Five More Countries are ready to Provide Easy E-Visas To Indians

Synopsis: Now International travel will become easier and more convenient with quick E-Visas. 5 countries have announced plans to provide hassle-free E-Visas To Indians.

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Indians always have the bug in themself to travel the world but due to long procedures to get a visa, people are unable to achieve it. If you too are a travel enthusiast then this news will make you happy. 

If you are craving an international vacation but don’t have a visa then you will be pleased to know that many countries are now providing E-visa to Indian travellers. These countries are best to plan a cosy vacation with your family to get rid of daily life struggles. So let’s have a closer look at the countries providing easy E-visa to Indians.


Turkey in western Asia is a popular tourist spot for Indians with vibrant cities, amazing nightlife, ancient monuments and a pacifying view of hot air balloons. You will get a great blend of nature, culture and history in Turkey. You can visit the official website to apply for an E-visa to Turkey with the required documents. 


Malaysia is everyone’s dream location with dense wilderness, soothing beaches, stunning coastline and massive national parks. In a meeting recently held in Malaysia, officials announced that Indians can now make hassle free travel to Malaysia by applying for an on-arrival e-visa. With this news, officials are expecting to welcome more Indian tourists to the country this year. 


The Maldives doesn’t need any introduction when it’s about international vacation for Indians. Not only for common people, but it is a real gem for Bollywood celebrities as well. If you are an Indian looking for a country that provides easy e-visa then Maldives is the answer. It is quite easy to get a 30-day on-arrival e-visa to the Maldives without paying any additional charges. 


No worries if Dubai is out of the league, there is another beautiful country in western  Asia that offers the Dubai-like vibe. Bahrain is a country of gorgeous pearls that make their way directly from the bustling ports. There are date palm groves, heritage sites, brustling architecture and several spots to get a royal feel. Bahrain is providing short-term arrival e-visa to Indians for tourism and business. 


Fiji has always been the most sought-after destination for beach lovers. The surreal beauty of Fiji beaches with swaying palm trees can hold anyone’s eye without any doubt. If you are an Indian and planning to visit Fiji this vacation then apply for your e-visa now. For Indias with passport validity of six months, Fiji is providing an arrival visa facility. Travellers have to collect their visas from the immigration office upon arrival.

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