The future of Spain in Here: British-made helium airships are here to rule the tourism industry in Spain

Synopsis: Soon in the future Spain is going to rule the world through British-made helium airships. These airships will be manufactured by a Bedford-based BRITISH company and to be used for tourists in Spain. 

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A UK-based small aviation company has signed a deal with a Spanish airline to manufacture helium airships. In the initial course, the company will make 10 airships with a capacity to accommodate 100 passengers. Also, it’s been said that the airships will also help to reduce air pollution to a great extent. It will just emit one-tenth of harmful emissions produced by ordinary aircraft or jet planes.

Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), a small British company located in Bedford is all prepared to provide a new generation of eco-friendly flight experiences to the tourists. In a recent meeting, the business secretary of HAV, Kwasi Kwarteng told the media that they have signed an agreement with the Spanish aircraft industry to manufacture 10 helium-based airships. He added that it would be wonderful to see the UK on the top with such pioneering technology. This technology will probably bring a revolution in the aviation industry as it will not just drastically minimize the emission of harmful gases but is also light-weighted and efficient. Spanish airlines address that this is the only reason for which they have signed this agreement with HAV.

These helium airships will have just 4.5kg per passenger of carbon footprint, which is quite low as ordinary jet planes which have 53kg of carbon footprint per passenger.

Presently, Spanish airlines have signed the agreement for just 10 aircraft but in the next 20 years, the company is anticipating getting more orders and is expected to sell around 265 Airlander craft. However, the route for this craft is not yet decided but the Spanish airlines will use it on internal routes only.

The project was unveiled at the Farnborough International Airshow in Hampshire today (July 17). These aircraft could be used to transport tourists between Europe and North America and can travel at speeds of up to 100mph (160km/h). The first assortment of these aircraft would be out in 2025.

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