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Rome is foodie heaven that is home to some of the world’s finest Japanese Restaurants In Rome. Avoid the tourist traps and hiked-up prices and explore the Italian capital’s newest passion, Sushi in Rome. The combination of quality Sushi and expert Japanese cooking makes for a match made in heaven. Here’s our guide to discovering the best of both Europe and Asia in Rome’s growing Japanese food in Rome.

Best Japanese Restaurants In Rome

1. Doozo

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It is Not only a sushi bar, but Doozo also doubles up as an art gallery, book shop, and even hosts exhibitions and classes from sushi making to ceramics. A truly creative atmosphere for the food here, making Doozo a favorite with Rome’s bohemian crowd. Enjoy the authentic green tea while soaking up the inspiring atmosphere.

Address: Doozo, Via Palermo 51, Rome, Italy,
Phone No: + 39 06 481 56 55

2. Hasekura

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the breathtaking landmark of Rome’s Colosseum, it is an ideal stop off for visitors exploring Rome’s historic Monti district. Come and refuel in the gorgeously minimalistic interior of this sushi bar. Delicate flavors of the sushi food don’t overpower but simply melts in the mouth, and the delightful presentation ensures that the dining experience at this Japanese restaurant Rome is a pleasure for all the senses.

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Address: 27 Via dei Serpenti, Roma, Lazio, 184, Italy
Phone No: +3906483648

3. Rokko

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It is Run by the Japanese owners, authentic flavors simply burst from the plates. The diverse menu is sure to serve to all tastes, with everything from juicy whole salmon to the crispy and delicious taste of tempura. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a light portion of sushi in Rome or a hearty plateful of grilled fish, you’re sure to find it on their dazzling menu. The drinks list offers tempting options including a wonderful choice of authentic cocktails, wines, and teas. We recommend you to try the plum wine.

Address: 15 Passeggiata di Ripetta, Roma, Lazio, 186, Italy
Phone No: +39063223414

4. Kenko

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Tucked away just behind the hum area surrounding Termini, Rome’s main station, this contemporary Japanese restaurant in Rome lies at the heart of all Rome’s transport connections, linking the district to every part of the city. This conveniently situated restaurant draws diners in with enticing fragrance of the wonderfully spiced broths and perfectly flavored fish dishes that make up the menu here. An elegant interior and ancient white color scheme reflect the simplicity that makes the food at Kenko so memorable.

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Address: 8 Via degli Irpini, Roma, 185, Italy
Phone No: +390644340948

5. Ginza

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The unbeatably central of this sushi restaurant in Rome situated between Rome’s Termini Station and the great Colosseum makes it an ideal choice to refuel after exploring Rome’s rich history. In addition to a wide range of sushi dishes, Ginza offers a grill menu which serves up silently grilled fish and meat with seasonings to tantalize even the most discerning of taste buds. The menu also features fascinating Japanese fusion foods which add twists to classic Japanese recipes.

Address: 249/251 Via Emanuele Filiberto, Roma, Lazio, 185, Italy
Phone No: +39067005739

6. Hamasei

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Hamasei is convenient for travelers exploring the Northern region of Rome. At this sushi restaurant in Rome, you can watch the chef preparing your food fresh in front of you at this little corner of Asia. Diners at Hamasei can sure you that every ingredient on their plate is of the highest quality making it unsurprising, Hamasei was featured in the Michelin Dining Guide for its excellent cuisine. The minimalist, decor gives a truly modern feel and has made it a popular hang out for Rome’s trendy types.

Address: 35/36 Via della Mercede, Roma, Lazio, 187, Italy
Phone No: +39066792134

7. Genkai

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Though a little further from the city, the quality of the Japanese food in Rome at Genkai ensures that the journey is worth it. The love and dedication which enters into each dish at Genkai come through the delicate flavors and exquisite presentation of every mouthful. Part of the restaurant has been designed to resemble the traditional Japanese tearoom. The quality here makes Genkai extremely popular with the locals and it can get very busy.

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Address: 289 Viale Jonio, Roma, Lazio, 141, Italy
Phone No: +390689538887

8. Makoto

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For hungry travelers seeking a refuel, make a straightaway for the all you can eat menu at Makoto. Now here in Rome, you will find such a fantastic balance of quality, quantity, and value for money. The selection of grilled fish is excellent, provided by the best sushi restaurants in Rome.

Address: Makoto, Via Beniamino De Ritis 10, Rome, Italy,
Phone No: +39 06 438 3754

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