Best Cities in Afghanistan to Visit | Major Cities in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a nation in South Asia covering a region of almost 652,230 square kilometers. Population of  32,564,342 people as per the year of 2015 figures still live in cities in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a historically mixed nation, at the intersection of different cultures and peoples, from the Silk Road to the Soviet intrusion. Assorted because of its history, this landlocked nation has some wonderful cities to visit, loaded with noteworthy landmarks of social significance. From Jalalabad in the east part of Balkh in the northern part, here are Afghanistan’s most excellent cities to visit. So in this article, we will cover up the top 10 cities in Afghanistan which are worth visiting. 

List of Cities in Afghanistan to Visit

1. Balkh

 top cities to visit in Afganistan, top 10 cities in Afganistan


Balkh is one of the major cities in Afghanistan. Known as one of the oldest cities on the planet, Balkh city is situated in northern Afghanistan was named by the Arabians as The Mother of Cities. At the intersection between the Middle East and eastern Asia, This city was vigorously impacted by the Buddhist culture before the Arab intrusion. You would see here in this city the Buddhist developments and fortresses that bringing out the old Asian culture. Different point of interest like Nine Domes Mosque and the Green Mosque, an impeccably ornamented spot included the World Monuments watch list as an imperiled social site. 

2. Kandahar

 top cities to visit in Afganistan, top 10 cities in Afganistan


Kandhar is home of the Mosque of the Sacred Cloak and a city saturated with history. Kandahar sits at the junction where southern Afghanistan meets the mountains of the nation’s heartland. The conventional seat of Pashtun control, it was the capital of the last Afghan realm during the long periods of Ahmad Shah Durrani. Today, the spot is loaded up with shrines, museums, and mosques to illuminating presences from the national past, and people come to see here in this largest city in Afghanistan, Mughal emperor Babur on the Chilzina View, situated at the corner of the city.

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3. Mazar-e Sharif

 top cities to visit in Afganistan, top 10 cities in Afganistan

Mazar-e Sharif

Eminent personalities of the world say that this is one of the popular cities of Afghanistan. Mazar-e Sharif owes its reality to a fantasy dependent on which a hallowed place was assembled. It is famous among visitors as the Blue Mosque City.  The Shrine of Hazrat Ali in the inside this mosque. Mazar-e Sharif is the capital of the Balkh region and a spot for sightseeing. 

4. Herat

 top cities to visit in Afganistan, top 10 cities in Afganistan


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Herat is one of the best cities to visit in Afghanistan. It is also the third-biggest city in Afghanistan. This city has a Persian flavor. The city sits only a short distance from the Iranian border. The main point of interest of the city is the Friday Mosque. This exquisite structure of shining tiles and turquoise-tipped minarets is certain to wow the faculties. It is believed to be over eight centuries old. The Herat Citadel is another main attraction of this city to see.

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5. Kabul

 top cities to visit in Afganistan, top 10 cities in Afganistan


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Kabul is one of the best cities in Afghanistan. The capital of Afghanistan and the nation’s biggest city, Kabul has a long history, as it exists for over 3,500 years. A portion of the city’s stunning destinations is Abdul Rahman Mosque, the historic park, and the Afghan National Museum, Gardens of Babur. The Rahman Mosque is genuinely new, having been initiated in 2012, yet it is built-in customary Islamic compositional style, with 14 vaults and two minarets. 

6. Bamiyan

 top cities to visit in Afganistan, top 10 cities in Afganistan


Bamiyan is considered in one of the top cities in Afghanistan.  For writers of religious history and culture, the Bamiyan story is an extremely tragic one.It is said that the spot was known as a center point for Buddhist–Hindu worship, and it flourished with monasteries, artisans and particularly artists in the ages before the Muslim intrusion. Indeed, the two goliath statues of the Buddha that remained here were viewed as probably the richest fourth and fifth-century carvings in all of Asia. In March 2001, nevertheless, these extraordinary models were wrecked by the Taliban, causing worldwide outrage, and notwithstanding provoking UNESCO to label their remaining parts to anticipate further demolition.

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7. Faizabad

 top cities to visit in Afganistan, top 10 cities in Afganistan


This city is situated on the upper east part of the nation, the city was historically remote because of bad road connectivity, which has served to its neighborhood culture intact.Now today, two bazaars still function in Faizabad where they exchange various things like cutlery and cotton cloth and provisions like salt, sugar and tea. Some portion of the notable design is in remains, you would love to see shrines, mosques and forts that still exist in this one of the most famous cities in Afghanistan.

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8. Kunduz

 top cities to visit in Afganistan, top 10 cities in Afganistan


Kunduz is a transportation hub for tourists who are eager to cross the tri state border in the north. It is the place where Tajikistan meets Uzbekistan meets Afghanistan. However, it does come enfolded in great swathes of verdant farmlands and has a down-to-earth, rustic ambiance that’s lost on the larger cities on this list. Undoubtedly it should be considered in one of the top cities in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the imprints of  Afghan wars flair up again near Kunduz, and there. If you want to experience a war zone because it has been pitched battles between the Taliban, various insurgent groups, and the army. 

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9. Samangan

 top cities to visit in Afganistan, top 10 cities in Afganistan


The city of Samangan is an ancient tourist spot set on the routes of the old Silk Road. You will love to see here the mysterious cave complexes of Takht I Rostam that carve their way through the dusty ridges of the mountains nearby. This tourist site was built in the 4th and 5th centuries AD, and this beautiful site is full of gorgeous Buddhist inlays of lotus leaves, all focusing on an inner mud-brick stupa. The glimpse into an almost-forgotten, pre-Muslim past also attracts tourists to visit this beautiful city to visit in Afghanistan. 

10. Bagram

 top cities to visit in Afganistan, top 10 cities in Afganistan


It is a small eastern city to visit in Afghanistan. Bagram is located just a stone’s throw from both Kabul and the rise of the Hindu Kush. It is perhaps best known for the largest allied military base in the country. The city was conquered in the 300s BC by none other than Alexander the Great for starters who made changes to its layout in the Grecian manner.

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All of the above-mentioned cities are the top cities in Afghanistan where you can stay on your trip and can explore more about this nation deeply. Afghanistan is rich in cultures, history, and some famous mosques. Hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about Afganistan.

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