Best Cities to Visit in Rwanda | Major Cities in Rwanda

Rwanda covers an area of 10,169 square miles and is located in the central region of East Africa. Burundi, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda these countries that touch the borders of Rwanda. The cities in Rwanda are so beautiful to visit. The majority of the country is covered by mountains and savannas. The population of this country is approximately 11,262,564.  Most of the people live in major cities in Rwanda. This article takes a look at some of the most populated and top major cities in Rwanda.

 List of Cities in Rwanda

1. Kigali

Cities in Rwanda You Must Visit


Kigali is the most populous city in the country with 745,261 residents. It is also the capital of Rwanda.  This best city in Rwanda consists of 280 square miles in the center of the country.  Kigali sits at 5,141 feet above sea level. Kigali was established in 1907 under German colonial power and relatively new in the history of Rwanda. Until 1962, it did not become of the capital of the country, the year of Rwandan independence. It has grown in population, Since becoming the capital.  The Rwandan Genocide that occurred in 1994, this city was a central part of it. From where the ore is brought into the city for processing, the economy of this city relies on the nearby tin ore mining operations.

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2. Butare

Cities in Rwanda You Must Visit


Butare is located in the southern region of Rwanda, sometimes known as Huye. This largest city in Rwanda has a population size of 89,600. Butare was previously the colonial capital of the country, then called Astrida. Established in 1900, it is also the site of the first Catholic mission in Rwanda. Because of a large number of universities located here today, however, it is known as the educational capital. The North Gate University, the National University of Rwanda, the Rwandan National Institute of Scientific Research, and the Nyakibanda Seminary all these are  Butare is home.

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3. Nyanza

Cities in Rwanda You Must Visit


When ancestral monarchs wandered under the great bulbous domes of the adobe and thatched ancient King’s Palace, there was once a time when Rwandan royalty trod the dusty lanes and roadways of far-flung Nyanza. This top city in Rwanda in the southern reaches of the country is steeped in history and tradition, one of the last capitals of the pre-colonial Kingdom of Rwanda. Perhaps the most prestigious and rich in the countryNyanza is also the home of the Rwesero Art Museum.

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4. Kibuye

Cities in Rwanda You Must Visit


Kibuye, surely one of the most beautiful cities in Rwanda, is surrounded by high hills that come dressed in wisps of mist by morning and offering sweeping views of the lake waters and the islands by afternoon. Along with one interesting Catholic church, and a memorial to the Rwandan genocide,  between the streets, there are some earthy little eco-lodges on the shores.

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5. Gisenyi

Cities in Rwanda You Must Visit


Gisenyi is sitting amidst the verdant hills and mountains of the Albertine Rift Valley. Gisenyi is a place where the African jungles cascade down grassy hills in sporadic bouts of palm trees and exotic cassiyas, the gateway to that great speck of blue that is Lake Kivu. Where flitting insects and boatman flies cause ripples on the surface they fall to meet the muddied waters of the lake. The banks of the lake are the real draw, Although shared with larger Goma across the border with DRC to the west.

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6. Kibungo

Cities in Rwanda You Must Visit


Why not make a beeline for the little town of Kibungo, for a taste of off-the-beaten-track Rwanda. This beautiful city in Rwanda is set in the east of the country.  This provincial capital making it a convenient one in which to rest the head on the way through to the Tanzanian border in the south boasts a collection of higher education institutions and the lively stalls and shopping areas of the Kibungo Central Market. The spot also has a small offering of places to stay, or to the waters of Lake Muhazi just to the north-west.

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7. Gitarama

Cities in Rwanda You Must Visit


Gitarama is one of the important cities in Rwanda with a population of 87,613. Since 2002, This population size represents a growth of approximately 3,000 people. At around 5,945 feet above sea level, this city is located in the central part of the country. Gitarama served as the temporary political center of the country, during the political turmoil of the 1994 genocide. Today you would see some of the administrative offices of Muhanga District are housed in Gitarama.

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8. Ruhengeri

Cities in Rwanda You Must Visit


Currently, housing approximately 86,685 residents, the fourth most populous Rwandan city is Ruhengeri. This main city in Rwanda lies in the northern region of the country and also the capital of the Musanze District. Because of its closeness to the Volcanoes National Park and famous mountain gorillas of the areaThe economy here relies on tourism. Ruhengeri is close to Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo, additionally. This city is simply referred to as Musanze, sometimes. This is because of a government attempt to erase name associations with some places after the tragedies of the 1994 genocide.

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So far we have discussed the most visited cities in Rwanda. I hope you might have gathered some information related to it. If you are planning your trip to Rwanda then kindly go through our other articles as well which will be quite beneficial for you. Please share your views regarding the content explained above and liked it too.

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