Singapore: Departing travelers have to pay more from November

Synopsis: Singapore’s Changi Airport will charge an additional departure fee of SGD 52.30 (INR 3000) for departing passengers. This fee includes a passenger service and security cost of SGD 35.40 (INR 2000), an aviation tax of SGD 6.10 (INR 345), and an airport development fee of SGD 10.80 (INR 610).

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Singapore is a famous tourist destination in Asia and always attracts tourists across the world to its peaceful beaches. But tourists planning to visit Singapore from November 2022 might have to pay extra on their departure from Singapore’s Changi airport.

The renowned Changi Airport (CAG) in Singapore has announced an increase in outbound travelers fees beginning November 1. This fee would be charged on the name of the development of the renowned Changi airport. The Changi Airport Group (CAG) along with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) made this announcement. 

According to reports, Singapore wanted to raise this fee back in 2018 but the proposal was abandoned due to the coronavirus epidemic.

But this announcement from the Changi Airport Group (CAG) makes it clearer that passengers have to pay additional departure fees that take effect on November 1 of this year and last through March 2023.

This fee is further expected to increase in the upcoming year and then passengers have to pay an additional SGD 62.20 (INR 3520) from April 2023, and SGD 65.20 (INR 3520) from April 2024. (INR 3690).

A departure fee of SGD 52.30 would be charged to passengers flying out of Changi (INR 3000). This departure fee includes passenger service and security charges of SGD 35.40 (INR 2000), an airport development fee of SGD 10.80 (INR 610), and an aviation tax of SGD 6.10 (INR 345).

According to reports, the funds will be used for airport maintenance. Those who booked tickets from Singapore before November 1 will not have to pay any additional fee for departure or arrival at the Changi airport.

CAG stated that the increased fee will apply to passengers flying from Changi Airport to their final destination from 1 November 2022 onwards till the end of March 2023. However, passengers arriving at Changi Airport or in transit will not be charged this fee.

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