Two surfers were fined $1,530 for surfing in the Grand Canal

Synopsis: Venice’s mayor, Luigi Brugnaro used the Twitter account to share about the imbecile behavior of two Australian tourists who were Imposed with hefty fines and additional charges for using electric surfboards in Venice’s iconic Grand Canal. The mayor continues the post to make an announcement that he would pay for anyone’s dinner who finds and reports such tourists. 

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According to the recent Venice news, two Australian surfers were charged hefty fines of $1,530 for using electric surfboards in Venice’s iconic Grand Canal. The tourists were hovering on the water’s surface using the electric surfboats.

The issue went viral when Venice’s mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, shared the video footage on his Twitter account and referred to those tourists as “arrogant imbeciles.” He further added that he will pay for the dinner of anyone who finds and reports about these tourists. 

Soon, both surfers were apprehended and fined $1530 each for their actions. Furthermore, several strict laws have been taken against them for damaging the image of the city, and they were also forced to leave the city immediately. 

Venice is a beautiful city, and officials are very strict about maintaining the charm of the city. The iconic Grand Canal is a popular tourist destination for which Venice is famous for. There are many amazing facts about Venice that make this city a favorite among tourists. 

This European city has been fighting over-tourism for years, and to keep the situation under control, officials have put some restrictions in place.

To control over-tourism in the city, the  government has set a limit for day-trippers by introducing a new tax system. Hopefully, it will come into effect next year. Once this tax system becomes effective, day-trippers have to pay tax whereas overnight visitors will not have to pay any tax to visit Venice. 

If you didn’t know, let us tell you that a few years ago, the canals surrounding Venice were designated as a “national monument,” and large cruise ships were prohibited from entering the canal area. Also, it is strictly forbidden to do paddleboarding, surfing, canoeing, and swimming in Venice’s Grand Canal. Hence, the apprehended tourists are fined with such hefty fines for not only harming the charisma of the city but also endangering the safety of other tourists navigating along the canal. 

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