Top 12 Things to Buy in Rio de Janeiro | What Souvenirs to Buy in Rio de Janeiro

Rio is one of the top cities in Brazil that manages lots of travellers every year exploring the city’s serene beaches and tropical climate. You are offered with some of the best things to buy in Rio de Janeiro that results from the organic and natural parts of Rio’s incredible climates and fun-loving musical culture spread all across Brazil. Therefore, this city gives you a lot of choices if you jump on the streets to find out options regarding what souvenirs to buy in Rio de Janeiro? But you must know the perfect zones to shop and what comprises the best options for getting a cheaper deal? to buy items that are classy in looks and trendy in style. Hence, to sort out all your little queries given below is a list of top 12 items you can buy in Rio that can fit in any budget and satisfies all the requirements for a great present.

List of Must-Buy Things in Rio de Janeiro

1. Hammocks

 What to Buy in Rio de Janeiro, Things to Buy in Rio de Janeiro


Beach hotspots are the best places to find flexible hammocks that are sturdy and stylish. These are one of the famous things to buy in Rio de Janeiro due to the beach culture of Brazil and also because there are lots of innovative ideas implanted in the standard hammocks which you might not find in any other city. In the northeast of the country, hammocks not only serve as a decoration or a beach-house accessory but some people actually sleep in them just like your daily beds. You can find them placed in the veranda for an afternoon nap. So do find your stylish pairs before leaving Rio.

2. Cachaça

 What to Buy in Rio de Janeiro, Things to Buy in Rio de Janeiro


If you wish to take any edible item from Rio then you must start with this sugarcane-based drink which is very popular in entire Brazil. This accounts for the most popular souvenir to buy in Rio de Janeiro that is readily available everywhere and even local distilleries ensure you’re getting it as authentic as possible. Some shops allow you to try before you buy and I recommend Gabriela cachaça is particularly a good choice to take away.

3. Dry-Cured Cigars

 What to Buy in Rio de Janeiro, Things to Buy in Rio de Janeiro

Dry-Cured Cigars

For all those who look for quality in smoking and have a thing for Cigars can guess this very easily that Brazil is considered as one of the hotspots for dry-cured cigars. The country’s rich and fertile soil is excellent for growing tobacco leaves which have been maintained for a very long time. Therefore, to get your hands over some of the top things to buy in Rio de Janeiro you must try out the manufactured cigars which are prepared with a slow baking process and have a distinct spicy flavour. They are smaller in size than Cuban cigars and can be easily carried around anywhere.

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4. Gemstone Crafts

 What to Buy in Rio de Janeiro, Things to Buy in Rio de Janeiro

Gemstone Crafts

Besides, ceramics you might be surprised to explore the gemstone craftsmanship of Rio de Janeiro. These items are made from tantalizing gemstone materials that are sparkling and glamorous in style. Rio is a great place to go scavenging for these gemstone objects, remarking it as one of the best things to buy in Rio de Janeiro ranging from jewellery to various other decorative objects. Visit Feira Hippie de Ipanema, the art market in the heart of Ipanema to buy some of the best designer gemstone crafts.

5. Canga

What to Buy in Rio de Janeiro, Things to Buy in Rio de Janeiro


These are some of the basic items people use majorly in Rio. But the Canga has sustained various street markets of Rio. Canga is simply a beach towel that can double as a sarong and has become a local postcard feature for Rio. These are some of the famous souvenirs to buy in Rio de Janeiro that comes in a variety of dazzling and colourful patterns inspired by the Balinese style of arts. Cangas has replaced beach towels as they are made from smoother, supplier fabrics, such as viscose which suits more light-skinned travellers and avoid any rashes from heat.

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6. Goiabada

What to Buy in Rio de Janeiro, Things to Buy in Rio de Janeiro


There are a lot of immigrated entities that have boosted the sales of authentic items as well.  Goiabada is one of those must-buy things in Rio de Janeiro that sets aside from other edible items due to its weird yet delicious approach. Goiabada is basically a guava jam in which the guava is cooked down with sugar and a bit of pectin. Portuguese settlers decided to use guava as a substitute ingredient to make marmalade. That’s how they ended up discovering Goiabada. Visit Pão de Açúcar supermarket, which is all over Rio de Janeiro for buying some of the finest Goiabada paste. 

