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Culture has always been an integral part of Serbian identity. The monuments in Serbia originate from ancient times and whose script dates back from the 9th century, have created an immense cultural heritage. You will find testimonies of this all across Serbia because each corner of the country, from the biggest city to the smallest village, has a remarkable history. Serbia is a country of exceptional cultural heritage and richness, with remains of civilizations tens of centuries-old and a great number of spiritual creations. Serbia is the country of outstanding cultural heritage that embraces archaeological remains of ancient civilizations. We’re inviting you to visit us and discover why these monuments will leave you breathless. It is easy to fall in love with their uniqueness and beauty, so we guarantee that you won’t be indifferent! Our recommendations on cultural attractions that you should visit in Serbia can be found in the stories that we wrote just for you. We invite you to come and discover why the monuments of Serbian culture are something to remember for a lifetime.

List of Monuments in Serbia

1. Belgrade Fortress

beautiful monument in Serbia

Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade’s fortress was originally built as a Roman military camp during the 1st century. Visitors who look closely at the walls will notice that they contain dozens of layers, one for nearly each of the 38 fires set in Serbia’s capital over the 2,000-year history of the fortress. The Turks added outer fortifications in 1760, after which the appearance of this beautiful monument in Serbia has remained relatively unchanged. 

Address: Terazije 3 / V, 11000 Belgrade

2. Church of Saint Sava

beautiful monument in Serbia

Church of Saint Sava

It’s one of the most beautiful monuments in Serbia, and it’s also the largest Orthodox Church in the Balkans. Located at Vracar plateau, this place is really attractive among tourists as well as residents.  The church is a token of gratitude to Serbia’s greatest educator and is an important part of Serbia’s history. While admiring the view of this amazing Belgrade attraction learn more about the history of Belgrade and Serbia, and have a great time with your crew.

Address: KruŇ°edolska 2a, Beograd, Serbia

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3. Museum of Contemporary Art

beautiful monument in Serbia

Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum is finally reopened for Visitors in October 2017. The museum is located in a beautiful green area of Belgrade, just 10 minutes from the busy Downtown of Belgrade. Museum has 5 levels. The Collection of the Museum is divided into several sub-collection. Over there you will definitely find art from the Yugoslavia period, domestic paintings, graphics, prints, and foreign paintings done by Joan Miro, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, and many others. As well as former Yugoslavia authors, work of Ivan Mestrovic, Antun Augustincic and Toma Rosandic. This cultural monument in Serbia is an attraction worth of visit.

 Address: Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia

4. The Victor of Kalemegdan

beautiful monument in Serbia

The Victor of Kalemegdan

Built to commemorate Serbia’s victory over the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire during the Balkan and First World Wars, this 14-meter high monument is the city’s most recognizable landmark and famous Belgrade attraction located at the famous Belgrade Fortress. This place is always crowded with tourists Belgrade natives, partly because of the breathtaking view of the two rivers of Belgrade, and the beauty of this famous monument in Serbia as part of the historic Belgrade Fortress. If you ever find yourself in Belgrade, it will be hard to miss such an extraordinary monument.

Address: Bulevar Vojvode Bojovińáa, Beograd, Serbia

5. Ada Ciganlija

beautiful monument in Serbia

Ada Ciganlija

This island-turned-peninsula on the Sava River has become Belgrade‚Äôs most popular relaxation spot, attracting up to 300,000 visitors on summer weekends. However, this historical landmark in Serbia also contains most of Belgrade‚Äôs sports facilities ‚Äď including those of the extreme variety ‚Äď as well as tracks for walking or cycling. Ada Ciganlija also transforms into the city‚Äôs hottest beach party and concert venue after dark.¬†

Address: Ada Ciganlija 2, 11000 Belgrade

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6. Kalemegdan Towers

beautiful monument in Serbia

KAlemegdan Towers

Belgrade Fortress is really one of the most beautiful places in Europe, and with it comes to Kalemegdan Towers. An attractive and popular spot among tourists, the towers can be found on many photos of those who come and visit Belgrade. Catch the greatest view of this historical monument in Serbia from Terassa Lounge, one of the best lounge bars in Belgrade, where you can enjoy relaxing afternoons and amazing parties at night.

 Address: Belgrade, Serbia

7. Fruska Gora National Park

beautiful monument in Serbia

Fruska Gora National Park

At least one full day is recommended to fully explore Fruska Gora National Park, named after its highest mountain, and frequently referred to as ‚Äėthe jewel of Serbia‚Äô thanks to its picturesque countryside. Riesling and Traminer are just two of the wines produced from the grapes that grow on the mountains, and visitors can even harvest honey from beehives in late spring. Hiking, cycling, and rock climbing in Orlovo Bojiste are the park‚Äôs most popular activities. However, this most famous landmarks of Serbia are its 35 15th and 16th century South Backa monasteries, all of which can be admired on a single guided tour.¬†

Address: Zmajev trg 1, 21208 Sremska Kamenica

8. Skadarlija Street

beautiful monument in Serbia

Skadarlija Street

Skadarlija Street was popularly known as a home of bohemians, usually journalists, writers, artists, and musicians that were going to Skadarlija to enjoy the best drinks and tavern atmosphere, where they could talk about the latest events and politics. Today, this famous landmark in Serbia is filled with young people that want to experience the spirit of Belgrade and enjoy Skadarlija’s legendary live old-town bands. Famous traditional Belgrade taverns and restaurants, known for the beautiful promenade, and as a place where the true history of Belgrade can be felt, Skadarlija is a Belgrade attraction like none other.

Address: SkadarlijaBelgrade, Serbia

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9. Beton Hala Area

beautiful monument in Serbia

Beton Hala Area

Beton Hala (concrete hall), located on the riverbank, is one of the most popular Belgrade attractions, as home to some of the best restaurants, including Frida, Sakura, and Iguana. This is where you can come across the most beautiful girls in Belgrade any day of the week. Before you visit the restaurants and lounge bars of this popular monument in Serbia, it’s advisable to make a reservation. Besides free consultations, you can also make a reservation.

¬†Address: KarańĎorńĎeva 2, Beograd 11080, Serbia

10. Ada Ciganlija

beautiful monument in Serbia

Ada Ciganlija

This historical place in Serbia is perfect for cycling or rollerblading. Ada Ciganlija has wonderful bike trails and nature paths; all surrounding the lake, which is a local hotspot on warm, summer days. Many sports events are hosted at Ada Ciganlija throughout the year, and many beautiful Belgrade girls can be seen there.  You can also try water-skiing, which happens to be quite a challenge, or maybe you want to test your courage by going bungee jumping. With lots of daily activities, and over 100 cafés, bars, and restaurants on the lake’s shore, where some of the top parties are hosted, Ada Ciganlija has become one of the most popular Belgrade attractions among tourists and people of Belgrade.

 Address: Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade, Serbia

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