Top 10 Foods to Try in Rio de Janeiro | Best Foods in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the best city which transcends fresh tropical aura in anyone visiting this city. This seaside city in Brazil, famed for its Copacabana and Ipanema beaches has a very rich culture and traditions which are skillfully infused in the myriad flavours of incredible foods in Rio de Janeiro carving out a whole new happy memory in your head. Due to their large range of food genres ranging from the most sophisticated cuisines to the funkiest street foods in Rio, you might struggle in a strange city about what food to eat in Rio de Janeiro? But trust me as soon as you fill your palette with the delicious Brazilian foods there is nothing more tempting than the Brazilian cuisines to try in Rio. So, here it is a precisely curated list of top 10 foods of Rio de Janeiro that you must not miss on your Rio trip. 

List of Foods to Eat in Rio de Janeiro

1. Brigadeiro

 Best foods to Eat in Rio de Janeiro, Foods of Rio de Janeiro


These are some of the most interesting foods of Rio de Janeiro that you must not miss while you are exploring the streets of Rio. Brigadeiros are basically balls of truffle made from condensed milk and cacao powder before being covered in chocolate sprinkles. I  mean really balls of condensed milk and chocolate powder covered with melted chocolate and chocolate sprinkles! What can be more tempting than this? They are so simple yet rank on the favourite Brazilian sweets list. This gourmet food, if prepared from traditional recipe then additions such as pistachio nut coverings or a strawberry inside the truffle are included as well.

2. Picanha

 Best foods to Eat in Rio de Janeiro, Foods of Rio de Janeiro


The one culture which you’ll find in entire Brazil is Barbecued, smoked meats in every restaurant. These are enjoyed with the most beloved form in every household of Rio as well. Therefore, Barbecuing meat is something in which the Brazilians are very skilled. Picanha is the collection of charred, smoky meat that just melts in your mouth. You must not miss this famous food in Rio de Janeiro. In fact, Churrascarias are specific barbecue restaurants which can now be found all over Brazil to try these incredible cuisines.

3. Pastel de Queijo

 Best foods to Eat in Rio de Janeiro, Foods of Rio de Janeiro

Pastel de Queijo

If you are looking for something that you can eat while travelling consistently then Pastel de Queijo is one of the best portable snacks found mainly in the southeast regions. This is one of the best street foods in Rio de Janeiro that can satisfy your hunger and desires for trying delicious treats of Rio. These foods are usually served hot as an accompaniment to drinks, the pastéis can be stuffed with any number of savoury fillings that you can choose from their displayed examples ranging from chicken or ground beef to heart of palm or melting cheeses.

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4. Kibe

 Best foods to Eat in Rio de Janeiro, Foods of Rio de Janeiro


These are Rio’s take on the ‘kebab burgers’ from Middle Eastern cuisines. Kibe is also casually known as kibbeh. These little meaty snacks originated from Lebanon and now serve large consumers in entire Brazil. It’s very weird to find a Middle Eastern influence over Brazilian street food, as Rio de Janeiro’s food is already rich in all the tropical and flavourful spices. Still, the patties are formed from a mixture of minced beef (or lamb) and bulgur wheat to create this amazing dish representing the welcoming disposition of both flavourful zones of the globe.

5. Bacalhau (salt cod) Bites

Best foods to Eat in Rio de Janeiro, Foods of Rio de Janeiro

Bacalhau (salt cod) Bites

Rio has not only influenced its cultural foods with middle eastern flavour instead you can find a large range of Portuguese influence in one of the best foods in Rio de Janeiro. Bacalhau is basically ‘little codfish balls’ that come straight from salted cod Portuguese cuisine in which these tasty snacks are very much adored and consumed in large numbers. The Moreish fritters of salted cod and potato, are fried to ensure a perfectly golden and crisp exterior along with a deliciously soft and fluffy interior. If you also love to try out new seafood cuisines then never miss this dish from Rio.

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6. Joelho

Best foods to Eat in Rio de Janeiro, Foods of Rio de Janeiro


This is one of the top food to try in Rio de Janeiro that literally translates to ‘knee’ in English. It is a very thick, bread-like pastry with ham and cheese inside, you might scream at this moment ‘oh! It’s a simple hamburger right?’ No, it’s the pastry version of hamburgers where the bread is cooked along with the juicy meat inside it to absorb all the tasty flavours. The best places in Rio for a Joelho are the juice stores dotted throughout Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon.

7. Empada

 Best foods to Eat in Rio de Janeiro, Foods of Rio de Janeiro


First and foremost, these are not ‘empanadas’ which are also pastries filled with distinct meat varieties. Here, Empadas, are cup-cake sized mini pies with fillings such as Carne Seca (dried meat), prawns and Catupiry, shredded chicken, and heart of palm. These filings are sometimes exposed while some are packed inside the fluffy crust of pies. You can enjoy these with the best pairing of chilled Chopp (Brazilian beer) on a balmy Rio evening.

8. Romeu e Julieta

 Best foods to Eat in Rio de Janeiro, Foods of Rio de Janeiro

Romeu e Julieta

With this iconic name, you can guess their popularity among the locals in Rio. But the most iconic features of this popular food to eat in Rio de Janeiro comes from its incredible combination of two very distinct Brazilian dishes that yield one of the best flavours when combined. You get a finite combination of guava jelly-like paste and mild, white cheese that might sound simple but its flavour has enthralled many famous people and chefs. It is sometimes eaten as the main flavour for a cheesecake, in pastel or at the Talho Capixaba in Leblon where a fresh croissant with Romeu e Julieta on the inside just makes the whole day exciting.

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9. Quindim

 Best foods to Eat in Rio de Janeiro, Foods of Rio de Janeiro


If you might have a sensitive palette for extra sweet dishes available in Rio then you should eye upon this dish which is a must-try food in Rio de Janeiro. This dish comprises custard with coconut and is a very light option for your sweet cravings. You can easily find this simple yet very delicious dessert at juice bars and Padarias (bakeries) throughout the city. In fact, some bakeries sell the sugar-free versions, therefore, no worries even if you suffer from any diabetic illness you can enjoy this dish just like others. 

10. Tapioca Crepe

 Best foods to Eat in Rio de Janeiro, Foods of Rio de Janeiro

Tapioca Crepe

Tapioca is a very tropical offering that displays fresh flavours or Rio. In the northeast of Brazil, this food of Rio de Janeiro has grown in popularity for its health properties as well. For people on diet let me tell you this cuisine is a gluten-free option that is relatively low in calories. You can consume this dish as a savoury meal with cheese, tomato, and ham, or for the sweet lover, you can enjoy it with chocolate, strawberries, banana, and sprinkles of nuts.

Hope you enjoyed these top 10 foods of Rio de Janeiro that are super fresh and delicious. You can find the above-mentioned foods very easily in the local restaurants in Rio, therefore, no need to dine always at expensive restaurants to get the best of cuisines from any city. Beside your resorts will already cover the entire cost of your trip leaving you to explore the famous foods in Rio de Janeiro on your own terms. For more engaging blogs head on to our other travel blogs and try out our latest Adequate travel app available on play store now for more exciting features.

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