Famous Street Foods to Eat in Paris

Street food is a simple concept almost as old as streets themselves, which is now taking off in Paris despite a slow start. The street food in Paris is the best and essential part of the tour. Prepared and/or sold on the city’s pavements (to the extent permitted by the law), and designed to be easily eaten on the fly, this not-so-haute cuisine runs the gamut from sandwiches to kebabs, empañadas to dim sum, without ever breaking the bank. Read on for our recommendations on the amazing street food in Paris:

Some Best Street Food in Paris

1. Baguette Sandwich

 Best Street Food in Paris

Baguette Sandwich

You can not end your Parisian street food crawl without trying a baguette sandwich. French people eat a baguette almost every day of their life as this bread originated in France. Its main ingredient is basic lean dough and it usually showcases a long elongated-shaped. Compared to typical bread, a baguette has a crisp crust. Surely, you can eat it as it is, but for a merrier eating experience, order a baguette sandwich that is usually filled with ham and cheese. Other street food vendors in Paris even have a plethora of flavors for customers to choose from, such as cheddar, tuna, chicken, and others.

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2. Souvlaki

Best Street Food in Paris


A must-try for meat-lovers and people who have a soft spot for Greek food, Souvlaki is a delicious barbecue dish that is seasoned with flavorful herbs and spices. Some people prefer eating this famous street food in Paris straight off the grill while others like sandwiching it in pita bread. Most of the eateries in Paris use lamb or pork as its main ingredient but others try to be more creative by offering Souvlakis made with chicken meat. If you want a taste of authentic Souvlaki in Paris, visit the Souvlaki de Mykonos, situated in Rue Bois le Vent, Paris.

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3. Doner Kebab

Best Street Food in Paris

Doner Kebab

Another popular street food that you should try in Paris is doner kebab. This popular street food in Paris is a delicious Turkish specialty that is also casually called donair. Just like shawarma, this one is cooked via rotating vertical rotisserie, unlike barbecued kebabs that are cooked by frying on a grill. Doner kebab’s meat is usually lamb meat, but others try to come up with veal and beef varieties. Its tenderness and flavorful seasoning are what draw foodies to it. It is eaten like a wrap or by sandwiching in pita bread paired with fries.

4. Tacos

Best Street Food in Paris


A mouthwatering Mexican dish, tacos are a favorite snack that can be found everywhere in the world. Paris has many exquisite Mexican restaurants serving tacos as well, and you can even buy them from a food cart while you’re on your sightseeing tour. This best street food in Paris is created by topping a wheat tortilla with tasty ground beef or pork and salsa. Some people like to add as many vegetables for a more flavorful taste that bursts in the mouth. Usually eaten by hand like a burger, this one is a snack that you can carry with you as you take the streets of Paris by storm.

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5. Burgers and Fries

Best Street Food in Paris

Burgers and Fries

Need an instant energy boost? If you feel like your body is starting to take its toll on you after hours of sightseeing, you might want to stop for a while and refuel your energy. Paris has a plethora of delicious street food options that are easily accessible for tourists, but if you’re the type who will never ditch your classic American fares, you can always grab some burgers and fries at any nearby restaurants, cafes, and even food stalls. Surely, most of them have these traditional fares.

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6. Crepe

Best Street Food in Paris


After a satisfying meal of delicious French food in one of the chicest restaurants in Paris, you might want to end your feast by sampling palatable desserts. If so, order some crepes and make your heart melt with its sweetness and flavor. For people who have no idea what a crepe is, this delicious street food in Paris is a sweet treat that resembles a thin pancake, garnished with fresh fruits. Some like it with a variety of berries while others use banana, apple, and other flavors. Plus, a lot of sugar, vanilla, and even whipped cream. This popular treat is available almost in every part of the world, but eateries in Paris make it extra special by serving it beautifully in an Instagram-worthy presentation.

7. Fish and Chips

Best Street Food in Paris

Fish and Chips

Popular in the English culinary culture, fish, and chips are a delicious snack that is made primarily from fried fish. It is often served with a side of chips (popularly known as fries/French fries), hence, the name. Its flavor depends on the herbs and spices that are whipped to use as a marinade for the fish. In the traditional English method, people usually add a portion of sparkling water and black beer to the mixture. It is believed that the best fish to use in cooking this classic meal is a haddock. Throughout time, vendors use other types of fish. You can also add a dash of lemon juice for extra flavor to this tasty street food in Paris.

8. Falafel

Best Street Food in Paris


A delicious meatball-looking snack, a falafel is a popular favorite for people who are big veggie lovers. It is usually made from fava beans and chickpeas. Its flavor only differs from the ingredients added to the herbs and spices that are mixed and combined with the dough. A lot of people like onion chives in it. This most popular street food in Paris is dipped into sour cream, sesame sauce, or tomato salsa once fried. It depends on the eater’s preference.

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9. Dosa

Best Street Food in Paris


Make the most of your food trip by trying a delicious dosa while in Paris. This traditional South Indian snack is also popular in the city of lights. To those who don’t know what a dosa is and how it is cooked and eaten, it is a rice batter cooked in thin layers. It somehow looks like a crepe but not as sweet as it is seasoned with a dash of salt. This rice dish is often mixed with black gram and garnished with meat, cheese, and flavorful salsa

10. Bagel

Best Street Food in Paris


While Paris is known for its iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, it is also a city that will treat you to a palatable culinary adventure. You don’t have to break your bank for trying to sample all the eats in exquisite restaurants, but you can also enjoy the taste of Paris by trying out delicious street food. Paris is also recognized for its mouthwatering types of bread, and bagel is one of them. Originally a Jewish specialty, traditional bagels are usually round-shaped and look like a donut without the extravagant frostings. This classic street food in Paris is cooked by boiling and afterward baking in an oven.

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