. 

Address: Fareedhee Magu, Malé, Maldives

Timing: Mon-Sun: 7:30 am – 12 pm

There could be many more Indian restaurants in the Maldives but these are the most sought after by the tourists. Hence we have included these in our list to help people who are going to visit the Maldives in the coming time. This article will introduce you to some great Indians where you could go to relish the authentic flavours of Indian cuisine without muddling your expenses. 

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