7. Chita

What to Buy in Rio de Janeiro, Things to Buy in Rio de Janeiro


This fabric is famed now to become a Brazilian trademark. The extravagant soft furnishing makes this fabric valuable for clothing, and due to its bold patterns, rich in colour and detailed designs, lots of travellers love to buy it for their different beach accessories. The fabric arrived in Brazil in 1800 as an imitation of the Liberty style and now its sale has skyrocketed every industry in Brazil. For buying the best piece of Chita you can visit popular fabric stores, such as Lealtex in Rio de Janeiro.

8. Coffee

What to Buy in Rio de Janeiro, Things to Buy in Rio de Janeiro


How can you transit from Rio without trying out their coffee? This is even Brazil’s premiere hot drink. In fact, the entire country was built on the coffee trade back in colonial times which even displaced the gold and sugar cane industry back in the 18th century. Due to its heavy demand, this was labelled as ‘green gold’ by farmers back in time. You can’t miss this best-known thing to buy in Rio de Janeiro. Café Pelé is one of the best-known coffee brands you can buy in the high street supermarkets, such as Pão de Açúcar of Rio.

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9. Straw Baskets

 What to Buy in Rio de Janeiro, Things to Buy in Rio de Janeiro

Straw Baskets

Wherever you find the best beaches it’s evident that you can find various straw materials, especially baskets that are skillfully prepared with manual arts of craft workers. It’s very common to see adorned living rooms and bathrooms with these things to buy in Rio de Janeiro. These baskets are very light to carry, resilient and can add a stylish touch of ethnic glamour to your home decor. If you want to get the finest straw materials, visit Ipanema’s hippie fair on Praça General Osório on Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. Prices start from approx $12 and go up as the complexity of the product increases.

10. Musical Instruments

 What to Buy in Rio de Janeiro, Things to Buy in Rio de Janeiro

Musical Instruments

Entire Rio rhythms over the tune of various tropical songs that are sung and produced from different homemade instruments out of which Caxixi, Cuíca and berimbau are very essential. Caxixi and berimbau instruments are played by Capoeira musicians while Berimbau is a single-string bow musical instrument which provides Capoeira dancers with a rhythm. The former instruments consist of a closed basket with a flat bottom filled with seeds to include that famous thrilling sound you hear in almost all the traditional songs of Rio. To get one of these best souvenirs to buy from Rio de Janeiro you can visit the specialized Capoeira shop, called Lapa Rio Capoeira, selling the finest berimbau and caxixi.

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11. Cantão Dresses

 What to Buy in Rio de Janeiro, Things to Buy in Rio de Janeiro

Cantão Dresses

If you tried all of the popular things to buy in Rio de Janeiro then trying out their clothing pattern is one of the significant items that you must not miss. Cantos are Brazilian dresses that are a perfect fit for the long, sultry summers. Cantao Dresses has been in business for around 40 years, and this fashion house has been an object of desire for Brazilian women ever since it was launched. There are around 17 stores in Rio from where they also export to several other countries. You must try at least once these traditional clothing infused with vibrant colours of tropic. You can visit the stores in Rio de Janeiro, especially in Zona Sul, or the top branch in the chic Leblon neighbourhood at Av. Afrânio de Melo Franco.

12. Brazil Nuts

 What to Buy in Rio de Janeiro, Things to Buy in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil Nuts

One of the best acquaintances while going for long flights are these Brazilian nuts which are known for their high nutritional values and anti-ageing properties. You can take one or two of these souvenirs to buy in Rio de Janeiro that holds a concentration of selenium good for your body. Brazil nuts are often toasted and ground into a flour that is eventually used in sweets and ice cream. One of the famous places to find organic Brazil nuts are Prana Produtos Naturais accounts for Rio’s health food pioneers.

All the above-mentioned items are best in their manufacturing and quality. Rio keeps on improving its items to enhance its tourism traffic every year. Now you won’t be looted by the useless items that a lot of sellers hand you under expensive rates as the best souvenirs to buy in  Rio de Janeiro are explained well above in the list of top things to buy in  Rio de Janeiro that not only saves your money in buying items but also provides you items that might look expensive and classy irrespective of their prices. For more engaging info like these head on to other blogs and don’t forget to share it among your friends.

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