Best Cities to Visit in South Sudan | Major Cities in South Sudan

Because of its rich reserve of oil deposits, South Sudan is a well-known nation in Africa. The reserve of oil deposits is an important economic resource. The cities in South Sudan are worth visiting. In East-central Africa, the country is among the landlocked countries bordered to the east by Ethiopia, to the south by Uganda, to the north by Sudan, to the south-east by Kenya,  to the southwest by the Democratic Republic of Congo and to the west by the Central African Republic. With a population of almost 8 million people, it covers an area of 619,745 km square. The major cities in South Sudan suffered from ravages of war and adversely affecting infrastructure, a loss of 2 million lives, and approximately 4 million internally displaced persons. Here are some of the popular cities to visit in South Sudan.

List of Cities in South Sudan

1. Juba

Best Cities to Visit in South Sudan


Juba is the capital and also one of the largest cities in South Sudan with a population of 492,970 people. Under the leadership of a mayor, it is governed by a city council, which was formed in March 2011. It was established by Greek traders who were suppliers of the British Army, the city has its origins in 1922 and some of the buildings today reflect the Greek architecture and their influence in the region. Attracting traders, merchants, and investors from different neighboring countries and abroad, the city has experienced economic growth in the past few years. You will find here most of the financial institutions that established their branches in Juba. From the effects of war which damaged the roads and river harbors, infrastructure in juba suffered a great deal. Roads may take a longer period before they are fully restored again despite efforts by the South Sudanese government to restore the infrastructure.

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2. Yambio


Best Cities to Visit in South Sudan


The city is located in Gbudwe State which comes in southwestern South Sudan. Close to the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the location of this best city in South Sudan lies approximately 444 kilometers, west of Juba, by road from the capital and largest city in South Sudan.  One of the 10 states that constitute the Republic of South Sudan, it is also the capital city of Western Equatoria State. The major points of interest of this city are the offices of Yambio City Council, the headquarters of Yambio County, the headquarters of Western Equatoria State, Yambio Airport (A civilian airport) and a branch of Equity Bank (A licensed commercial bank).

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3. Malakal

Best Cities to Visit in South Sudan


Having a population of 147,450 people, Malakal is one of the main cities in South Sudan. It is located in Malakal County which is on the banks of the famous White Nile. Several battles between the government and the Nuer white army which destroyed the city, Malakal has imprinted on it. Such as the Malakal stadium, the White Nile River, the upper Nile University and a few branches of financial institutions, Malakal has several amenities.

4. Yei

Best Cities to Visit in South Sudan


Yei is an average-sized and one of the best cities in South Sudan with a large population of 260,720 people. Close to the international borders of the Republic of Uganda and Congo, it is located in the southwest of southern Sudan. From these three countries, this strategic location has made Yei an important business hub attracting traders. With only one road linking Yei and Kaya being fully repaired the road network between the countries is undergoing repairs. Yei Agricultural and Mechanical University both are situated here.

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5. Aweil

Best Cities to Visit in South Sudan


With a population of 33,537 people, Aweil is located in the northwestern part of South Sudan. Compared to other popular cities in South Sudan, Aweil has a better-developed infrastructure. This is evident in the functioning railway station, hotels, airport, soccer stadium, and public hospital. Aweil stands out as one of the most peaceable states within South Sudan which has contributed to its economic and social vibrancy.

6. Bentiu

Best Cities to Visit in South Sudan


The headquarters of the state in this famous city in South Sudan where the state governor maintains law and order situation. The national government lost control of the town to a commander loyal to former vice president Riek Machar, during the South Sudanese conflict that began in December 2013 although Machar denied this. A United Nations official was quoted as saying that the town ‚Äúsimply did not exist anymore‚ÄĚ where violence in the area continued, and on January 17, 2014.¬†

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All of the mentioned cities to visit in South Sudan and the best cities to visit in South Sudan are the top places to visit in South Sudan which are worth visiting. All of these cities are rich in culture, history and offers a lot to his visitors. I hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about South Sudan.

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