Best Cities to Visit in Tunisia | Major Cities in Tunisia

There are many best places and cities in Tunisia to visit. Because it has many tourist attractions, combining history and entertainment, it is one of the most beautiful tourist countries having touristic cities. The major cities in Tunisia are called green due to the abundance of green areas and trees. It is considered one of the most attractive countries for tourists despite its small size. The temperate atmosphere, charming beaches and contains ancient archaeological sites and Islamic architecture, as well as many hotels and resorts varied and luxurious, make it one of the best countries in north Africa. The tourist cities in Tunisia are suitable for both family and youth trips. It has recreational resorts and amusement parks and is full of tourist attractions and ancient archaeological sites. The beautiful cities in Tunisia are the best places in Tunisia to visit, also you can enjoy activities and fun games. Here some of the largest cities in Tunisia:

List of Cities in Tunisia

1. Tunis

Best Cities to Visit in Tunisia


As it is full of many historical monuments, Tunis is one of the most important tourist destinations and biggest cities in Tunisia. It also has a popular market that attracts many tourists, as well as recreational areas and parks. Zaytouna Mosque is a famous and best place in Tunisia to visit. It is known as the largest mosque in Tunisia and the garden of this mosque is one of the most attractive places for tourists. The mosque was renovated and restored in the 19th century and was built in the 18th century. Tunis Market is one of the best markets in North Africa that has many restaurants and cafes offering you the best Tunisian food. Tourists across the world can also find all their souvenirs and tourist gifts.

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2. Sousse

Best Cities to Visit in Tunisia


Sousse is one of the most beautiful cities in Tunisia. Due to its moderate atmosphere, it attracts many tourists and visitors. As well as many archaeological and entertainment areas, picturesque beaches, and the best hotels and resorts. Sousse includes Mursi El Kantaoui, Sousse Archaeological Museum and Rabat Sousse, all these are one of the important cities in Tunisia.

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3. Bizerte

Best Cities to Visit in Tunisia


The northernmost city in Africa, Bizerte is one of the oldest and best cities in Tunisia to visit. Bizerte lies along the Mediterranean coast. Bizerte is the most French, and least Tunisian city in Tunisia. , Bizerte, inexpensive to reach is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations. Bizerte is exotic and lush offering diversified activities, offering lagoons, extravagant wildlife, beaches, and healing sunshine.

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4. Gafsa

Best Cities to Visit in Tunisia


Gafsa is the center of the profitable phosphate industry and the main city of its region. It has not been turned into a dust hell, unlike the towns closer to the mines, Metlaoui and Moulares. Gafsa is a modern and one of the best tourist cities in Tunisia, busy and friendly, but without many tourists. Most often stay only for the night before they head in the direction of the mountain oases of Mides and Tamerza, those coming here, or travel down to the region around Tozeur.

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5. Kairouan

Best Cities to Visit in Tunisia


Kairouan in Arabic means ‘military camp’ and was founded by the Arabs in the year 670. During the conquests of northern Africa and Spain, it was a staging post for the Arabs. It became home to the Aghlabid dynasty, rulers of North Africa during the 9th century, Kairouan became a great center of learning and prosperity. It is counted in one of the best cities in Tunisia. Along with vast water basins that still exist today magnificent palaces, libraries, gardens, and mosques were built.

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6. Hammamet

Best Cities to Visit in Tunisia


From the capital of Tunis, Hammamet has located 65 km. It is also one of the must-visit cities in Tunisia. It is famous for its many beautiful hotels and resorts and its charming beaches. Hammamet has Hammamet Beach, Hammamet Old City, Kasbah, and Fleiber Aqua Park, all these are the central attractions of the city. If you planning a trip to Tunisia dont miss to see this amazing city.

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7. Carthage

Best Cities to Visit in Tunisia


One of the other best places and large cities in Tunisia to visit is the city of Carthage, as it has recreational areas and monuments, as well as many places. The most important feature of this city is the National Museum of Carthage includes many antiques and especially the Islamic era, dating back to several and important periods in the history of Tunisia. Located next to the National Carthage Museum are Bonyji and Furum District. These two are a neighborhood of Roman houses.

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8. Sfax

Best Cities to Visit in Tunisia


Sfax is one of the most important and one of the famous cities in Tunisia. This city is a perfect blend of the real lifestyle of the people and their culture. About three hours away by car, Sfax is located south of Tunis. The city of Sfax includes many remnants of the old city and its impact is one of the largest tourist areas in Tunisia, in addition to the popular markets and many restaurants.

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9. El Djem

Best Cities to Visit in Tunisia

El Djem

El Djem is for fans of the ancients. Colossal arches and elliptical amphitheaters are one of the major attractions of the city. What marks the horizon of a famous, El Djemto rival, even the Colosseum in Rome. This popular city in Tunisia is a modern one built right a top an old one, tagged by UNESCO with the occasional ruin of Roman homes and arcades popping up on the corners. Thanks to the billowing dust storms of the surrounding Sahara, many sites have been preserved, but the main attraction remains the huge Amphitheatre of Thysdrus a lack of large-scale archaeology.

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10. Dougga

Best Cities to Visit in Tunisia


It’s a city of ruins and you won’t find anyone living in Dougga. The best-preserved Roman city in North Africa according to UNESCO. Dougga lies far from encroaching urbanism in north Tunisia, Unlike Carthage which has largely been built over, as picturesque as Paestum or Delphi across the Mediterranean allowing it to decay naturally to form ruins every bit. Triumphal arches are still standing, and much of a theater, there are remains of pre-Roman monuments, that could once have seated most of the inhabitants of the city. This city undoubtedly deserves a place on the list of most visited cities in Tunisia.

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All of the mentioned top ten cities in Tunisia and most visited cities in Tunisia are the top places to visit in Tunisia which are worth visiting. All of these cities are rich in culture, history and offer a lot to his visitors. I hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about Tunisia.

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